Am I Depressed Or Just Sad?

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OK, I'm not an expert, so you don't have to take me seriously. But if you're not sure whether you're depressed or not, then this is the quiz you should take.

  • 1
    When did you first become aware that you were feeling lower than normal, more often than normal?
  • 2
    How much do you feel sad during a typical day?
    How much do you feel sad during a typical day?
  • 3
    Have family and/or close friends commented on your changing moods?
  • 4
    Have you noticed a change in your eating habits or your weight?
  • 5
    Are you having trouble sleeping?
  • 6
    Do you frequently feel helplessness, hopelessness and self-loathing?
  • 7
    Is your temper quicker than normal?
  • 8
    Do you feel literally tired of life?
  • 9
    Have you ever tried any form of self-harm, such as cutting or starving yourself, or trying to self-destruct in another way?
  • 10
    Finally, what do you think you are?

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4 days ago
I feel tired and sad for no reason.((fuchsia)
8 days ago
I already thought I was on the way to being depressed. Honestly I just want to die and be with the one thing I ever truly loved
12 days ago
I know Nicole I feel the same as you. I've tried starving myself and I've cut myself multiple times
13 days ago
Im on the road to become very depressed and im not suprised i have been feeling really sad lately and my friends and teachers are begining to notice. I have been pretty irritable lately too, before i was almost never mad or angry at anyone, but now i get mad super quicly. Some days i just want to die, but i also just want people to talk too. Ican barely sleep at night and i hate going to school because most of my teachers are just horrible. I just need some adivce, so please, im desperate....
14 days ago
Almost depressed, knew it. I don't like life right now and I feel like things will never get any better for me. I've never tried to self harm or take my life or anything but I put a knife to my wrist and I was to scared to actually cut, hopefully it will stay that way ❤️I hope all of you get better and start to feel OK soon i live all of you so much ❤
17 days ago
I really don't want my parents to find out the I'm hitting depression I tried suicide one by staying under water longer than I can but I just fell unconscious I cut myself once still have the scars but there quite small
22 days ago
I hope y'all get better here..
22 days ago
I want to sleep....

Let me rest..

Give me the eternal slumber..

22 days ago
I dont want my parents to find out about me cutting, choking and banging my head on my desk...
I noticed my weight slowly going down but I still feel fat.
I dont have a reason to feel this way, i have a loving family and a roof over my head..
i dont wanna live, but im to scared to die
I stopped feeling my usual self, so i act and pretend that things were alright.
Someone asked my if i was feeling ok, i lied... i said im fine, dont worry about me!
I wish id disappear...!

Then I got 50% on this, im scared.

I dont wanna get help

I dont want to be humiliated again

30 days ago
I guess I am depressed, its all because of my booboo though. Hes always saying he loves me, but is he really did then he wouldn't be cheating on me with every other girl. There wouldn't be a gap to fix if he loved me, I just want it all to end. I don't even have a good relationship with my family anymore and I'm young. I'm only 25 and I have 2 kids with the same guy that cheats every time. I had my first kid at 18 and now I dont know what to do 😭
32 days ago
i cant describe how it feels to be old and alone in a home u cant keep up with, no family, two dead spouses, every day is a struggle... I wish I was done
36 days ago
i aam rlly sad tho
i only have this one symptom of depression
i am really sad
and you say i took this cause of boredom
no i don't think i'm worthless
no i don wanna die
i'm not bored i'm sad
39 days ago
I feel I'm faking it because everythings alright and i'm almost always laughing at school and i don't even have the guts to self harm. i hate myself
46 days ago
i just want to die and be with my uncle at least he will except me even though the world and i hate myself.
49 days ago
I knew before I took this quiz. My family won't allow me to get help and thinks it's because of my age and my period. Except I've even researched and everything and I still feel hopeless. I was at school one time and almost jumped out a window. The councilor told my Nana on the phone and my Nana got mad at me.
50 days ago
@girl x: never be scared to ask for help. Remember there are lots of people out there to help u. u are not alone. u are amazing. there is always a way to push through. make a bullet journal, a to do list, a memory jar. hang in there i hope this helped xxx
51 days ago
I hate myself. Ive already gone through counselling for SH but I'm slipping again and jm too scared to tell anyone, does anyone have any advice? Xo
51 days ago
I took this because I’ve recently slowed my eating and I just feel overall worse and I don’t know why. For awhile I was talking with this girl and she liked for awhile and I did too, but she was depressed and suicidal and didn’t want a relationship so eventually she stopped having feelings for me, and when she told me that I just... wanted to give up. I have this place in my heart that hasn’t been filled, I have a decent friend group and my family are good to me, but my heart just wants someone to love and the longer I go without that the more sad I am. She made me feel happy, and I wasn’t lonely anymore, but with her no longer liking me that way that loneliness has come back and I hate it, I feel like I’m gonna end up alone and no one will ever love me. Maybe I’m overreacting, but I just don’t feel happy anymore, and I don’t know what to do. All my friends say I’m a good guy and I’ll find better, which maybe I will, but right now she was the one I wanted to be with, and now it’s not gonna happen. I’m gonna try again, but I’m tired of trying, cause the same thing always happens so I’m not sure whats gonna happen to me. People who read this, thank you for reading my rant and how I’m not sure what I feel right now.
55 days ago
I took this because as soon as my parents sort out bulking in my school somebody else is bulling me,

I’m always so nice to people and I never get credited from the teachers

Even the principal doesn’t like me

And my best friend is leaving my school for college and she helps me get through everything
55 days ago
almost...i want to sleep...