Are you depressed or just sad?

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Okay, I'm not an expert, so you don't have to take me seriously, but if you're not sure whether you're depressed or not then this is the quiz you should take.

  • 1
    When did you first become aware that you were feeling lower than normal, more than normal?
  • 2
    How much are you sad during a day?
  • 3
    Have your family commented on your changing moods?
  • 4
    Have you noticed a change in your eating habits or a weight change?
  • 5
    Are you having trouble sleeping?
  • 6
    Do you frequently feel helpless, hopeless and loathing of yourself?
  • 7
    Is your temper quicker than normal?
  • 8
    Do you feel literally tired of life?
  • 9
    Have you ever tried any form of self harm such as cutting, starving yourself or trying to self destruct in another way?
  • 10
    Finally, what do you think you are?

Comments (210)


Anonymous (15907)
126 days ago
i've cut myself and hid it with long sleeve shirts. school is 💗 hell, people judge me every second. i want to slit their 💗 throats open if they ever talk 💗 about me. if i get really mad i threaten others that i'll rip their limbs off and beat the 💗 out of them with it. i have 0 friends in school, nobody wants to approach me because i have a bad reputation. when i try to be genuinely friend they just think im weird and try to avoid me as much as possible. they dehumanize me and i cry every single day about it. when i go home riding the bus nobody wants to seat by me so i always sit alone. 💗 my life
azra (06095)
128 days ago
oh yeet i guess i’m clinically depressed lol
(useless) (91502)
132 days ago
go all the way too my first comment and read upward.I'm free to chat If anyone wants. Unless i forget to check back here Ill try my best!
(useless) (91502)
132 days ago
I just have growing pain right now in my right thigh and im up at 1am I just wanna cut the 💗 thing off its so annoying.Youd probably ask you wanna be in a wheel chair? Its fine ive been in one before... :/ But everyone deserves love this valintines day Even though no one likes me Im just gonna avoid people.Love is a weapon.
(useless) (91502)
132 days ago
But were all going through this pain. Im always called ugly and I call myself that and it hurts. I just want you All to stay alive. stay strong
(useless) (91502)
132 days ago
There are two people who really care about me in life right now we made a band So it explains the lyrics i just play eletric gutair and i might be 2nd vocals. :)
People at my school talk about me behined my back I can always hear them. I end up crying at night wanting to end my Life because i Cant Take it Anymore...
(useless) (91502)
132 days ago
My mom took me too the doctor for cutting He said I was depressed. And I was put on pills,But My parents forget last time I cut they said i was gonna go see somebody. It Never Happend.* :c * But When I was sick she went through my stuff took all my sharp objects i use to self harm away And found my lyric notebook... Im suprised she didnt ask if im feeling okay by the lyrics of cutting and scuiside.
(useless) (91502)
132 days ago
Then I made emo freinds this year who are like me! :)~But I was sick for a week and didnt awnser my phone so everyone I know thought I killed myself one of them almost planned my funeral...
(useless) (91502)
132 days ago
the doctors wanted to take me to a collage so students could study on me...*sigh* I'm nothing arent I?But half my life ive been alone.But last year i met someone who didnt care about my disese were still best freinds today.
uςεζες&sig (91502)
132 days ago
So I became really sad and started cutting myself so i was going through it in 2016 and its just gotten worse.I have scars down my fingers my arms my leg and my foot from doctors and people think i cut my body open all over but i dont.:c
΅ uςεζες& (91502)
132 days ago
Ive had oliers dieses my whole life (Abnormal bone growth) so I have tombers on my whole body.No-one ever liked me or would even touch me because I was disgusting because my disese.But My Uncle Died 2 years ago on christmas eve over night and he was my favorite person in the world...
΅ usεζεςς (91502)
132 days ago
Hello Im 14 And in 8th grade And I have a long life story to my depression and what lead up too it.
Linh (57868)
136 days ago
I feel emptied out and i have completely lost control of my life. My score was 70% and i don't know what i can do anymore. I feel broken and i don't have the vibe i used to have anymore. I seriously want to kill myself but my friends said that i have a future a head of me and i'm still young. I'm only a 6th grade kid who is 11 years old after all but i fell lonely and hopeless.
no one you neee to know (19851)
141 days ago
im feeling lost and i don't know where to go now... everybody makes me feel alone now... evry body hatin makes me feel so low now...
Jeff is awesome (21748)
143 days ago

(Error: Your message is too short. It must be greater than 19 character(s) in length.) okay. Bye.
Barry (31658)
143 days ago
I am at the end where has my life gone
Asyh (19051)
150 days ago
Im feeling lost . I lost myself .i tried looking for old me but i couldn't find it. It really pain inside but not could see , its hard to describe its hard to tell how does it feel. Sometimes i feel like i should end this. So the pain will relief
luana (26932)
151 days ago
I`m depressed everyday I never leave my bedroom I always end up thinking bad thought's my friends are always angry at me because I'm always sad and depressed ii have lost a lot of friends because how I'm behaving I hate it.
Tonje (39646)
155 days ago
I’m sad every day and i have taken some depression test and every test said that am extremly depressed and i’m Cutting myself and tried suicide and i’ve tried to Get help but it just make it worse and idk What i’m gonna do...
Sharon (87101)
156 days ago
I am a bit sad Every Day

And some day im fulltime happy

Or sometimes emotionaliteit

Well i try to be happy in a full mood