Are you gay? take this quiz to find out

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This quiz is made bay me for everyone that thinks it may be LGBT ( Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transexual) . Remember this is not 100% accurate, answer the questions with 100% sincerity, the answers are anonymous .

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Justin (31681)
287 days ago
I'm straighter than a ruler I'm so straight I had 3 girlfriends in one year
laylena (72935)
291 days ago
yeah I am a lezbo this got it right
Jack (20849)
298 days ago
I'm trans, girl to guy, and I'm Omni or pan sexual. This test literally hurt me....because this is so outdated....ugh....
Eve (61934)
301 days ago
Ummmm...I'm not gay..I'm bi though. They should have that answer on the test. and also...I don't even watch💗!!!!
Eve (61934)
301 days ago
And I don't watch 💗either ???
Eve (61934)
301 days ago
Ummmm...I'm not gay..I'm bi though. They should have that answer on the test.
Ben (70288)
321 days ago
I don't even watch💗, is it required that everyone watches💗? Seriously. Also, there's no Bi options, just gay. I don't really like that .-.
Sarah (39255)
322 days ago
This quiz isn't very Bi inclusive and has a lot of grammatical & spelling errors. Don't like it 👎🏻
Anonymous (08356)
323 days ago
Yes, my first friend
Cool man (49113)
324 days ago
I like the LGBT But Im straight
Danny (73962)
326 days ago
This said im straight
Me (00227)
327 days ago
I love this i sad I was gay and this sad I´m straight XD
melo (41072)
329 days ago
Well, I'm bi/pan but I got gay...
Alexander (08650)
330 days ago
Dude, you stole my name😜
Odette (87803)
335 days ago
Oh okay we'll see, who knows If I'm a lesbian? :3
James (68445)
341 days ago
As a genderfluid person this was so confusing 😂😂 do I answer for girl? Do I answer for Boy? What do? Help? Great quiz though! If I wasn't so caught up in what pronoun do I pick for this that it didn't help me much but I can see how great this would be for someone not caught up in the pronouns ordeal
Madison (19700)
358 days ago
It said that im a lesbian i strongly believe iit but im confused i have the word lesbian bisexual stuck swerling in my haed
Ads (19682)
362 days ago
The test says that I am gay, something I've suspected since my early teens, and it makes me feel quite warm and liberated inside. I'm really happy with the result. I would have been disappointed getting bi, although I was for a while, and put it down to the transition period I was going through. This will give me the courage to come out.
Liam (02965)
367 days ago
I came out as gay and i have shown hints that i am to freinds and family by saying " i might be gay you never know" But im scared to tell my mum and dad because i dont want them to know yet and i dont know if they will accept it or not so im going to wait until im older and i know what desicion i want to make and i know my parents will support me in everyway possible but the thing is i have 2 brothers and it's hard to not show it...
Anomonus (91738)
368 days ago
I have always felt like I'm gay but now I know I am but I'm not telling my parents until I'm older caus wince I was friends with this boy and wheneever I was around him I felt like happy