What Is My Sexuality?

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This is a short quiz to help you determine how you identify sexually. Your result can be heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, pansexual or asexual. While only you can know your definitive answer, which might change over time, this quiz will help you look more deeply and clearly at your sexuality.

  • 1
    In the past, which sex have you been attracted to the most?
    In the past, which sex have you been attracted to the most?
  • 2
    Which sex do you find more physically attractive?
  • 3
    Have you ever dated someone the same sex as you?
  • 4
    Do you find the opposite sex attractive?
  • 5
    Do you find the same sex attractive?
  • 6
    Do you dream of kissing/having sex with the opposite sex or the same sex?
  • 7
    Who was your first love?
  • 8
    Have you ever been in a solid relationship?
  • 9
    What is your opinion on homosexuality?
  • 10
    Finally, what do you think your sexuality is?

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idk just for fun lol (18770)
6 hours ago
Guys, don‘t believe everything you do or see lmao. You have to know for YOURSELF what you are and how you feel. Whatever the result was, if you don’t feel comfortable with it or you feel like it doesn‘t fit, than it‘s not you :D I did this just for fun because i‘m bored lol and i don‘t care what result it is because i know who i am. So, if you feel like the result represents YOU than sure you can accept it but don‘t feel like the internet told you who you really are. Listen to yourself. No one can tell you who you are, only you can. Just letting this out here cuz some feel very anxious and believe things others say. :)
Bi-sexual binch lol (72683)
12 hours ago
I always had a hunch I was bi-sexual but I denied it cos my mum is christian and she is completely against LGBTQ so now imma hide it from her.
Rae Roberts (29001)
23 hours ago
80% homosexual and 20% bisexual. This hole time I though i was bisexual now I will want to go with the sexuality of Lesbian and I dont mind.
—— (19510)
I’m 60 percent bisexual I thought I was so now I’m happy
Lucy (15798)
50% homosexual 20% bisexual 10% heterosexual 10% bisexual 10% ace sexual thx this really helped
Mican (03599)
I thought I was bi this whole time, but I'm pan??? Time to come out the cupboards
Sahravia (23708)
I love sex
ren (98346)
looks like i'm a sexual with a 7 in that category and the other 3 in hetero
Journie (73851)
2 days ago
50% Homosexual, 40% Pansexual, 10% Bisexual
mayo (91144)
3 days ago
what. i am confusion.
sean (62945)
3 days ago
im sean pomperada and hii
Dean (41000)
3 days ago
40% Heterosexual, 40% Asexual, 20% Pansexual. Idk why but i don't find the same💗interesting, At all
Cassie (60813)
4 days ago
First results: 40% pansexual 40% asexual 20% bisexual Second results: 40% bisexual 40% asexual 20% pansexual so... Basically if I love you then you should feel lucky because most people annoy me!
ʎnƃ ɯopuɐɹ (88656)
4 days ago
Ok so... I'M IN CONFUSION: 30% straight, 30% bi, 30% pan and 10% ace. What do I do?
Suddenly Questioning (39535)
4 days ago
For my whole life, I've identified as straight, and have only been attracted to guys, but all of a sudden...I've started questioning myself. I know I'm not gay, but...maybe I'm pan, or bi, or something.
70% straight
20% pan
10% bi
Maria ❤ (33891)
5 days ago
Ugh.. I'm so confused.. I've identifying as panromantic adexual for the past couple of months. I know for a complete fact that I'm asexual, but I'm not sure about my romantic orientation. I love people for who they are, and have had a crush on a girl. I feel as if like girls more, because I feel like I could have a better relationship with them other than boys. I'm also fine with nonbinay people, but it just depends on who they're like. Am I still panromantic asexual, or homoromantic asexual? Thanks.
Asexual french fries (05695)
6 days ago
8 days ago
40 Pan
20 asexual
10 bi
0 hetero
Questioningisirritating (49642)
8 days ago
I've been identifying as asexual for the last two and a half years and now I'm questioning again. I'm nonbinary but afab. My dilemma is if I like girls or not? I really don't know. So I took this quiz. And it gave me 30% gay and 30% ace and those were my highest scores. Why me?
The random gay one (05731)
9 days ago
60% bi
30% homosexual