Am I Gay Or Bisexual?

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You think you might not be straight, exactly - but you're not sure whether you're actually gay or bi. If that's been weighing on your mind, find out the answer here. This is a really normal and common thing to think about, so please don't judge or criticize yourself.

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    Which sexual orientation would you say you've learned toward most the past three to five years?

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7 days ago
10 days ago
oops i'm a lesbian i took the wrong quiz but this quiz was actually super helpful
21 days ago
I am 100% homosexual and this test confirms this.
53 days ago
I want to be proud of who I am, I am really struggling to find my true self. Better late than never I suppose. My sexual identity is a big part of who I am and maybe if I can figure that out I can figure out the rest of me.
75 days ago
I might be the only girl doing this test since its actually for males, but i got straight meaning im gay, which is what i was expecting (i couldnt find another quiz oops)
83 days ago
I got gay and was already sure of it yayy
102 days ago
Hey I’m gay!!!!! I’m super excited cuz I like being turned on by boys when they call me cute but idk if my crush likes me or not so if I ask him idk what he will say cuz I’m pretty sure he’s straight
108 days ago
I got gay but identifie as bisexual but maybe this test is more accurate than I thought because I definitely prefer men
138 days ago
I just wanted to let everyone know whether they're gay, bi or anything else, you have nothing to be ashamed about. Celebrate it and be proud! Also, this quiz is only for fun. There's no quiz out there that will determine your sexual orientation, only you will know.
146 days ago
I don't know what i am really?
I'm attracted to guys more than girls but I Know for myself that i shouldn't . i thought I've made out my mind about this but, heck I'm not. what really am i?😘
163 days ago
Holy 🐬, am I the only straight Christian doing this? I am a Christian who supports the community even though I do believe it is a sin, it's my job to support your rights. But why do Poole take this knowing they are not straight. I took this cuz I wanted to. And I can proudly say that I prayed before hand @Grant... Praying that you pray too.
188 days ago
Thank good I am gay proud and happy I finally realized the truth I am gay
241 days ago
i am not straight.
i am bisexual thanks anyways
272 days ago
Hey, so I’m 19 and I went to prom with a girl, but after my prom I had an interest with boys and girls. Obviously I know I’m bi, but I don’t care what my friends think. I be want I want to be if I’m interested in a boy, I’m fine with that.
285 days ago
Im 44 and i know im gay,since age 7 i had been😻d several times in my life and to be honest i loved it.i only feel comfortable wearing heels and dresses thats my life,and like it that if i could just mr right ill be really happy.
291 days ago
So I dated a guy in The past so I thought I was straight then one day I kissed a girl on the lips and I liked it and I started wondering about my sexuality and I found out I was bisexually so now I'm dating a girl and one day I will tell my parents
352 days ago
So it says I bisexual and I don’t care I love both don’t Judge me
404 days ago
I have a girlfriend but I might be gay. I always thought I was bi but lately I’ve been thinking way more about guys and finding them more attractive. Maybe I’m bi leaning towards men? Idk if it’s bc my relationship makes me unhappy or if I actually am gay. I’m scared and feel very guilty/ashamed
423 days ago
Im a teen male (young) and I know I still have a lot to think about I have never really felt anything to girls in a romantic way I just think of them as people, not lovers and I have thought that women are pretty and beautiful but never really desirable in that sense but there is one girl I Could think of spending the rest of my life with but I don't know if that means im bisexual I have though seen men attractive and have had many dreams of me with a guy but never ones with girls I mean have always wanted to be a father and I would adopt but I have always wanted to pass off my genes to another I think im gay and the test also agreed with me but I really just don't know and it scares me I have never kissed and never slept with or had a relationship with anyone so I can't really know what I like until I try it I mean I did have one relashionship with a girl I like in 4th grade but I dont know if that counts because all I said was sweet and kind things to her so ya well bye have a good day, peoples
462 days ago
This quiz is oriented toward men. If you’re taking it as a girl just replace guy/male with girl/female!