What do Boys like about you best?

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This is for Girls who are curious about what their crush or just boys in general like about them.

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    What is your favourite music artist out of these?

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Freaky friday (36340)
21 days ago
Can you do another one
Anonymous (84444)
26 days ago
I agree 100 percent!! I'm totally cute and shy! not to mention REALLY ADORABLE!!!! I love myself and my crush. I didn't know that shyness is attractive though. Is it???
Aniyah (11182)
46 days ago
100 percentage boys attract me
Aneeha khan (11182)
46 days ago
I hate myself because people almist follow me
Rachel (59560)
51 days ago
Ummmmm (78274)
61 days ago
But kyra i acuttally fell the same.
anonymous (59858)
71 days ago
Uhh...I am really shy at school and I'm not that popular, haha - so super accurate.. the boy I like is cute and a little more ambitious than me. I just like freckles and eyes :3
Kyra (32967)
73 days ago
Exactly! Okay I doing mean to sound mean but people think I'm shy cuz i dont talk. It's not that, I just don't wanna talk TO them
Cool chloe (01392)
85 days ago
Yo Maddy Mercer your not the only one like that! I yell at the top of my lungs at school and people call me quiet and shy!
Maddy Mercer (57430)
90 days ago
Bro it says they like me bc I’m shy. I AM NOT SHY!!! How could I be shy if I’m one of the most popular girls in my grade!? Explain yo slefs
Star9 (20969)
103 days ago
Omg you guys don’t even know how to frickin spell. My head hurts....
unknown (59712)
109 days ago
now I feel more confeit now that I took this quiz
Logen-Jane (29990)
118 days ago
Same her Gaby. I’m so confused
gaby (73846)
125 days ago
why do boys like me that was all i think i just ugly but boys think am pretty but am not at all these day no prettyes or cuteness
Liyah (48572)
145 days ago
I wish there were more options for some of the questions but good quiz
Maisyn (52535)
153 days ago
Popular dude, POPULAR. None of the guys I know like or love me. All. Of the girls in my class are way more popular than I am just call me trash. The thing said guys like me because of my popularity this thing stinks!
kim (77138)
160 days ago
boy like me about my confidence
Chelsea be hating (80124)
186 days ago
What do Boys like about you best?

For 50 % you are: Boys like your shyness and cuteness! They find you adorable! So keep looking out for that lucky boy!
it's actually really funny how every test i take to confirm an answer i always get shyness even though, i'm not shy when my friends are around in my class
Maya (22360)
193 days ago
Boys love me because of my confidence! Lol I’m so confident these Dayan nothing makes me sad and I stand up for others.
Summer (63100)
199 days ago
Maybe 1 day someone will understand me..because sammie jo..katie ballew..and layla mace are mean to me maybe