Serious Avatar Quiz: What Bender Are You?

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This quiz is divided by fighting techniques and personality questions. Be honest with each answer - the more you think about what applies to you as opposed to the show, the more accurate your answers and final result will be.

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    A part of this does involve fighting, so think of the tactics you use during a video game...or if you watch movies, what you would do against the villain. For example, how you'd attack a mugger. Or, if you were ambushed, which techniques you would employ. Think strategy and which you'd prefer to use in each situation. Don't just pick an answer because it sounds cooler - think of this as a real-life situation and your results will be more accurate.

    If you were being attacked head-on by one person, which would you most likely do?

    A part of this does involve fighting, so think of the tactics you use during a video game...or if you watch movies, what you would do against the vill

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Other tests i got firebender but according to this one it's my least likely (10%)
5 days ago
Air 33%
Earth 29%
Water 29%
Fire 10%

Yassss Airbender!! 😁
9 days ago
38% Air24%Water24%Fire14%Earth
12 days ago
14* % Air just an accident
12 days ago
29% Earth
29% Fire
29% Water
145 Air
kinda like Korra but idk if thats good
12 days ago
this kinda is obvious which element is which answer
13 days ago
38% Earth
29% air
19% water
14% fire

this is weird because my strongest ones are the complete opposite of each other
earth is stubbornness and air is being free
14 days ago
29% Water
28% Fire
22% Air
21% Earth
22 days ago
33% Water
29% Fire
19% Earth
19% Air
23 days ago
38% Fire
29% Earth
19% Water
14% Air
26 days ago
43 days ago
29% Earth
24% Fire
24% Air
24% Water

Almost an avatar. I'm mostly hesitating between Fire and Earth. Since I love the Earth element, and I'm mentally very strong, determined and practical. But I'm also very hot headed, jealous, manipulative, arrogant, competitive and a lot of other things. Those can belong to a fire bender. But I hate summer and heat. I wouldn't want to think that would be my element. I love the nature and being able to become one with earth. After years, I still have no idea which belongs to me more. But if I had to pick an avatar character I relate to the most, it's definitely Lin Beifong, and she is an Earth bender. Second Azula though.
47 days ago
38% earth
29% water
24% air
10% fire
50 days ago
43% fire
19% earth
19% water
19% air

57 days ago
33% fire
33% water
17 % air
17% earth
I'm the Almost Avatar...
57 days ago
I'm a fire nation borne avatar. Lmao.

29% Fire
24% Water/Earth/Air

A character I made is a firebender:

62% Fire
14% Earth/Water
10% Air
59 days ago
43% water
29% fire
19% earth
10% air
Seems very accurate
59 days ago
48% Fire
24% Earth
14% Water
14% Air

seems pretty accurate
66 days ago
One of the first quizzes I’ve found that has martial arts as a sport. I’m a black belt in taekwondo.
68 days ago
57% earth
24% air
14% water
5% fire

that's actually pretty accurate so.. i guess that's it! i'm a earth dude!! ( childhood me was sure i will be shooting fire out of my hands lol)