Serious Avatar Quiz: What Bender Are You?

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21 Questions - Developed by: Katrina and Evan - Developed on: - 938.722 taken - User Rating: 4.04 of 5.0 - 81 Votes - 70 people like it

This quiz is divided by fighting techniques and personality questions. Be honest with each answer - the more you think about what applies to you as opposed to the show, the more accurate your answers and final result will be.

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    A part of this does involve fighting, so think of the tactics you use during a video game...or if you watch movies, what you would do against the villain. For example, how you'd attack a mugger. Or, if you were ambushed, which techniques you would employ. Think strategy and which you'd prefer to use in each situation. Don't just pick an answer because it sounds cooler - think of this as a real-life situation and your results will be more accurate.

    If you were being attacked head-on by one person, which would you most likely do?

    A part of this does involve fighting, so think of the tactics you use during a video game...or if you watch movies, what you would do against the vill

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虎ちゃん (03142)
Sry, did not want to do everythingin red😁
虎ちゃん (03142)
((...)🎶(Eh eh oh eh oh🎶 to all those who know BTS aswell😊))
Aside from that,I like That powerful Element because it is giving us light.Glad I got that one.
Madawi (97890)
6 days ago
43% firebender
24% earthbender
19% waterbender
10% wirbender

I always felt I’m a firebender((emaroon))
Not you (26284)
20 days ago
Someone (59002)
27 days ago
33% firebender
29% waterbender
29% earthbender
10% airbender

Beforehand I believed I could have been an airbender, turned out I was wrong. Fire would have been my second guess tho. Are firebenders allowed to have flying Bisons?
Mitsuki-kun (70806)
27 days ago
I did it a second time.

29% earthbender
29% waterbender
24% airbender
19% firebender
Mitsuki-kun (70806)
27 days ago
33% Waterbender

29% Earthbender

24% Airbender

14% Firebender

I think I'm quite balenced
Ghost (32582)
30 days ago
62% Firebender
29% Earthbender
5% Waterbender
5% Airbender

Always felt like I'm a Firebender mixed with Earthbender traits.
Diego (45649)
33 days ago
54% Airbender, 24% Waterbender, 10% Earthbender, 10% Firebender

Meditating every day brings peace ✌️
Oh (95319)
39 days ago
I actually thought I would get like water bender, but it also tied with earth ended for 38%. Weird
Badrang (49932)
41 days ago
My answer for the wake up mad question is probably go back to sleep
Shad (00543)
52 days ago
%48 water bender
% 14 fire bender
%14 earth bender
%24 air bemder
mun (73717)
71 days ago
tried to do the quiz again and yet got tie again between earth and fire.

1st round quiz: 25% earth 25% fire
2nd round quiz: 38% earth 38% fire

air 14
water 10
mun (37156)
71 days ago
tie between earth and fire.

persistent and ambitious
Amy (70223)
111 days ago
“Your results were not clear”
29% Earthbender
29% Waterbender
29% Airbender
14% Firebender

Yeah well no kidding :’)
Dan (99570)
128 days ago
43% Airbender (knew it);
33% Waterbender;
24% Earthbender;
0% Firebender.

I knew I'm not a Firebender, but... 0%! O_O

A good test!
Anna (11201)
177 days ago
Wow, I knew I was a waterbender bit I thought I would be more rounded!
57% Waterbender
19% Airbender
14% Earthbender
10% Firebender
Welp (54955)
189 days ago
Sad the internet failed me and I had to reload the page before I got to finish :(
Emi (68884)
201 days ago
Tie between earth and water
Avatar (05444)
233 days ago
Anyone else get 25% for all of them?