Serious Avatar Quiz: What Bender Are You?

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This quiz is divided by fighting techniques and personality questions. Be honest with each answer - the more you think about what applies to you as opposed to the show, the more accurate your answers and final result will be. (Dishonest answers might get you your desired result, but what good is that if it's not true?)

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    A part of this does involve fighting, so think of the tactics you use during a video game...or if you watch movies, what you would do against the villain. For example, how you'd attack a mugger. Or, if you were ambushed, which techniques you would employ. Think strategy and which you'd prefer to use in each situation. Don't just pick an answer because it sounds cooler - think of this as a real-life situation and your results will be more accurate.

    If you were being attacked head-on by one person, which would you most likely do?

    A part of this does involve fighting, so think of the tactics you use during a video game...or if you watch movies, what you would do against the vill

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8 hours ago
I'm sorry but I don't agree with your opinion. Zutara was never meant to happen. Seriously if Zutara was meant to be don't you think it would have happened in LOK?

Also I'm kinda in love with Zuko so how about we start shipping Bruko (my names Brigid)
zutara shippers are wayyyy better the kataang because katana and zuko are around the same age and hang i 2 years younger then katana it just not NORMAL also Zutara is kinda cute when katana saved zuko from azula in the finale they should have KISSED who is with me ?!
Me: I literally got Firebender
Also Me: This thing is rigged
It didn’t get me at ALL

Btw on all the other quizzes I did (I did like 3 quizzes) I got Airbender. Even the hand silhouette thing said Airbender.

I kNoW i’M aN aIrBeNdeR...
38% Air
38% Water
19% Earth
5% Fire

3 days ago
38% fire
24% air
19% water
19% earth

hm i've always thought of myself as a water, but i guess not!
4 days ago
43% water



13% earth

I knew it i was told a lot that looked like a water bender
4 days ago
33% earth
24% air
I always thought I was a water bender 😭
6 days ago
Why was the descriptions so accurate to my personality omg mainly a water bender and air bender
7 days ago
29% Earth
29% Air
24% Fire
19% Water
(don’t know how to feel about this😅)
7 days ago
I guess I’m a Firebender. Wig.
8 days ago
33% Air
33% Water
33% Fire
0% Earth
Wow 😤😂
9 days ago
Wow! My results were pretty wild for one thing, my results are mixed and inconclusive. My end results were 29% air, water, and fire. The rest of the percentage was only 14% for earth!
12 days ago
For question 2, I have imagined me as Aang vs Ozai, then one who is good at fighting, who has come prepared and practiced a lot, but still has to face a really stong dude. I'd rather dodge at first, to have some time to think, know the opponent, get used at countering his style, not being sure of the outcome of this battle; and only then taking the offensive, putting everything in.
I thought it as me being powerful too, because if not, I'd just try to avoid fighting.
13 days ago
well I like this quiz and the questions are something out of an action game
13 days ago
Ok there's a spelling mistake that says "commuted" it's supposed to say "committed"
13 days ago
If any of you ship Zutara I'm gonna convince you not too, READY?

-Aang had a crush on Katara since episode 1. He is WAYYY more commuted to loving her.
-Zuko like MAI, how hard is that for you to wrap around your head.
-Aang risked the existence of literally any other nation besides to fire nation. (When he blocked his Chuckra to help katara)
-Zuko and Katara would make the worst couple, Does "Fire Queen Katara" really sound like a good name to you?
-Finally Zuko is way to depressing for Katara, that's why him and mai are perfect for each other.

I hope I convinced you Zutara fans if I didn't please let me know.
14 days ago
29% earth
24% water
24% air
24% fire
How am I so close to being the avatar what??
15 days ago
-48% Firebender
-19% Airbender
-19% Earthbender
-14% Waterbender
Wow, I thought I am a half Firebender and a half Waterbender or Avatar, but it isn’t
15 days ago
-38% Airbender!
-33% Waterbender!
-19% Firebender!
-10% Earthbender!
These are my stats :) !
15 days ago
-38% Airbender
-29 Earthbender
-29% Waterbender'
and only
Those are my stats :D