Serious Avatar Quiz: What Bender Are You?

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This quiz is divided by fighting techniques and personality questions. Be honest with each answer - the more you think about what applies to you as opposed to the show, the more accurate your answers and final result will be. (Dishonest answers might get you your desired result, but what good is that if it's not true?)

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    A part of this does involve fighting, so think of the tactics you use during a video game...or if you watch movies, what you would do against the villain. For example, how you'd attack a mugger. Or, if you were ambushed, which techniques you would employ. Think strategy and which you'd prefer to use in each situation. Don't just pick an answer because it sounds cooler - think of this as a real-life situation and your results will be more accurate.

    If you were being attacked head-on by one person, which would you most likely do?

    A part of this does involve fighting, so think of the tactics you use during a video game...or if you watch movies, what you would do against the vill

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4 days ago
52% Waterbender!
That proves it, I’m a Waterbender!
12 days ago
I want to be s lightning bender
30 days ago
This is actually really accurate. Water is perfect for me but I also love air. Imma become a waterbender now. Thanks!!!
34 days ago
Girl: am i pretty?
Boy: NO
girl: do you want me?
boy: NO
Girl: would you cry if i walked away?
boy: NO
girl walks away and starts crying. boy grabs her shoulder.
boy: you aren't pretty u are beautiful. i don't want you, i need you. i wouldn't cry if u walked away. i would Die! please stay with me.

send this to 15 other quizzes or something bad will happen in about an hour. if u do your crush will realize he loves you then maybe engagement and marriage.
34 days ago
For 38% you are: Firebender, For 24% you are: Earthbender, For 19% you are: Waterbender, For 19% you are: Airbender
56 days ago
Airbender 29% , Firebender 29%, Earthbender 24%, Water bender 19%. My results are a little weird. The last few quizzes I took( not this website) I kept getting Airbender and Waterbender.I am not particularly like a Firebender except for the training hard part. I use my head and thoroughly think out situations, work/train very hard, and like to spend as much time as I can with friends.
61 days ago
Question 3/21 is just too obvious. Quizzes should avoid hinting to the results in any of the prompts. It’s very obvious which answer relates to which of the four elements
65 days ago
Earthbender 43%Waterbender 24%Airbender 24%Firebender 10%it kind of makes sence cos I play soccer and like to wait for the perfect moment. But I find it weird that I am low in firebending because I am really hard working
65 days ago
52% Air
19% Water
14% Earth
14% Fire
83 days ago
48% Earth
24% Water
19% Fire
10% Air
I will now be known as The Boulder.
95 days ago
33% Waterbender, 33% Firebender, 24% Airbender, 10% Earthbender. I got the complete opposite nature's both at the same percentage and higher than everything else. XD
95 days ago
Air 29%
Water 29%
Earth 24%
Fire 19%
96 days ago
In the order of most percentages I got:
A 38%
B 29%
C 19%
D 14%
99 days ago
38% earthbender and 38% waterbender lol
101 days ago
33% firebender 24% earthbender 24% airbender 19% waterbender

im surprised firebender isnt very common. Im very much a determined zero bs person although. Sweet
101 days ago
26% Earth, 26% Water, 26% Air, 23% Fire.
Do I get to pick?
102 days ago
48% Water((eblue)
38% Air
10% Earth4% Fire((

Not surprised but it seems like mines in very skewed compared to others
110 days ago
If you got 3 or more equal elements, you're basically the avatar.
111 days ago
I got 29% Earthbender and 29% Airbender. Weird?
113 days ago
(replying to jenny) I'm an airnender too! AIRBENDERS RULE!!!!!!