Does He Like Me?

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You're sitting in math class thinking about your crush, wondering if he really likes you, or is just being friendly. Well, put your wondering to rest and take this quiz. Be honest or your result might be wrong!

  • 1
    Does he ever stare at you?
    Does he ever stare at you?
  • 2
    If he stares at you, where does he usually look?
  • 3
    When you talk to him, he is:
  • 4
    How long have you known him?
  • 5
    If you're in class and ask him to borrow something (for example, a pencil or a piece of paper), he:
  • 6
    Does he have a girlfriend?
  • 7
    When you see him in the hallway, what does he usually do?
  • 8
    Do you ever notice he's in a lot of the same places you are?
  • 9
    What is he like?
  • 10
    Do you have much in common?
  • 11
    Does he follow you on any social media?
  • 12
    Has he ever touched you in any way?
  • 13
    Do his friends like you?
  • 14
    Does he ever try to impress you?
  • 15
    Be honest: Do you really think he likes you?

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14 days ago
16 days ago
Paul problems- p.s where do you live that doesn't like relationships where the girl is older than the boy?
16 days ago
Paul problems- I'm not sure what to tell you. Do you live in the same place as him? And if your country doesn't like relationships where the guy is younger than the girl then your cousins who's two years older than him probably wouldn't be allowed to date him. Its possible he's a player but its also possible he was trying to make you jealous and its also possible that he was just happy that people thought that he was in a relationship with someone a year older than him. So it could go either way. I say you tell him your feelings. Then you won't have to wonder anymore. Good luck!
30 days ago
I don't like him but he wasn't understand . He wants me to be his girlfriend . But I don't. I hate him. 😡😡😡
33 days ago
Hi everyone, so for the past 4 weeks I have been going to a local swimming course, with my cousins, let’s call them Kate, Mary and Jake and there I met a guy which happens to be the son of my uncle’s -jake’s dad- friend. So this guy is cute funny and stuff but he is one year younger than me 🙃 and my country doesn’t really like a relationship where the guy is younger than the girl, anyways, this guy let’s call him Paul tries to make me laugh like A LOT and he actually succeeds. He stares at me kind of a lot and he always tells me funny jokes and stuff . The swimming pool is like separated one part fro girls and one part for boys but on almost the last day of the course they mixed us together and we were next to each other and I told him that I won’t come to the last 2 days of the course, because I was gonna travel and he was like oh it would’ve been fun if you stayed stuff like that then another boy splashed some water on him And he thought it was me so he splashed water on me and I also did that then a boy asks him who I was he said she is the cousin of the son of my dad’s friend, jake’s cousin . The boy was like ohhh ok go back to ur gf I didn’t hear him say that but when I got out of the pool and was going to change my cousin Jake came and said did you hear the rumors abt u and Paul I was like no tell me he said oh there Is nothing important I was like tell me tell me tell me he refused to then Paul came and told that guy said you were my gf I was like oh hell no and began chasing Paul - we normally joke like that- he was like it isn’t my fault not my fault then I stopped cuz I had to go change , anyways after I changed he kept staring at me with a smile in his face I have no idea what that meant, I got mad of the rumor cuz it was at a place where I don’t know anyone just my cousins and him I didn’t want the people to make such asumptions abt me,anyways when I got home my cousins kept annoying me that I love him but I denied it and I still am not sure whether I like him or not,, when I traveled there was still a course and my cousins went, I texted her how was the course she said fine and Paul gave her two flowers?!, I don’t know why but I got really like really jealous and when she said that but I tried not to show it, i thought it was a prank because I did one on her and i thought she was taking revenge she swore to god that it isn’t.. she kept saying it doesn’t mean anything if he gives me flowers.. I just said bye cuz I got really mad, I think I was jealous 🙂. Next day I texted her how are try lovers she was like what lovers I said u and Paul I thought she would give me answers she said lmao Good I was like oh so you confess that u love him she was like nah he is younger than me in 2 years she kept saying that I said I don’t believe u she was Iike,ok np I don’t like him but I am not sureeeeee whether she is lying or not And whether he likes m to hélices her.... HELP PLEASEEEEEE
57 days ago
Emma I think he likes you but I need more info. Has anything else happened besides that?
61 days ago
I like dat Boulder.

Dat is a nice boulder!
63 days ago
So I had to do my handprint on the wall in school and this other girl did it for everyone but then she was gonna do it for me but then he said "I'll do it" and I put my hand in the paint then he put his hand over mine and pressed down and then he took my hand and put it on the wall and then put his hand on it again. He always looks at me and smiles at me. Someone help does he like me or not?
91 days ago
I meant to say and and then he asks me if I will marry him
91 days ago
So my crush and I text every night. Once when I was making him a bracelet he said “just do you best and that will be good:)” And when I gave it to him he kept asking me to help him tie it on (I think he wanted me to touch his arm but idk) and once we were texting and I said I’m awesome and he’s like no you aren’t and I said “how rude” and he’s like “alright fine. Your the best. ❤️. (And he has this joke and he asked everyone at the lunch table if they will marry him) and then he asked me if he will marry him. today at the end of the day my crush was asking me something and saying I’m his best friend and I said no and he said pls I love u and my bff and I were like OMG and then he kept repeating it and he said it to my bff too and then he said I love u as a friend and then he said I love u as a girl friend over and over. I need some help! Pls tell me if u think he likes and what I should do! Ty!
92 days ago
That saying earns five hundred stars!
And great quiz
96 days ago
(13464) or whoever you are did you make that saying up because that is super cool.
96 days ago
Nobody likes you

Nobody cares about you

Nobody thinks you're cool

And my name is Nobody
108 days ago
danng idk really hes my friend, im friends with lots of people of the opposite gender and he does cute things to me i really dont think much of it cuz he does it to other girls. But he does it to me lots but i think this is only cuz were around each other lots.
112 days ago
Hello I have taken LOTS of tests they say he likes me a lot IDK if I should believe it I’m just scared.
115 days ago
I really don't know what's going on!I've taken way too many quizzes on here.Some say he really likes me, some say 50/50, some say not really...I mean, he knows I exist, he's in my grade, but he's kinda popular (and hot!) and we aren't "friends".The main reason I'm so confused is like he once smiled at me (or the empty air) for NO PARTICULAR REASON but the rest of the time he's always with his buds and ignoring me.I'm not really friends with his friends, but we have a few mutual, but I'm either not very close to them or they're not very close to him.Rn we're 14/15 (aka too young to date) but my friends are saying he might like me.I really REALLY like him and need to know what he's thinking!!!Plz help my I'm dying
116 days ago
I have taken like 20 tests. Two of them have told me it is 50/50 and the rest say he likes me or he has a huge crush on me. I am sure that we are never going to work out. He is a popular guy who is hot and plays football. I am a grade under him, and even though we are friends I don't think he really is into me like that. Can someone explain what is going on? He talks to me when I'm not trying to talk to him and he smiles a lot when I literally don't do anything but laugh at something else. He sometimes even comes over to my table in math but I sit with our other friends too. I don't know if he is coming over to my table for all of us or mostly me. His freaking smile tho:D Also, he is THICK AF
121 days ago
I thinnk he likes you!!!!!!
126 days ago
Well the kid that I have known since we were little thinks of me as a friend. OOF
127 days ago
i like this one guy in my 6th period class & a lot of people have told me he likes me. they said cos he seems like he likes my company more than usual. took the test, also said he likes me.
anyways, when i met him he had a gf and didnt let me hug him or anything (i didnt like him at the time, just letting ppl reading this know im not the type of person to interfere with relationships haha. i also give hugs to many people.) but then they broke up a few weeks later and he still liked her. but, after a few weeks he stopped talking abt her to me and i hugged some guy in the hall and he goes "i saw you hug ___" and i was like "ok" and he was like "i mean its wtvr you hug every guy." then, more recently, he let me hug him, which is strange cus he didnt let me hug him before. now we talk casually whenever and whenever we see each other, he usually smiles at me and i go and give him a high five. im also a very touchy flirty person and he doesnt really say anything abt it much, unless i take his wrist then hes like "why r u holding me?" but waits till i let go of him.

anyways, do u think he likes me i need serious help lmao