Which guy do you like?

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Do you have two guys( guy a and guy b) you like? Here is a way to find out which ones right for you.

  • 1
    Which guy has the most in common with you?
  • 2
    What guy do you think about the most?
  • 3
    How long have you known guy A?
  • 4
    How long have you known guy B?
  • 5
    Which guy is your dream guy?
  • 6
    Which Guy can you see yourself with in twenty years?
  • 7
    Who would you want to go to prom with?
  • 8
    Have you gone out with any of them before?
  • 9
    Which guy do you talk to the most?
  • 10
    Have you met any of the Guys parents outside of school?

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144 days ago
@avni and that’s a fact bruh
167 days ago
1 you have a wierd name
2 jungkook is a coloured stale fish-like-looking monkey butt
3 fuk you
167 days ago
@helplol go with guy A.... is that even a question?
clearly he likes you more and will keep you happy...
167 days ago
both of them are so fukable ..... i guess ill just sleep with both of them.....
*cough*three way*cough*
176 days ago
He is world sexyest boy means jeon jungkook
184 days ago
Guy A is 2 years older than me and Guy B is a year younger than me.
211 days ago
One guy is one year older and one guy is a year younger
226 days ago
GUY A is a year younger than me
and GUY B is like 3 years older like 💗. Am i stupid?
229 days ago
232 days ago
ok so here is my story’s with guy a & guy b, Guy A used to date my best friend like last month but they only lasted a couple of days and then they broke up because he said he never really liked her. He is also sooo nice to me and he’s so cute (he’s like the cutest guy at school) and so we were in science and he kept talking to me the whole period and I would try like going to another side of the room and he would just follow me like omg awww❤️!! Here’s the story with guy b. Guy B is in my reading, writing, and social studies class and we had assigned seats and we were sitting next to each other in all three of those periods. He is also superr funny and cute just like Guy A but Guy B actually looks like me a lot like he could be my twin brother haha but anyways we would talk a lot in those classes and now the teacher switched seats and we don’t even talk. Not even a word :( . But Guy A talks to me sometimes. Pleaseeee help me decide who to pic lol
259 days ago
i was tryna decide between two guys at my school but it said both and i know i’m in a tough position it didn’t help at all and also hailey is rude because justin bieber is ugly
303 days ago
Hailey - I was tryna choose from Justin Bieber OR Shawn Mendes! ;) GUESS WHO I GOT?!?! Duh! I got my bae Justin! I AM NOW DATING HIM ;) Beat that ugly girls
359 days ago
Okay so there's guy a who always makes me happy and fluffy whenever we talk. I keep saying to myself that I like him like a brother, but I have realised that I like him. Then guy b swooped in out of nowhere asking me out to the dance and we haven't stopped talking since. I'm so confused. This test made me more confused lol
370 days ago
I got both, but i answered mainly guy b throughout the quiz
373 days ago
Guy a is my age amazing looking and we have a lot in common a lot

Guy b is one year younger we have nothing in common but we have a connection of understanding at any time

In short

396 days ago
I got guy B. So guy A is in my class and i used to like him in grade 2-4. But now I’m in year 7 and unsure. Guy B i talk to alot more and feel like i have a better connection with. The trouble is guy B is a year older. What do i do?
415 days ago
I knew Guy A coz he's my true love, the other one is just a little crush but I think that guy b likes me more than guy a but guy a and me were friends since we were in dipers
477 days ago
I like both guys for different reasons.
477 days ago
So I have a boyfriend, we've been dating for a month and there's this other guy I've liked for about a year, and he danced with me at a youth group dance. But he only goes to youth group every now and then. I just saw him last night while my boyfriend was there and I don't know who I like more.
495 days ago
So I like these two boys and I think they both like be back but one is really handsome in the other is just ordinary but I don’t really know the handsome one. And I mean I’m only 13 so I can kind of judge what they look like but still.... it’s super hard. Dark hair and dark eyes or light hair and blue eyes? Just a fun question for everyone