Do you have a crush?

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Ok, let's face it. Almost everyone has had a crush and we couldn't shake off this feeling. Wanna know if your crush for him/her is true?

  • 1
    How often do you catch him/her looking at you in class or in the halls of your school?
  • 2
    Do you have similar friends with your crush?
  • 3
    Do you personally think that he/she likes you in that way?
  • 4
    Do your friends often ask you to stop talking because you've been talking about your crush nonstop?
  • 5
    Out of 100%, how much time do you spend talking or thinking about your crush?
  • 6
    Do you have a lot in common? (Remember, it's ok if you don't have a lot in common, opposites attract.. sometimes..)
  • 7
    What's the age difference?
  • 8
    Can you imagine a bright future ahead for you and your crush?
  • 9
    Do you know his/her birthday? His/her phone number? His/her favorite color? Etc. And vice versa..
  • 10
    Last question.. Do you think it's a "forbidden love"?

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Pugato (04327)
10 days ago
I tried to post a long conversation but I wouldn't let me.
isabella (23156)
11 days ago
Annoyed girl (71051)
80 days ago
I got 40 and I really like this boy!!! I should at least get 60-80!!!! šŸ˜¤
Isabella (23156)
127 days ago
One thing i forgot,wer are both 11. And were a born on the same day but not the same month(sad)and we have every class together because im in primary school and he is going to the same high school as me!
Isabella (23156)
127 days ago
Oh come on! I only got like 50% i should get waaaaay higher! Its like i absoulotely LOVE him plus he is super Popular and is SOOOOOOOOOO COOL, HOT,CUTE AND HANDSOME!!!
Hes got the most BEAUTIFUL brown eyes and hair and nice eyebrows (plus so many other cool and perfect and beautiful features) Iā™” him so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kitana (31103)
131 days ago
K so there is this boy that I think I like (he is my first crush so I wasn't sure what he was like) but when I'm near him I always look at him and feel nervous and try to act cool but there are a few problems. First one I'm 12 and he is about 14 is that an okay age gap? Also there is the slight fact that I'm his aunt. I know it sounds weird like that but yeah. I don't think I'm quite ready for any "relationship" and don't think my parents will allow it but I just wanted some advice. Ps sorry this is so little long šŸ˜
Arabian (60984)
191 days ago
So there is this boy that I won't repeat his name. I like him but I don't think he likes me. A bunch of other kids like him too. Especially K and E is all I will say. He is also dating someone named Bella. UGH! What should I do?
Commenter 1 (52954)
212 days ago
Ok, so here's what happened. So there was this boy, we'll call him H. We were in the same class and the same bus, and I didn't really think much of him. I'll be honest, I barely knew he existed. Anyway, one day, we were on the bus and I was about to get off, and someone at the back shouted " (my name)! H likes you and wants to go out with you." I was kind of shocked and at the same time, didn't really care. Anyway, later, I started having a crush on H. I told my friends and they laughed and ran off to "ask him out for me." I was annoyed, but I thought that if I didn't talk about it, H wouldn't notice. Anyway, my friends came back and said H had said no. I was kind of disappointed, but it didn't really matter because before they asked him, I was going to ask him out anyway. Then, after about a week, I got on the bus and H was under the seat where I usually sit. He said some rude and obnoxious things I'm not going to repeat. Then, he walked off. I was kind of sad. Then, the next day it happened again. And the next. And the next. Every day it got worse. After a couple of weeks I got used to this treatment. I eventually told the teachers after being pressured by my friend to do so. Even now, H still hates me and is incredibly rude, but you could say I've gotten over him. Now I'm crushing on other boys and everything's OK.
Katie Cat Lady (82486)
417 days ago
Did it for K, says I'm "on the verge". Even more confusing.
Katie Cat Lady (82486)
417 days ago
Plz help me. So theres this guy in my class, we'll call him k. I used to like him but then I just sorta stopped. However, I think about him frequently, and he lives in my neighborhood so he can come over to my house anytime he wants, and I can go to his. Certain people told K that I liked him, but by then I'd stopped. He kept denying he liked me and to this day I do not think he does. However, about a month ago, a girl whos also in our neighborhood but two grades below us, knew I used to like K and made us fake-get married. A couple people were present for that and spilled the beans to basically everyone on our bus. Now they are teasing us and saying things like, "Hey Katie, your husband isn't riding the bus today," or "K, when is the first child due?" It really gets on my nerves and I try to tell the people that, but they keep on doing it.

K has dark hair and dark eyes, also milk chocolate colored skin. I'm a blonde with grayish-blue eyes and light tan skin. All my friends say we look cute together, but he has never flirted with me or anything, and I haven't liked him for months. However, our teacher, we'll call her T, has a great sense of humor and likes to say things like, "Alex, stop staring at Ashley and get your work done," or "I believe Vivian and Ben should be partners, they seem to get a kick out of each other." Several months ago, I did the tiniest favor for K, like picking up his pencil or something, and that got us into this whole thing. T always tells us, "Hey K, maybe you should try harder for Katie, Vir over in the class next door seems to always want to pick her up! He's got her on his list, too!" which is ridiculous since Vir and I have Gifted programs along with other students in our grade, and whenever I forget we have a class he comes to get me. But my point is, even our teacher "ships" us!

I am so confused. I know I don't like him anymore but I think about him. I don't like him but sometimes I like it when our teacher says things like that. I don't like him but the fake wedding was actually a bit fun. And then there's Vir... He doesn't like me, I know that, but he acts kind and makes me laugh and seems to not mind the little fun my teacher has. What do I do?!?!
Navi~Chan (52078)
522 days ago
I used to have a crush on this guy, in one of my classes, he is kindof a jerk now so not anymore. There is this guy in my 4th period class, we'll call him Ed, I really like him. He sits near me and uses my silly putty. I just keep that peice for myself and him, but he doesn't know, Is that creepy? Anyway, I took this quiz to see if I really like him, and I got 100%. What should I do about that? I told him that I liked him and he didn't do anything except for blush n stuff, but now he is a big flirt a lot. After we came from winter break, he started to talk to me a lot in a flirty way. His ex was looking jealous... Is that weird, too? All I am wanting to know is how to deal with this.. I keep on daydreaming ing the middle of 2nd period thinking about him. In math I am pretty occupied because there is this guy, we'll call him donald duck. We have nicknames for each other. His from me is donald duck, because he has this hair flappy think like the duck has. His nickname for me is Navi~Chan, He likes to call me that but I don't think that he really knows what that means. Lets just say it is something that you would put at the end of your crushes name when you talk about them. I think that I am starting to like him, because he has sparkly, bright blue eyes a great beautiful smile, he is really funny, great hair, always smiing, even when he gets in trouble he tries not to take it out on himself so hard. All that I am trying to say about all of this, what am I supposed to do, I think taht i like tow people, and they are both really cute n stuff, please help me with this.
fabulous;) (73375)
571 days ago
so theres this guy. lets call him L. so L and I have been friends since around the beginning of 7th grade. At this time, I only thought of him as a friend. Then I made a mistake with my family and got my phone taken away. I told him I liked him around the end of 7th grade in a note. horrible mistake. My friend Emily is in the same science class and thats when I gave him the note. Emily told me that he looked red and a bit angry. He read the note to 9 other people. I felt broken as hell. Now its 8th grade and its around the Middle of the school year, L and I still talk sometimes and I still really like him. then yesterday this guy, lets call him C, he told me he loves me. i knew it was a joke but i felt scared. i think i might be starting to like him. I took this quiz and it says im on the verge of developing a crush. it scares me. maybe because of what happened with L last year?
Malina bruhns (45084)
907 days ago
That test really helped me a lot. :)