Is your long distance boyfriend/girlfriend loves you?

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So your long distance boyfriend/girlfriend have a signal. that is unsure to you. Try this quiz to help you find out.

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    How long have you guys been in friend zoned?

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znep (56867)
10 days ago
hi just to tell you, my boyfriend and I are forever, but I dont think that we will still together. I love him. Pray for us. Thank you
Bro (63627)
20 days ago
I love her alot but she's really jealous girl, last year we had alot of fights and stuff which went so bad that she did the worst thing that I can't even explain. But now I feel like she's changed alot and It's going all good. She's perfect girl! Ljubim te zelo mocno moja draga ❤
julia (71514)
38 days ago
Am happy to hear that,thank u
Asheley (02375)
50 days ago
thank you!
Aliz (36931)
144 days ago
Oops so sorry to noye that he was my ex . He never had any feelings towards my emitions so its reaally wrong
Sol (36244)
149 days ago
Yes i think my result is true. He loves me but not as much as I love him lol, we were in a long distance relationship for almost 6mos. and he is a korean. He's a busy guy since he is an engineer in which his workload somehow the root of my jealousy and doubts that he might having a secret affair for being busy too much that he can't give me a little time to talk, but fortunately he never gets tired of explaining it to me and making effort to make it up.So I guess the result I got helps me in where we should make more time to each other. And also, is there someone here could give me more some advices? Would really appreciate it. 😊
Katie (54942)
191 days ago
My distant relationship with my bf is so powerful and we met the most foolish way on my xbox 360 and I have his social media and everything we talk all the time and I love him more than anything but I'm a little worried and confused cause I'm only fourteen so what do u guys think I should do let me know I need the advice
Portia (46631)
197 days ago
He studies at a boarding school, i know he likes me but my bad i have trust issues. Thanks the quiz was really helpful, my result was he truly loves me even i am head to heels over him.
AwesomeFemale (95601)
198 days ago
I'm happy about the result I got! I had a crush on my boyfriend since 4th grade, and we got together in 6th. I was a person that was funny and I guess he started liking me for who I was. Then he asked me out, and I was happy! I think about a future with my boyfriend all the time. I just hope that we will last long.
Natasha (19997)
204 days ago
Let me check about my lover because he is coming today 😋😚😚💋💋
JustARandomGal (41800)
213 days ago
Yay!! I did this test on two different people. (No I am not cheating, I was wondering which guy to choose.) It helped me decide, thanks I guess.
Lovebug (69019)
222 days ago
I did this test about my boyfriend of 7 months. We got together in February of 2017 from a close mutual friend. We hadn't met face to face yet because he lived over a 1000 miles away. I accidentally found out from the mutual friend that he was going to come see me in November. He died of cancer in September. I miss him terribly..
Lovelorn (21950)
225 days ago
Me and my boyfriend have been together for a few months/ he lives where I used to live and we've been friends for a long time. I trust him and he trusts me but he was acting a little sus recently. I've been grounded but when i snuck on to IG he had a picture with him and one of my other friends that he just posted then another post saying to hit him up when they wanted to hangout.. i was with his best friend before him and he was a douchebag.. but this guy is a good person. he's smart and i want to trust him 100% but.... is he using me to get his **** hard now or does he still love me? i want him to love me but.... i've been on edge for a while.
If you have advice plz tell me.
shivm ki riti (89144)
228 days ago
>he loves me so much

bt hm dono bhut dur h

hm chahte h hm sath ho
pr aabi hm kaffi bde ni h
mko pta h bo mko kbi ni chod skte h

or na m kbi y soch skti
bcoz i cnt live withuout

come soon billu i miss u
gnduu of billu (89144)
228 days ago
I miss him so much i wish hm dono sath ho hmeesaa

or m unse milna chahti hu
Gold (73291)
231 days ago
Tanx 2 my result becos l thought he does nt love me
Hannah (35736)
234 days ago
I really loved my result.thanks a lot and I hope to be with him in d future
Sanaya (47666)
245 days ago
I loved my result. Yes i love my bf very much & i wish to be with him in future.
Angel 75 (10025)
253 days ago
He means a lot to me and I'm not gonna let distance get in the way. I love him and he means a lot to me he's my king and my love and I would be foolish to give up on us. we belong together!!! And always will😁💯💕
Pralhad (88584)
260 days ago
I always trusted ,liked , loved her nomatter she loves me or not but heart alwayz says she loves me but bit of shyness mightbe.We have relationship with each other almost 2 weeks.We met social media and im sure that i missed and loved her so much than she would ever imagine.Love u so much babe,i don't know when we will meet each other but i bet if i met her before we would have married.