Do You Really Like Him? (GIRLS ONLY)

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Do you really, truly like him? Or are you just attracted to him? Or are you not sure? *Sighs.* Love, even like, can be so COMPLICATED! No worries, this quiz can help you figure everything out.

  • 1
    How much do you think about him (besides when you're talking/texting, etc.)?
  • 2
    When you pass him in the hallways at school (or see him anywhere), what do you do?
  • 3
    What do you like the most about him?
    What do you like the most about him?
  • 4
    What are your relationship goals?
  • 5
    If he asked you on a date, but you really, really wanted to just stay home and chill for the first time in six months, what would you do?
  • 6
    Let's pretend you have your least favorite class with him on Monday and that's the only class you have with him. How do you feel?
  • 7
    If he texts you first (or if you don't have each other's numbers, starts a conversation), how do you feel?
  • 8
    Almost done, hang in there! How much do you tease him?
  • 9
    How many people have you told that you like him/think you like him?
  • 10
    Last question! Do YOU think you like him?

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5 days ago
This quiz is so cringe Idek what to respond because none of the answers were things I would say/do .. Like I’m in 10th grade and I just wanted to know if I was bored/want to hook up or if I liked him ...
5 days ago
I like him, alot. I mean, I'm in a realtionship right now and my boy likes me, alot!!
6 days ago
It says I like him... but, I’m unsure of my feelings cause I liked his friend and am currently getting over him.. but, he has been there during I liked his friend up until now. And know I don’t know anymore.. I feel like my heart is closed but.. I crave for his attention. Why is that? Am I really sure I like him or is it because he was there during thick and thin?
7 days ago
it says I don't but I picked every option that says I do, what's up with that?
8 days ago
It says I don’t but I know I do I’ve had a crush on him since 5th grade and I just finished 7th
9 days ago
Uh oh..... I like my best friend... HELP WHAT DO I DO!?!?
27 days ago
Iv thought I liked him and apparently I do! hes so sweet and kind and I can never get it out of my mind. I thought maybe I only like him cause im lonly😅 but like hes so 💗 amazing dude!
54 days ago
oops, I messed up y'all hehe
54 days ago
why is it girls only, there are gay bois
54 days ago
Omg it says I like him, I've known him for several years and he's my best friend, I told him I like him a while back, but he never said if he likes me, I'm gonna see him soon, I thought my feelings would go away after a while, but they never did, I don't know what I should do, if I should ask him out, tell home I like him still, or if I should just hide away my feelings 😟
68 days ago
Hes Not Gay:( Well I Can Change That 8======================================= ===D
86 days ago
I was friends with him, but now he goes to a different school. When I think back to the times we hung out together, like the time I was talking to my crush and he peeked through the window we were sitting behind and gave me the thumbs up, like the time we were out in the woods at camp and he told me about this girl he likes. That shows me that were just friends right? But then theres the time we saw each other out and he hugged me and I felt his heart beating really fast like he was nervous, then there was that time when he came and stole me away from my crush so he could walk with me. I don't know anymore people life is so confusing.
88 days ago
***** likes nick so much but not santi because he is mean.
89 days ago
97 days ago
I love him ik he loves me
100 days ago
he acts like he likes me but my friend asked him and he said he doesn’t?!?!? like what
101 days ago
I realy like him and I want home to sakes me out on a date
101 days ago
i realy luck home I am a lot wanting he will ask me out
106 days ago
i like him a lot but he is also shorter than me but i don’t care about height
118 days ago
i like him
my best friend likes him
he used to like her
he likes me now (he told me)
he’s asked me out many times
idk what to do
i don’t want to hurt my best friend