Do you really like him? ((GIRLS ONLY))

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Do you really, truly like him? Or are you just attracted to him? Or are you not sure?

  • 1
    How much do you think about him (besides when you're talking/texting/etc)?
  • 2
    When you pass him in the hallways at school (or anywhere), what do you do?
  • 3
    What do you like the most about him?
  • 4
    What are your relationship goals?
  • 5
    If he asked you on a date, but you really, really wanted to just stay home and chill for the first time in six months, what would you do?
  • 6
    Let's pretend you have your least favorite class with him on Monday and that's the only class you have with him. How do you feel?
  • 7
    If he texts you first (or if you don't have his number, then starts the conversation), how do you feel?
  • 8
    Almost done, hang in there! How much do you tease him?
  • 9
    How many people have you told that you like him/think you like him?
  • 10
    Last question! Do you think you like him?

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JKitty (66313)
76 days ago
Plus were the same age and born the same month. If u believe in zodiac unlike me, mine is Taurus and his is Gemini.
JKitty (66313)
76 days ago
I've liked my guy for over 2 years and idk how he feels... I just got a phone and we started texted. We're both a bit annoying and I'm too open..... But we treat each other pretty well. Both are geeks/nerds and having at least one younger sibling. I've hinted SLIGHTLY before.... think I should ask him?
Sos (52147)
76 days ago
There is this guy at school and I sorta like him. Whenever I ask him if he likes me he says no. But everyday he hugs me. I have known him since first grade. Says he is telling the truth and I don't believe him (the whole class thinks we are dating too and I had a dream that we were)! Sooooooo what should I do!!!
Allison (54951)
77 days ago
I like him..? Idk what to do now ๐Ÿ˜ฌ
kat (52588)
77 days ago
i like him. a lot. ??? and he told me he likes me and he's popular so...???
Rainbows๐Ÿ’ฎ (77008)
78 days ago
Welp i like him and love it๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
Pksjs (41363)
78 days ago
I love โค๏ธ his name is breymen
rebecca (11779)
78 days ago
I really like him, but he doesn't live in the same area as me. He compliments me when we talk and i just dont know bijnkmfeuibgjknlf. Feelings man.
vanity (40528)
78 days ago
if he got a gf, you need to bck off unless yk he lowkey feels sum for you and his relationship is rocky
Ali (71373)
79 days ago
I really like this boy but hes got a gf what do I do ?!
sonja (59723)
80 days ago
thank you for the quiz it was great :)
This (14630)
81 days ago
I really didn't want to like him! I hate feelings ๐Ÿ˜ญ
Jessica 1230 (00257)
81 days ago
Omg I love him I hope that he like me back
:) (27901)
81 days ago
He's the kindest, cutest, smartest, most amazing person I've ever seen . . . my friends and I call him "Waffle Beans" (long story) and they write stories on Google Docs that I yell at them for . . . They really say I should talk to him but (this will sound VERY dramatic) he literally does not know my name, the only times he's talked to me was "Do you know what time it is?" (At passing period) "๐Ÿ’—!" (at technically everyone, actually, after he got cheated out of winning the hockey tournament) "Hey, how are you doing?" (while running laps in PE) "'Ssup?" (Most recent . . . waiting for History and he said it). Once he touched my hand. On accident.
Lixie315 (54326)
82 days ago
I feel like I like a guy but since I liked many other guys who broke my heart, I mentally can't admit that I like him after my last crush, who made fun of me when I tried to ask him out. Lol even after all my best friends tell me that I do I still won't admit it.
marcia (75546)
84 days ago
my crush is my bestfriends brother
he is 2 years younger than me
i only see him between classes, lunch break and when im at her house
i feel like im betraying her trust as she had a huge argument because someone said he was fit, i also like girls and feel angry that i don't have a crush on a girl
im scared that she thinks im only going to her house for him because we don't hang out any other time.
shes my best friend
what do i do?(1m 13 he is 11 year 8 and year 7)
GirlWhoKnows (83442)
87 days ago
bork1200, I think he likes you, but I can't be sure. If he does, congrats, but if he doesn't, you won't ruin anything. If he's doing that stuff and he doesn't like you, then you have a pretty strong bond and it won't be torn apart by you crushing on him. Besides, boys tend to amuse themselves (in a nice way) when a younger girl likes them
bork1200 (01168)
87 days ago
So I like this boy, he's a year older than me. Someone tell me if these are signs that he likes me: he pulls my hair, teases me, and we always talk after school until I have to leave. I think he likes me and that would be great, but since we're also really good friends, I don't want to ruin that by telling him. SOMEONE HELP ME! please
adam (65449)
88 days ago
im a gay dude, not a girl, but i took it anyways haha
Isabella (23156)
90 days ago