Am I A Feminist?

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Do you deny being a feminist, but at the same time agree with certain points that feminists make? Or do you think feminism is wrong? Take this quiz and find out how much you agree with feminism and whether you could realistically label yourself a feminist.

Trigger warning: Rape, sexual harassment, abuse.

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    Do you think men are superior to women?
    Do you think men are superior to women?

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25 days ago
I am a man and I think all women are equal to all men
31 days ago
I got a 1% this is inaccurate, don't recommend to my friends in book club.
31 days ago
My father told me too take this an now i am gai.
37 days ago
This quiz is nonsensical. It lacks any nuance and asks to choose between the extremes which I rarely agree with. Either that or it asks if "đź’— is wrong". That isn't a feminist position. That is the position of every moral person.
Feminism has become a loaded political label that, as this quiz shows, has a ton of unrelated baggage attached. I believe in human equality and human decency, but that doesn't mean I believe in endless labels or thought policing. This quiz and the people who think in this binary though path have brain rot.
46 days ago
Only feminist thing I believe is that everyone is equal and consent is of high importance. Other than that it's all weird, that y i got 43% feminist, what I was expecting.
70 days ago
I received a 83%, not bad
75 days ago
71% hmm, all this while I thought I wasn't a feminist. It turns out I am. I can never understand transgendered people, I tried but can't.
111 days ago
Well I'm 49% feminist and I'm okay with that.
114 days ago
Trans Women are not real women Once a man always a man
115 days ago
@Theycallmeterf listen up, Trans women are after transition real woman. Their now one of us. And no its definitely not a mental illness. Mental illness is when you are a transphobic and homophobic. Let that sink in.
121 days ago
Trans “women“are men! And it is not transphobic to say this !💗change is impassible! I think transgender people are mentally ill and there is nothing wrong with being mentally ill!
136 days ago
Everyone talking about “feminism is cancer” doesn’t understand what feminism is. Now all of a sudden women have too many rights? Feminists do NOT hate men at all. However, a lot of our oppression are at the hands of men. Some women can be this way as well. Female feminists who only focus on the things only white women have to deal with as well. A lot of y’all not ready to have that conversation yet though. Proud to be a feminist.

PS There’s something wrong with this quiz tho lol, I tried to do alllll wrong answers my 2nd time .... too high of a score, it’s actually really unsettling.
173 days ago
I got 77%. I'm happy with my score. We are all equal no matter what race or gender. We are all of equal value to everyone we see.
182 days ago
I got 34% lololololol
209 days ago
It is a fact that woman are on avrage more intellegent than men, so why is that not an option?
236 days ago
I got 7% ig.
236 days ago
I got 97% this was a good test I would recommend it to my friends :-)
261 days ago
I got 57 I do agree with something it’s just feminist culture is just bad. It turn into women this women that but it’s not about women. It’s about everybody and their are just a lot of toxic people who say they are feminist and so well men can’t have a say. But then but then complain about not having the same rights. When women have way more rights then men.
261 days ago
I got 40%. My mindset was mixed with my personal experience and for my knowledge about things during this test. I don't fully agree with the result I got but as the results say, I am not a new wave feminist. Some of the questions and answer alternatives are odd but mostly this test is quite good. I recommend this test!
263 days ago
71% I believe in most of the things that feminists strive for in our society, but I don’t like the ways they use to get what they want. They say that they are against hate and discrimination, but they hate and discriminate against those who get in their way. I believe in love and respect for everyone, no matter what their sexuality, gender, race, or religion. Even the people who think differently than I do.