Are you a feminist?

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Do you deny being a feminist, but at the same time seem to agree with certain points of feminism? Or do you think feminism is false in its entirety? Well, with this quiz, you can find out just how much you agree with feminism, and whether or not you could realistically label yourself as a feminist.

Trigger warning: Rape, sexual harassment, abuse.

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    Do you think men are superior to women?

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7 hours ago
I got 69% feminist, but I'm not a feminist. I'm someone who is for gender equality under the law, which is precisely why I oppose feminism. I've experienced more harassment and hate from feminists than from any other group. It's quite clear that feminists regard me as a worthless subhuman simply because I'm a man. They constantly use hate speech like "mansplaining" and "male tears", as if my views were worthless because of my gender only and as if it were humorous if I'm suffering. It's not even possible for a man to be a feminist, regardless of what his views are. That would imply that the feminists regard him as an equal, which they clearly don't. I find feminists to be a worse hate group than even the Nazis. At least Nazis own up to being a hate group. Feminists constantly deny being a hate group, then they turn around and behave in hateful ways. We do need a gender equality movement. One of the most important goals of such a group would be to fight back against the cult of hate that is feminism.
3 days ago
31% and Feminism is cancer, Kosovo is Serbia, remove kebab and white western women are greedy af and entitled in this day of age, lol. I think western women should stop trying to spread false accusations because #Metoo (pound me too) has caused a death of a man who didn't ask for it to happen. Sorry women, you have too many rights.
6 days ago
I got 77%. I'm happy with my score. We are all equal no matter what race or gender. We are all of equal value to everyone we see.
14 days ago
I got 34% lololololol
42 days ago
It is a fact that woman are on avrage more intellegent than men, so why is that not an option?
69 days ago
I got 7% ig.
69 days ago
I got 97% this was a good test I would recommend it to my friends :-)
94 days ago
I got 57 I do agree with something it’s just feminist culture is just bad. It turn into women this women that but it’s not about women. It’s about everybody and their are just a lot of toxic people who say they are feminist and so well men can’t have a say. But then but then complain about not having the same rights. When women have way more rights then men.
94 days ago
I got 40%. My mindset was mixed with my personal experience and for my knowledge about things during this test. I don't fully agree with the result I got but as the results say, I am not a new wave feminist. Some of the questions and answer alternatives are odd but mostly this test is quite good. I recommend this test!
96 days ago
71% I believe in most of the things that feminists strive for in our society, but I don’t like the ways they use to get what they want. They say that they are against hate and discrimination, but they hate and discriminate against those who get in their way. I believe in love and respect for everyone, no matter what their sexuality, gender, race, or religion. Even the people who think differently than I do.
123 days ago
Ive got 80% and im happy with it beacause it shows im feminist than sexist and mind it feminist is not a cancer some of are who says that all men are bad but not all of them says i know that all men are not bad but maximum of them have something wrong feeling towards women im not saying lecture im saying the reality :( Everyone deserve respect regardless of , gender , religon etc
128 days ago
I'm not a feminist, I disagree with most of its ideas
135 days ago
31% feminism is cancer
333 days ago
71% I'm still no feminist, but this has made me rethink things a little
363 days ago
I'm 77 % feminist!
People are equal except for the ones who commit genocide, violent crime, war etc.
424 days ago
Modern day feminism is cancer
428 days ago
cause women are not smarter if you think so you are a feminazi
454 days ago
Question eleven lacks "women are smarter" option!
508 days ago
How is race or weight related to feminism?
536 days ago