What type of "dere" are you?

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This quiz is only for 4 of the "dere" types.
Tsundere, Yandere, Kuudere, and Dandere.

  • 1
    Do you like anyone or have a crush?
    Do you like anyone or have a crush?
  • 2
    What's your favorite part of school?
  • 3
    What's your favorite food?
  • 4
    Favorite color?
    (I know this is asked a lot but it does count here.)
  • 5
    What would be your ideal first date?
  • 6
    If you could be friends with any of these anime characters, who would you choose?
  • 7
    Which of these are you most likely to say?
  • 8
    Your crush just asked you out! What do you say!
  • 9
    What color is your hair?
  • 10
    If someone called you stupid, what would you do?
  • 11
    (Will not affect your score)
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Comments (56)


Joenia (82080)
8 days ago
Kuudere, the last 2 were dundere I thought I would get tsundere though 😅
Moeka (97018)
15 days ago
Never knew that im Kuudere..
Reignoa (04023)
30 days ago
Kuudere same as always.....
Jazieria (65194)
58 days ago
Yay i knew i was a yandere :3
WeAreAMistake (61741)
59 days ago
Kuudere... kay... I think I'm more of a Hindere or Shundere
HAXmodeON (34580)
61 days ago
Welp im a kuudere that sounds better than the other quiz i did (became a deredere)
Yandere (13195)
65 days ago
Angela (18685)
71 days ago
I knew that i'm a kuudere
Evenightdeath (21313)
72 days ago
I am a kuudere huh......... makes sense since I do act unemotional at school (except around friends and family....... sometimes) and I can be a real 💗 (sometimes sweet.......other times not so ....... sweet
Ri (90344)
96 days ago
I knew I had a good heart........
Jeffery (54831)
102 days ago
Oh my god XD! Qestion 2
..Literature club? Methinks it is a 100% reference to monika haha
Zhary (47579)
107 days ago
For cc
Um, do you kill for your love? Just asking.
Zhary (47579)
107 days ago
Hehehe, I am a dandere.😊
Zhary (47579)
107 days ago
I love the quiz and not too long
Kiddomay trinityforces (76677)
136 days ago
I got the quize test result kuundere
I reay do keep all my emotions turn off and stay cool while in the Outside World...
And actually I feel soft when falling in love ,
But I was inpecxting to be stundere instead,
Cuase I aways call everyone a 💗 by telepathic messages .. And even so insensitive and don't trust anyone
LOOL (26971)
140 days ago
KUUDERE eh? Well, that sure explains why I'm a bit more open to my crush than to my 'friends'.
Wolfgirl (37292)
142 days ago
I'm not a KUUDERE I have blonde hair I have a temper but I control it I think of killing I'm dumb I'm derpy I'm crazy but im not smart and KUUDERE,s are gross danderes and yanderes are awesome I love sushi soooo9ooo much I even call it senpai sometimes and I get butterflies in my stomach when my actual senpai is near me so bye u baka who made this quiz
Kami (44307)
143 days ago
I'm not a kuudere, I'm a yandere.
moo (00727)
146 days ago
I'm a dandere...
Everything seems correct except the very cute person and open your heart to someone part..
Dankest meme (37670)
146 days ago
I got yandere and I only acted like a cerieal killer twice :l