Am I a Lesbian?

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Are you a lesbian to the hilt? Or maybe a right-in-the-middle bi? Or are you straighter than William Tell's arrow? Do tell! Take this quiz and find out what you really are now. If you've ever seriously asked yourself, "Am I a lesbian?" it's time to put an end to all your wondering!

  • 1
    Have you ever wanted to kiss a girl?
    Have you ever wanted to kiss a girl?
  • 2
    How often do you dream about girls in a sexual way?
  • 3
    What would you do if a really hot girl started flirting with you?

  • 4
    Your best friend tells you she's a lesbian and has had a huge crush on you the past few months. What do you do?
  • 5
    What do you do when you see a really attractive girl?
  • 6
    Can you see yourself marrying a woman in the future?

  • 7
    Would you rather be done by a man or a woman?
  • 8
    Favorite body part on a girl?
  • 9
    Would you be scared to come out?
  • 10
    How far would you go with a girl?

  • 11
    You're at your friend's house for the night and you go to change. She "accidentally" walks in on you in a bra and panties. What do you do?
  • 12
    A really hot guy asks you out. What do you say?
  • 13
    You have to choose between kissing a really hot guy or a really hot girl. Which do you choose?
  • 14
    What do you think you'll get? (This will not affect your result.)
  • 15
    Lastly, do you like the rainbow?

Comments (401)


24 minutes ago
I took it again and it said lesbian imma believe it I think about girls all the time I always wondered how it would feel like
I got bisexual and it said that I am mostly attracted to woman...... I never thought of it it just fills my heart I always thought of women for a few weeks now I don't have a crush but the thought of being with another girl it's just AMAZING!
This quiz was.... honestly I don't think it was written by a lesbian or even a girl
2 days ago
I am Bi, and I have only liked just one girl in my entire life. But I thought I was straight a couple of months ago, so when I found out she liked me, I blew her off. Now, she is still really sweet and nice to me, but we don’t talk that much. I am starting to realize how big of a mistake I made, because all I want to do is make her happy and cuddle with her and protect her and love her. But I think it’s a little too late for that 😢
2 days ago
I am lesbian 😇 and also I have a huge crush on meh BFF so I makes her out she liked it an I'm a definite lesbian
3 days ago
i am a bixesual ???
4 days ago
ummmm i got bi but im a les asffffffffffffffffffffffff
6 days ago
got bi but im gay asfff i mean guys can be cute but i'd never date one you know ?
8 days ago
Ummm. I like girls................................... ......................
9 days ago
They told me I am straight as a stick lol. I take this quiz just bcs I am bored so...
9 days ago
I'm either pan or lesbian. I am more attracted to women. That is the opposite of what it said. I also have a crush on my girl bff.
9 days ago
I got lesbian which is SO TRUE! I have a huge crush on my Bff. I think about her all the time and I miss her.
9 days ago
I hate gays ! 💗
11 days ago
anyone else lesbian 😅
11 days ago
why is this all about making out and doing the do? not. satisfied.
12 days ago
i got bi but more attracted to women which is true☺️
14 days ago
name here, thx I’m just one of the gay cousins in a Christian family, so ni nice to here support for a change, and also when I thought I was straight I was cheated on twice (don’t want to go back)❤️❤️❤️
14 days ago
The heart is sexual assault to the max
14 days ago
Eidith ri time will tell you everything. If you have had any bad experiences with guys (sexual assault,💗) then my bet is its correct. Don't worry about it, feel free to experiment, also take multiple quizes!
14 days ago
Very confused, I’m a lesbian and just took this test for fun and got... Bi? I’m so confused!