Am I Pretty?

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Do you sometimes wonder whether or not you're pretty? Do you question what other people think of your looks? Take my Am I Pretty? quiz to find out, plus receive an assessment AND advice!

  • 1
    How pretty would YOU say you are? Please answer this question and all others honestly and objectively for the most accurate assessment (i.e., do not choose "ugly" to be modest, or "pretty" to impress).
    How pretty would YOU say you are? Please answer this question and all others honestly and objectively for the most accurate assessment (i.e., do not c
  • 2
    What do other people say to you regarding your looks (verbally)?
  • 3
    What's your most prominent facial feature? (If you don't really have one, choose the one you either notice the most or receive the most comments about.)
  • 4
    Do your best to describe your hair based on these options. (Stuck? Just choose the closest one to your specific hair type.)
  • 5
    Describe your skin.
  • 6
    How do your teeth look?
  • 7
    What is your body type?
  • 8
    How do you dress on most days?
  • 9
    How often do you shower?
  • 10
    A word to describe yourself (KEEP BEING HONEST!:-)

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Mira (78737)
4 hours ago
Beautiful thx makes me feel good and on question number ten I immediately thought how did you know I love dogs?!?
Can you please rate my sister (85333)
4 days ago
Can you please rate my sister?
Eyes: dark brown, long dark eyelashes that almost look fake. She also wears glasses.
Lips: are full
Hair: is very thick and wavy
Teeth: almost perfectly white
Skin: super soft, dark
Body: she is tall and thin
Loading... (37174)
6 days ago
Girl, you sound beautiful!!!!!
Anonymous (80821)
6 days ago
Oof, pretty?
1) Brown/Blackish Eyes
2) long Black hair (Slight brown, planning to dye the the tips a blue fade into purple)
3) Quite Thick Eyebrows
4) Long Lashes
5) Brown/White skin (Iโ€™m Asian, but lives in a white country :D)
6) Has exczema, really dry skin
7) Quite full lips
8) Red/Pink lips (Natural)
9) Plain cheeks
10) A really skinny body (From not being happy with my body shape and ate a lot less)
11) A little bit tall for my age (Iโ€™m 10)
12) White teeth (Sometimes a tint of yellow)
13) Front top teeth are crooked (sigh)
1) Kind (To my friends)
2) Over-protective
3) Feisty (Around people I hate)
4) Stubborn/Lazy
5) Bouncy, Bubbly, weird around friends
6) Truly sad, heartbroken, and stressed
Clothing Preferences:
1) Skinny jeans (Ripped, not ripped, eh)
2) White comfy sweater
3) Sneakers/Adidas/Nike
4) Adidas/Nike jacket
5) Adidas/Nike Pants
6) Overalls (Short or not, eh)
7) Shirts
8) Choker
9) Cap (Usually my โ€œEqualityโ€ cap)
10) Black and Pink Sweaters/Jackets
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8 days ago
Am I pretty? People say I am, but I struggle to believe them.

1) Hazel green eyes, quite large, normal width apart

2) Browny, red hair, Just below my shoulders, shiny

3) Very tall, 5'11 (nearly 6'0)

4) Prominent jawline, high cheekbones

5) A few freckles

6) Full lips, pink

7) Nice eyebrows (got them done and I'm pretty proud of them ;) )

8) Nice smile, white teeth (my teeth used to stick out so I looked like bunny, but I got braces and now their off, so my smile is nice now!) *Dances like a spaz inside*

9) Good weight, not super duper skinny, but OK I guess? round hips that stick out for about a MILE!

10) Long, long legs, short body, my friends call me a giraffe ALL the time!

Sorry, that was a lot XD
Mark Astoforoff (98282)
9 days ago
I'm a guy, have never been called pretty. I am pretty sure I am happier that way.
Boo (00330)
10 days ago
Oh, and I have a scar ON my nose)
Boo (00330)
10 days ago
Am I Beautiful?

1. I am a Little Skinny, quiet avarage.
2. Long Blond Kinda silky Hair.
3. Brown green eyes.
4. Round but a Little sharp face.
5. Rose cheeks (natural)
6. Pink-ish lips.
7. Small Little upturned nose.
8. Brown Little thick eyebrows.

Beautiful or meh?
Boo (00330)
10 days ago
๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ™ƒ๐ŸŒทMaya๐ŸŒท๐Ÿ™ƒ๐Ÿ˜‰ (79923)
11 days ago
Aww thatโ€™s nice Cutie
this is for courtney smith (54210)
11 days ago
you are very pretty on the inside, so show it by doing nice stuff.
love this test (54210)
11 days ago
Emily, you are so nice.
Cutie (52651)
12 days ago
hey maya you sound really sweet๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ‘
Maya (79923)
12 days ago
Emily thatโ€™s the sweeetest thing Iโ€™ve ever heard anyone say! Your super sweet
Emily ๐Ÿ’– (79670)
12 days ago
Everyone in this world is beautiful no matter what they look like. To have true beauty, you need to have a wonderful personality and be nice to everyone.

@anonymous and Courtney Smith, you both seem quite pretty but you are only truly beautiful if you have a great personality and aren't afraid to be YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

If anyone else wants to know if you are beautiful, you are beautiful if you can be you in front of other people. So just remember that you are truly......................


no matter what you look like or where in the world you come from

anonymous (62643)
12 days ago
Also Pale skin. So. Pale. And sensitive.
My hair is shoulder length.
anonymous (62643)
12 days ago
It said I am beautiful? Well, I guess I see myself differently than others...
I have freckles
Green eyes
Oval face
Lots of pimples
Sad eyes
Fat but I suck my stomach in.
Do I sound beautiful to you?
Courtney Smith (10955)
12 days ago
Am i pretty please tell me because people say im pretty but i dont think so name is courtney im 13.5
2. I have hair thats kinda long and its strawberry blond
3.i have normal sized eyes that are dark blue and very slightly tilted eyes and average length apart
4. I have freckles "4'11" (ikr soo short) like average skinniness but i have an arched back so i look fatter than u think but not too fat nose is like average size and length and not very wide at all i have a small bump shape to my nose in the middle if you understand what i mean
8. My upper lip is kinda small and my bottom lip is like average
9. my cheeks are a little chubby (cant see no cheek bones)
10. I have pale skin also my ears are kinda big teeth are white but sometimes have a light touch of yellow but not much
Sorry my description is so long
Ilovespelling (85333)
14 days ago
Maya ,Why do you think everyone asking for a rating knows theyโ€™re pretty?
Maya (50365)
15 days ago
I have no idea! #autocorrectProblems