Am I Pretty?

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Do you sometimes wonder whether or not you're pretty? Do you question what other people think of your looks? Take my Am I Pretty? quiz to find out, plus receive an assessment AND advice!

  • 1
    How pretty would YOU say you are? Please answer this question and all others honestly and objectively for the most accurate assessment (i.e., do not choose "ugly" to be modest, or "pretty" to impress).
    How pretty would YOU say you are? Please answer this question and all others honestly and objectively for the most accurate assessment (i.e., do not c
  • 2
    What do other people say to you regarding your looks (verbally)?
  • 3
    What's your most prominent facial feature? (If you don't really have one, choose the one you either notice the most or receive the most comments about.)
  • 4
    Do your best to describe your hair based on these options. (Stuck? Just choose the closest one to your specific hair type.)
  • 5
    Describe your skin.
  • 6
    How do your teeth look?
  • 7
    What is your body type?
  • 8
    How do you dress on most days?
  • 9
    How often do you shower?
  • 10
    A word to describe yourself (KEEP BEING HONEST!:-)

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3 days ago
I didn't even think I was pretty I thought I was ugly, this test result told me I was Beautiful. That brought my self-esteem up a little. I'm still kinda self conscious but I'm still working on it. It's hard for a 12 year old girl to have this . You don't know how happy this one quiz made my day just by calling me "Beautiful"
4 days ago
I honestly didn't think I was beautiful and this test gave me hopes
4 days ago
Rate me please

Hourglass figure
Long brown curly hair (but when brushed turns straight/wavy)
Brown eyes
Big lips
Tanned skin (Arab)
Medium length eyelashes
No makeup
Light freckles (under eyes)
Clear skin
9 days ago
I didn't know there was still good people... THX
11 days ago
Love this quiz! thanks so much💞
22 days ago
cool i did not think i was pretty
24 days ago
Omg who ever made this is so nice now i feel more confident and comfortable around my family,friends,cancelling thank you to who ever made this
29 days ago
I actually made a test lime this and they all had the same answers too!😉
42 days ago
okay it says im prettyBut if you see me in real life, RUN
45 days ago
Idek why I considered taking this quiz. probably because I feel bad about myself. but this quiz won't make me feel better, and this might make me a hypocrite, but it would be so much easier for me if quizzes like these didn't exist
55 days ago
hey its annabethchase again i changed my user so p.s. if u want to be pretty on the inside too, do NOT eat makeup. instead work hard at being a nicer person
55 days ago
i got beautiful but we r all pretty dont let a test discourage u
56 days ago
You are all beautiful, sadly a lot of us can't see that. But remember, as long as you are beautiful on the inside, you are most definitely on the outside! xx
59 days ago
Every one is pretty in their own way, if this said I was ugly I would be so mad 😡 (it did not but still) xx
60 days ago
am I beautiful
80 days ago
so someone made a fake account of this one girl. That girl hates me and thinks its me. When she found out, she put on her story that i made it when I didn't. And now the whole school thinks its me. what should I do?
82 days ago
Height: 5’10
Body: slim with a bit of curves
Hair: medium ( few cm past my armpits), natural ginger, wavy
Eyes: green ish blue
Skin: pale, clear and many freackles
Teeth: white with a tint of yellow

Please rate me
82 days ago
I love how no matter wht u put it would always say ur pretty but i dobwant to know if im pretty or not.
84 days ago
im bored so i wanna rating plz
eyes: light brown

body: slightly skinny but curvyish

hair: long, wavy, brown

skin: clear
86 days ago
I want a rating too lol
eyes: brownish black
body: some people say I'm a little chubby but the rest says I'm average (my weight is underweight though)
hair: brown/red, got them straightened, have a little split ends :P
skin: a few pimples

I'm asian btw :3