Does He Like Me? (Middle/High School Quiz)

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Does your crush (or enemy) like you? Find out right now by taking this simple, accurate quiz on how to know if a guy likes you in school. Good luck, hope it helps!

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Confused (47414)
6 hours ago
So at school on Friday his friends told me that he liked me, but I didn’t think it was serious. Then when school was over he couldn’t stop looking at me, and smiling. I was embarrassed but I didn’t know what to
Help me (41825)
9 hours ago
He stares at me like every time we are in the same classes except from English, once he dropped his pen under my table and it didn’t look accidental does this mean anything? And another time he sat next to me even though we had seating plans
sarah (49810)
12 hours ago
@I need advice
I think it's pretty obvious he likes you. Don't wait till he does sth you should make the first move. Just walk up to him and talk. Don't be embarrassed cause you know he likes you back. After that you'll start talking and it'll be less awkward.
vera (49810)
13 hours ago
I think u should go and talk to him or at least smile at him when I see him. U shouldn't be worried about making him embarrassed. If he is he's a jerk and a waste of your time. Besides you're pretty sure he likes u. What could u lose?
This is so ergent (45853)
20 hours ago
So I like this boy, his shy/ smart/ cute/ popular/ rich/ fit, but I think we both like each other except I’m not exactly on top of the schools social hierarchy I’m around the third one but I don’t want to embarrass him and if he says no I’m embarrassed I’ll make too much of a scene, and I don’t have the guts to talk to him, help me I need some advice 😫😫
I need Advice (15719)
So there is this kid in my English class named A. He always stares at me and when I catch him he pretends to be doing something else. I also have gym with him, I think he tries to impress me by hitting the ball really hard. In the hallway he is always close to me. I am almost 99% sure that A likes me. It always seems like he is going to ask me a question but never does. How do I move things along with us because we aren’t really friends.
Lemon (27164)
I rly need to let go of Joel but I hav a dumb hope he comes back. He hasn’t stoped txting me but he’s walked away in my mind
Cutie Locks (39185)

I've missed you!!!!! ❤️
Lemon (27164)
Actually help me.
me name is jack (03083)
2 days ago
also me name is now jack
me name is jeff (03083)
2 days ago
he literaly has no idea who you are and is pretty weirded out by you. try breaking the ice and see what happens

also if your name starts and ends with an a,i know you like me
I Need Help (54833)
2 days ago
I like this guy in my grade and I cant tell if he likes me since he is REALLY shy. We only have two classes together which are art and Math so I dont see him much during the day. When I do see him its sooo awkward and unexpected. I'm going to list all the experiences with him so have fun reading these stories(if you got here so far). First story starts right before I really liked him. My teacher in math sometimes picks names randomly for us to answer questions in our workbook. She does this by picking popsicle sticks from a small bucket. This time she went around the room and had students pick the popsicle sticks. When she got to me I was picking a popsicle stick randomly and when I pulled it out of the bucket I got his name what a coincidence....The second story was so much more embarrassing(in my opinion). I missed school a few days because I was sick and I had to make up the work during the last period of the day which is a working period where we make up missed work. I go to the math room becausebi had to make up math work. I had to sit at the working table with a bunch of other students who needed to make up work or needed help. A few minutes later A (my crush but we'll call him A) walks in and comes up to my teacher. She tells him to sit at the table I'm at with everyone else. There were a few other chairs open including a chair next to me. He sits at the one next to me. OF ALL THE CHAIRS XD. At this point I'm already crushing on him so I'm super nervous. My last recent encounter with him was yesterday because he wasn't at school today. I was walking down the hallway head down and hes walking down the hallway head down because we are both shy. We then almost walk into each other. He looks up and I do for a second then look down. We try to get passed each other but we keep walking the same way trying to pass it was funny. I cant tell if he likes me if anyone can help please help me. Thanks :)
NarwhalQueen (15938)
2 days ago
Hey. Anyone remember me?
So D and I have been getting a lot closer, walking to class together and talking, but in a friend way. Which is great, I want to be his friend first. But then we were talking with some other people today and he said that he wasn’t going to stay at this school through high school, he may even leave next year. This is actually really sad. Ok bye have a nice day/night.
Beth (78659)
3 days ago
You need an an option for "maybe but I have no idea what flirting is"😂
me name is jeff (03083)
3 days ago
before i get started I need advice(23591)ask around his freinds will tell him that you like him so make sure that you are freinds if not then he will never let you forget it. im a guy and i need help. about a week ago i got punched in the nose and bled pretty badly. we are good freinds and ive been in the same relationship for a month and about nothing has changed. all of her friends and all 330 quizes said she is completely in love. do not tell me to flirt,ive been having extremly flirty conversations. i do not know how i can inhance the reltionship(if you know what i mean) canrealy use some help. im pretty sure her and her freinds have crushes on me. im in 6th grade if it helps my answer
I-need-advice (23591)
3 days ago
So, i like this boy... but he likes 1 of my friends, were in gr 7 tho so it might not b real. What do i do i have this mega crush on him.
Help. (19137)
3 days ago
Okay so I have an issue.

I’m a chubby/curvy girl and this guy is fit. He often pulls my hair or pushes my head or whatever but it doesn’t hurt me. He always insults me, usually saying “Shut your ugly tail up” or something with “ugly tail” but he’s smiling when he says it. I always catch him staring at me from the corner of my eye, sometimes I ignore sometimes I look back. He almost immediately turns away when I look at him. Almost every time I’m somewhere he’s there and near me. Sometimes directly in front of me. At gym, he always goes to where me and my friends are and targets me to throw something at me. He teases me more than anyone else. I basically do the same things he does to me but, I never start it. He always starts it. Basically the point is, he’s always after me. I don’t know if I like him. It’s confusing. Please help me figure out what this means.
wallflowerchan (58692)
3 days ago i have a best friend and shes dated this guy for awhile they are currently not together-again-and this time he says he likes a girl with blonde hair....i have blonde hair and i dunno if its me hes likes since im the only blonde girl hes currently friends with i think....i just dunno also i dont want to hurt my friend yet hes such a nice guy id kind like to date him...any advice...
many thanks
Anyway... (49166)
4 days ago
Ok, so a lot has happened. He and I were dating for a bit, but we both were over it but didn’t want to be the stereotypical grade 9 relationship and break up after a couple of days. My best friend told me I should get it over with, I say fine. I text him because he was sick that day, and then he responded with I’m over you, and youre over me. Let’s end this. I say thank god. Now I’m so much happier because he and I are no longer awkward and we can talk normally
4 days ago
My life is a meme - thanks you for your fast reply. It made me laugh for like five minutes. My confusion though is that I am 13 and that is young to have anything more than a crush. It DEFINITLY feels like more than a crush though...