Does He Like Me? (Middle/High School Quiz)

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Does your crush (or perhaps your frenemy or enemy) like you? Find out right now by taking this simple, accurate quiz on how to know if a guy likes you in school. Might also work in other areas not at school - give it a try. Good luck....I really hope it helps!

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you know my name: ogayy so usually, when a girl is hitting on you, she usually tries to talk to you, touch you (jokingly), pretends she doesn’t notice you, or she tries to get your attention.. hope this helps ;))
3 days ago
Hey. Yall havent been on (T-T) . so today i mean nothing really happend other than this.

Morning: So in homeroom my friend V who is friends with J who is friends with T said " so when are you gonna tell T you like him?" i said erm..... not soon. why? and then she just kinda was like ( insert ramdon lip movements and i dunno sound murmerd.) I then said " i might tell him on april fools day so you know" and she was like mmhm.

Language Arts: I go up to J and im like" V was asking me all these questions about T, is there something going on i dont know about???? " To which she resonded" No he just keeps on bothering us( like asking if i like him or who likes him).

Bus ride home:I froget how it stared out but J was like if he keeps bothering us what do we do. and i said if he bothers you walk away if he keeps bpthering you tell him to walk away and finally if he keeps bothering Slap him.

And yeah, and also i passed at history test(30/30) which was supprising because i thought i failed it. and then we played bingo and i won ( first round) and got and Large Left twix bar( it was pagged with two of them) CAN SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAIN THE DIFFRENCE BETEWEEN A RIGHT TWIX AND A LEFT TWIX???????/

and yeah thats officaly it .SoKeefe Elf why have you left me also i keep frogetting to tell you but um your link didnt work for me. it just took me to the youtube home page. cant wait till your back!!!
4 days ago
he is so cute and always helps me
5 days ago
also J asked me if i was going to ask T out for valentines tines day and i just stared at her
5 days ago
HEy. so nothing much happend today. but on the bus ride home J said that T keeps asking her if i like him so she is going to ask T if hr likes me. yeah thats all
5 days ago
That is, at the next comment.
7 days ago
@Little Miss Shy: FIND. OUT. QUICKLY. OR. ELSE. i totally understand the valentine's day thing, it is 100% me (except I am NOT telling my crush I like him. Don't even think about it.).
See you next time!
9 days ago
SoKeefe Elf: erm i never heard of that book so...... I mean i could tell him on valentines day but like...............( mind starts screaming random thoughts) yeah. E is good. I caught I looking at E in science but i didn't tell her.

ALSO!!!! ALEC BENJAMIN POSTED A NEW SONG AND I REALLY LIKE BECAUSE I CAN RELATE TO IT SOOOO MUCH. and i cant get on this weekend either. My dad is going to a jeep pre trail run( His channel is wrangler fourm if you want to check it out on you tube) My little sister has a sleepover at 6:30 tomorrow. on Sunday we have to pick my sister up and then clean the house and then my dad gets home. so maybe on Monday i will be back on. byeeeeeeeee!!
9 days ago
Personal update:
look at this link : Vfw&
I am Camille (if anyone wants to know me better) and, as you can see, a Scout. A Frenchie in Hong Kong. The video is what I'm doing this weekend, so...yay?
Guy Y (books) : nothing
Guy Z (hate) : 💗ic staring
Guy X (the first one) : my brother told me he hates me, if only I was 100% sure...
The thing is that I hide behind my hair (it's longer now) to not blush, as I am SO shy...even if I read a BOOK with anything romantic I blush. How hard is that? So it means I don't really analyse thier reactions.
9 days ago
SPECIAL SHOUTOUT TO @Meow : FINALLY someone who knows their books! KOTLC forever! Sophie and Keefe forever too! Shannon Messenger, the Master (Mistress?) of Suspense and Making Readers Angry With Impatience! Thank you @Meow, I was wondering if SOMEONE knew Keeper of the Lost Cities!
Sorry it said that, I don't know your situation so I can't help you for now, but I am open to being enlightened...
@Little Miss Shy, *crying* how could you not know KOTLC? the best book series ever? *sobs*
April is in three sure you want to wait that long? if you're anything like me (which you seem to be, apart from KOTLC), you won't tell him on Valentine's Day...but still, April?
What about E?
@Mady, well can we have more details pleeease?
9 days ago
SoKeefe Elf: YES! I ship Sophie and Keefe, too!
SOKEEFE forever!
9 days ago
In my opinion, he likes you quite a bit. Just work on your relationship some more and you will eventually be unbreakable. Good for you! We'd all love to be in your position. Treat him well and I am willing to bet he'll do the same for you.
9 days ago
SoKeefe Elf: okay okay. BUt like he likes another girl so i dont know if i should tell him. im going to wait to April fools day and then tell him because he might think its a joke. also I cant really tell him i like him other than at recess because that is the only time i see him.

you know my name: yes more details pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee. But for the details you have provided us it sounds likes she might have a bit of feelings or is just her friendly way of saying hi.

Mady: So because he is a player im guessing he has a lot of friends. If you can remember how he said the i like you to you then that would maybe help me out. sometimes in the way boys says it make the difference. If you catch him staring at you see where he is looking and that would determine the body issue.
10 days ago
so I really like this guy. he told me he likes me but I am kind of scared because he is a player. I don't know if he really likes me or if he only likes me for my body. I have a big butt and 💗. I just don't know what to think.
10 days ago
@Little Miss Shy, I'm not there yet. (Fun fact: there's a girl named Chloe in my class and she is EXACTLY like MLB chloe!!)
It is...would Marinette renounce Tikki?
HOW. MANY. TIMES. DO. WE. HAVE. TO. TELL. YOU. T. LIKES. YOU.For E, well there's a chance...
@you know my name, can we have more details pleeease?
10 days ago
so there is this girl in my school she is really funny and her name is sivani she is cute and actually has a better sense then most other girls. she looks at me and something talks with me what should it do ???
11 days ago
So i walked into the gym to sit down.... i sit down and B wants to show me a picture... i look up and i see T one row behind B. So i carefully look at him and i think when i looked up once i saw him looking at me but i didn't have the best view so i dunno.
Ashfalcon: Yes! he likes you. I couldn't tell at first but hen i reread it and i knew he liked you.

SoKeefeElf: Umm... it was chloe and she was helping Hawkmoth and then she didnt want to be Bea anymore because ladybug never asked her for help. yeah. if they ever do find out thats gonna be really hard.

so my friend E asked me to ask you guys for help. So E likes I. Today in social studies E looked up and saw I looking at her, Then E looked down and when she looked back up her and I meet eyes and stared for a few seconds. I likes her friend though.......... so yeah thats all before i get caught. i also pulled a muscle in my leg in gym today but im fine now
11 days ago
--WARNING-- I won't be on as much for a bit as my phone is broken, and... My brother is usually there when I use the computer, so...(today I exceptionally got home early and he wasn't there)
I will do what I can to be on but I don't promise anything.
@Little Miss Shy, you're welcome! I don't think I saw that one (intense memory stress) but to make sure, who got akumatized? With or without Mayura (pea💗Miraculous)?
But Marinette probably isn't okay with that situation because it means Adrien doesn't necessarily like her normal self...
@Ashfalcon, I think he likes you. (and no, I'm not saying it so you feel better, I actively think it.)
Personal update:
Today, in Drama, we were doing the Prologue from Romeo & Juliet (I hate that play) and he was in my group (mentally: no no no no what were the chances? AAAH *intense surge of hate towards him*). Firstly, he said "no, you shouldn't say it staccato" (staccato piano on Google) to which I replied, "this is Drama, not piano"then he said he thought i couldn't play piano...which I can, and i proved it.
my brother is watching so I will update later
12 days ago
(except a few words at lunch. he was being mopey anyway)
@SoKeefeElf Don't worry about the initial situation because things have already changed so much.
Don't want to be rude, but would somebody please answer me? DOES HE LIKE ME?!
14 days ago
SoKeefe Elf: Yeah, life will go on. Thank you for telling me how to do that1 Um.. yeah. I think that is the ideal situation. The one i watched was when master fu gave marinete the garduin power and didn't remember her. And then her and adrain got ice cream and Adrain sat with kogami and Marinette sat with luka.( that probably a really old episode from season three but thats all i watched yesterday lol).