Does he like you? (Middle/Highschool Quiz)

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Well, does you're crush (or enemy) like you? Find out by taking this simple, accurate quiz!

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    Are you friends?

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Cutie Locks (72066)
3 hours ago
Midnight, every girl does that trust me 😂
Midnight (39830)
8 hours ago

Does he like you? (Middle/Highschool Quiz)

Look how close you two are! You are almost the perfect couple! Now go and get you're crush to ask you out, or perhaps ask him out instead!
oh hell, is it weird that i feel embarrassed, or can’t speak probably next to him whenever i try to tell him i like em?
LittleOwlette (40894)
Almost a perfect couple! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!
Abigail (83376)
It says he likes me a bit I need to work on our relationship
Jasmine (10833)
4 days ago
Bruh, MY CRUSH LIKES ME!!!!! Hallelujah😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Autumn (75589)
8 days ago
It says he likes me but i need to work on it irl we do call eachother Bae even though we arent dating and plus in rp he is my child and we talk to eachother a lot like he asks me for help when i know for fact he knows how to do it like this one time he askedme to help him email our teacher something because he didnt know how then i clicked her name and there were emails from him asking assignments.
Cutie Locks (68185)
8 days ago
Yes! It says he likes ME 😍
Bella (05742)
9 days ago
This group of boys kept on saying that this guy likes me.
Akaiya (19474)
10 days ago
A guy asked me to go out with him once, and he wasn´t someone I´d be interested in. I poltely declined.
Olivia (91585)
10 days ago
It's just really awkward when that guys asked me "do I like him?". It was really really awkward. I don't know if we still can be friends or not.
RecklessAngel (35086)
12 days ago
I think I like this guy in my school. We talk during lunch (that’s the only time we see each other besides after school) and my friends are convinced that I like this guy. We would fool around and do this handshake everytime we would see each other. One time I was waiting for my friend outside of the school I saw him buying something and I said “Buy the most digusting thing here” and surprisingly he did?? I saw my friend and I started to walk towards her and he looked kinda mad?? So my friend saw this and she said that he definitely likes me because he was annoyed that I left him. Next day, he addressed this and I said that I had to leave but he says otherwise.. Bruh does this mean that he likes me. The quiz that I took said he may like you but as your relationship grows you’ll be unbreakable??
Emma (91251)
14 days ago
I know he likes me it is just me are never alone to talk about it, and he got me a gift for valentine day. He sighed it as anonymous but I am positive it was him. What tf do I do
SwiftieSelenatorCamilizer (85616)
15 days ago
Ooh I hope this one is accurate, I really want him to ask me out but I so don't know his feelings...fingers crossed!❤️
Kir (84745)
16 days ago
Me and him are almost perfect couple
Cat (30044)
18 days ago
Love you cupcake♡♡
`lissa (67775)
20 days ago
I really like this boy lets call him t and he called me cute and pretty but hes 15 and im 11 so idk what to do what should i do ?
Just sayin (80165)
20 days ago
Ok, I'm a boy but I took this quiz anyway. I have some advice. If you love a boy, just ask him out. Simple. But things can sort of get a little, well, uh, awkward. This is fine. As a scared person, it took me over a year to ask my current girlfriend out. Please, whatever you do, just ask her! Find a time when you are a alone. If he doesn't like you, who cares! Multiple girls have turned me down. If so, just add a quick, casual comment, such as: "You can't blame me for asking." Please, just ask him out. Nothing terrible can happen.
Hana (41530)
20 days ago
He likes you, but not at max. He thinks of you as that 'cute' girl that he knows. Maybe you are more meant to be friends.
Adrianna (53207)
20 days ago
Urf... this dude likes me but we hate each other... he asked me out once but after that He has been a total jerk!
xDarkstarr Games (11822)
22 days ago
Oof I think he’s gay RIP