Does He Like Me? (Middle/High School Quiz)

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Does your crush (or enemy) like you? Find out right now by taking this simple, accurate quiz on how to know if a guy likes you in school. Good luck, hope it helps!

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    Are you friends?

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2 hours ago
Yeah, she said it better.
4 hours ago
Michael Jackson girl- sometimes you have to go outside of your comfort zone to get boys to like you. This year I started becoming friends with some of the guys and just talking to boys in every class, that's how boys started getting to know me and started to like me. Don't focus too much on your looks, but focus on your personality and on being the real you in front of boys.
4 hours ago
And just to make things clearer with the crush thing for me, at one point he hated me, at ignored me for 2 months, and then he told me why and I apologized and we might be friends, nto really at that point.
Oh, and he's always smiling.
And I also JUST asked him if he had a crush on me indirectly on Hangouts, but he isn't on and he hasn't read it yet and I think I might have failed, what do I do if he says yes or no?
4 hours ago
Michael Jackson Girl - I think that someone like you at least! You shouldn't go try to make boys like you, it's unnatural and if they don't like you for who you are, TOO BAD FOR THEM.
I've ever had a crush that hasn't hated me at at least one point.
Just be who you are, don't change anything, and I hope that you find someone you like that likes you back!
4 hours ago
Hi guys I didn't think anyone would respond! I don't really want to be in a relationship or anything, I'm not ready for that LOL :P
I really apprcitate the feedback tho!
I might try to work things about before the summer ends, like ask him if he likes me, clear the fact that I used to like him, stuff like that. I'll update you guys!
I really appreciate you responding!
5 hours ago
All you girls have it so easy. At least boys don't gag at the sound of your name. You at least have a chance with SOMEONE. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Looks? Personality? Style? Could be. All of you girls are very lucky regardless of the end result. Those of you who do not know your end result, I wish you the very best of luck. Alas, it's no use getting luck from me. I just don't know what I've done wrong. Can anyone please help?
9 hours ago
AbCdEf - I would agree with Gah. Based on the information you have provided us with, I would think there is a fairly large chance that one of the people he likes is you. Boys are so complicated, though. How do you like three people at the same time? I've heard of liking two people, but three is just too much! Try doing everything you can to make him have more reasons to like you. Try to eliminate people! This sounds harsh, but you know what I mean. Be really kind, laugh, make eye contact. Everything!!! After all, you don't even know for sure if you are one of the three people he likes. But based on what you said (as long as you weren't exaggerating the truth) then I think he likes you. Plus, when your friends asked him if he liked you, he could have just said "No" but he didn't! That's a good sign. Do you have a plan of what you might do next? Do you think you might tell him you like him? Also I ate way too much cake today so sorry if most of this doesn't make sense because if it didn't then throw it down the disposal. Adios, Alohas. m
12 hours ago
AbCdEf- I'm pretty positive he likes you. Why else would he keep it open ended by saying I don't want people knowing if I do or don't. Most everyone would answer no if they don't like you. Honestly if I were you I'd just tell him my feelings. I'm 99% sure he likes you.
14 hours ago
Does He Like Me? (Middle/High School Quiz)
He likes you quite a bit. Just work on your relationship some more and you will be unbreakable. Good for you! We'd all love to be in your position. Treat him well and he'll do the same for you.

i'm happy
21 hours ago
Hi I'm not gonna use names because...privacy reasons.
So i have this big issue....
I've known this boy for 2 years, when I switched schools last year, he was in my class, and I had a crush on him, and recently, he admitted that last year he also had a crush on me.
This year, (fast-forwarding to a few months back), we started talking on google hangouts again, and we just talk about random stuff. Then, he asked if people would stop shipping him with one of my friends, (totally not something I started by accident), if they knew that he had a crush.
Eventually, with the help of 2 other male friends of mine, we found out that he has THREE crushes, (which is mind--blowing since everyone thinks that he has no crushes).
One of his certain crushes is one of my friends, another of his crushes is probably another, one of my friends, and I dunno about the last one.
It might be me, since some of my friends asked him if he had a crush on me and he kinda blushed and was like "I don't want others to know if I do or don't".
And also, I had a crush on him since I met him, until about a month ago.
Oh, and school's over BTW but me and one of my male friends are still spamming the boy on google hangouts to find out who he likes.
And he and I, I guess, play this game where we kick each other and a bunch of kids ship me with him.
And last year, just a reminder, he and liked each other at the same time. And I DUNNO WHAT TO DO!!!
Do you think this boy likes me? PLEASE RESPOND!!
Thank you. I really appreciate it.
Anyway - so hear's what I think. Don't tell your ex. If he wants to be an a hole and ignore you then let him. Just forget about him and move on. I once told someone like that and they started telling people at school. Thankfully I managed to stop it before it got around. Also about that friend, I would say don't stop being there friend but probably don't tell them until you're extremely positive she's into girls. And if she doesn't end up liking you just remember, there's an amazing girl out there waiting for you. And don't tell your family for sure. I'm in that type of family and one day my mom decided to pick up my journal and read the whole thing while I was gone and it didn't turn out so great. ( things have cooled down now because they think i "degayed" myself and am "back on track") hope this helps!
I really need advice. Plz
2 days ago
That would be pretty funny tho
2 days ago
Wait nvm I'm an 💗, your a girl. Smh
2 days ago
Anyway - Also i was thinking it would be hilarious if you were Ben (the guy I like) XD
2 days ago
Thanks anyway, I wish you good luck as well.
3 days ago
Gah- you seem legit. I hope it works out for you. I don’t know how I can help you because we are in similar situations. Is it just friendliness or more. If he rejects you remember it is not your fault. being queer makes crushes and dating so much more confusing when not many people you know are out. Jus be proud you had the guts to do what you’re doing.
3 days ago
So way back, I was on this sight and I love the community here. So I figured I’d come back. So I think I might be gay and I just broke up with my boyfriend and I think he deserves to know the truth, but he’s blocked me on nearly every social media platform and way of communication and I think he might out me. My best friend doesn’t even know. I had a crush on one of my closer friends but I’ve been distancing myself from her because idk if she is gay and I’ve been the subject of unwanted affection before so I don’t want to put her through that awkwardness. (Also most of my family if Mormon or catholic and coming out would be very final and I need room to figure myself out so talking to them isn’t an option) please help. And I ❤️This quiz cute and it’s people so much.
3 days ago
Thanks Grace