Does He Like Me? (Middle/High School Quiz)

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Does your crush (or enemy) like you? Find out right now by taking this simple, accurate quiz on how to know if a guy likes you in school. Good luck, hope it helps!

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    Are you friends?
    Are you friends?

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5 days ago
I feel for you bloop it sucks
5 days ago
Do you think he likes me or dont you know? Sorry I've had a crush on him over sSummer break and am dieing to know
5 days ago
I feel like He likes me idk he told me tho but i dont know if he does anymore
he was my friend in middle school and now we rarly talk :/
5 days ago
RIP- same dude like one minute there hugging u and the next they like ur bestfriend
6 days ago
Hey it's me again same boy he said to me today (while standing so close to me that he was touching me) (his locker is bellow mine) and said to me "do you know how much my feelings for blank have droped, I haven't even looked at her today! And he says something else to prove that he's telling the truth why is he so confusing help me plz
6 days ago
I kind of like one of my friends, and we have a lot of things in common. Last night he called me and immediately hung up, then texted me saying "Unless you want to but you probably don't." Then we texted all night until I went to bed. We play video games together and he agrees with whatever I say.

But the thing is is that whenever I bring him up, my best friend gets jealous and tells him she likes him so that he'll pay attention to her (he still kind of likes her, so this is what she does whenever I talk about him)

he told my friend that he thought I was cute and nice, but then the next day he said he didn't have a crush on me anymore

IDK, what do you guys think of this situation
7 days ago
I got He likes me quite a bit
8 days ago
We don't talk....but somehow it Said he likes me.
9 days ago
Kate- I'm literally in the position right now!! Idk what to do either
10 days ago
I heard today that this same boy from before likes someone else I'm really confused and dont know if I should move on I still like him but want him to be happy PLEASE HELP
10 days ago
These are my results:
Look how close you two are! You are almost the perfect couple! Now go and get your crush to ask you out - or if he's really shy, perhaps you should ask him out instead!

I really hope he likes me!!
11 days ago
wow i knew he liked me
12 days ago
So the I’ve liked this guy for about a year now. We texted over the summer some (we’re friends). But now that school has started he doesn’t talk to me anymore. One of my besties says that a lot of people know who my crush is. I’m wondering if he is kinda avoiding me bec maybe he knows I like him? Any advice? Plz?!
12 days ago
Hey guys I need some help please.
There’s this guy who I was friends with back in NZ but I moved last year. A few weeks ago he started messaging me and we’ve been talking everyday since. We stay up late to talk to each other (different time zones).

Back in NZ we used to be close friends but when we entered high school we drifted apart. He was always quite popular and has an on off relationship with my best friend. I, on the other hand, was less social and wasn’t that popular. I did like him at one point though but when I realized that it was too late because that was the first time he dated my best friend.

When we started talking about I did confess to him that I did like him before and he said that I was the cutest girl at school.
I don’t know what my feelings for him are at this point. We flirt and joke a lot together and our Minecraft beds are next to each other lol. But I don’t know if we are going to start dating or not since I live in a different country..

Please give me some advice >.
12 days ago
so theirs this guy in my choir totally thinks he's adorable but i have anxiety and so i just stay a way from people....UGH!!!
12 days ago
Hey so thanks so much I’m so happy with my result but is this at least 98% accurate I HOPE SO
12 days ago
Olivia- I think he totally likes you!!

Kate- if you want to tell him then I think you should, especially if he said he thinks he likes you. Don't be afraid of rejection, if he doesn't like you back, his loss ❤❤ good luck girlie
12 days ago
Btw we are friends and in second grade sat by each other on the he bus alot and sang together
12 days ago
So ima 6th grader and theres this boy and he looks at me alot and he is under my loker and even said he thinks he likes me I think he is kind of a player though I like him and want to tell him but dont want to get rejected any advice/help
13 days ago
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