Does He Like Me? (Middle/High School Quiz)

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Does your crush (or enemy) like you? Find out right now by taking this simple, accurate quiz on how to know if a guy likes you in school. Good luck, hope it helps!

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    Are you friends?

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12 days ago
Jayla- I think he likes you or that he's at least interested in you. Try talking to him more and if you're creeped out by him staring, just look somewhere else and maybe he'll get the hint. Good luck girlie!!

MMAguurl- I think he likes you, just go for it! He seems interested and distracted by you. A lot of boys tease girls that they like, so I think that's what he's doing. Good luck 💖💕
13 days ago
My bestfriend have a huge crush on me and he really like me alot . It a boy in my school . What should I say back too him ? . My name is Mackenzie . I am a girl . What I do ?😂
13 days ago
*looking at miles*
Miles: *looking at my lips and thinks: how do I tell her I love her?*
Me: *thinks: I want to lay in his arms so bad*
13 days ago
I really want miles to hold me but I'm too scared on what my uncle Tony would say. *sad* I wish I could tell miles how mush I love him every day.
15 days ago
There is this guy i go to school with lets call him J

J and i our friends and whenever we are in lesson together we always joke around and make each other laugh.

My friends and his friends tease us whenever we talk but he doesn't deny it. I often catch J looking in my direction and he either smiles or looks away when i look over.

He doesn't actively try to talk to me mostly when we are near each other its super confusing.

I really like him do you guys think he likes me back
15 days ago
Oh yah i forgot to mention he always jokes around with me and smiles when we pass each other in the hallway.
15 days ago
okay so there is this guy at school i see him staring at me quite often and people in our class try and get us to sit next to each other and other stuff. We are friends but we dont talk on a daily basis mostly when we are in the same lesson. He never says anything when our friends say we like each other and i think he knows i like him.

Tell me what you guys think does he like me back ? : )
15 days ago
So this guy at my gym trains in mma with me and he always teases me and smirks and stuff. but i dont know if that means he likes me cuz he always smiles. The only reason i think there is a possibilty is because he doesn't act the ways he acts around me to other people. He teases me to the point where I choke him (jiu jitsu, not abuse) and stuff but he never stops. One day I caught him staring at me throughout class and he had this crazy intense look but just kept staring. Idk what that means. Also when we roll (fight but grapple) or do drills and its his turn he will just sit there and look into my eyes for as long as it takes for him to remember the move and i usually have to remind him to do it or to close his guard. i need his number but I havent seen him recently but im kinda scared to ask. I got the courage now but he still teases me so idk what he will say. Ill get his number for now and see how things go from there. Tell me what you guys think about this situation:)
16 days ago there is this guy on my swim team and last year i started to notice that he stares at me A LOT now i have a huge crush on him and we've had some short conversations. But i still don't know if he likes me. What do you guys think?
B.T.W- He listens to my conversations with other people, watches me get dressed (swimming remeber?), and looks me in my eyes when we are talking. Help!
18 days ago
pls give me the accurate answers
19 days ago
Sorry the 💗 meant stop teasing me
19 days ago
Mackenzie is a girl- just keep being friends. Unless u want to be something more then that. If u don’t tell him that u just want to be best friends, and nothing more than that.

Confuzzled- So the guys I like also said that he loves me. So it’s rlly hard to tell. But I think he likes u. Considering the fact that most boys tease you if they like u. I think it’s a good bet he does.

Kaitlynn- Try talking to him as much as possible without coming on as desperate. Conversation is the first step into forming any kind of relationship. Be brave! You go girl!

So I just had a conversation w/ my crush (over text). I started with a “hey” and he replied. It was kinda the hey, what’s up, nmu conversation. But then he tried to keep it going by saying that there is only one more day of school! Then I said that my teacher is making us do math on the last day.( which is true unfortunately). Then after he said that sucks he tried to keep the conversation going again by asking what I was doing this summer. So it was a good conversation. But idk if he likes me as a friend or something else. And my brother won’t stop teasing me. Any advice on how to get my lil bro to 💗?
20 days ago
There is this boy in my math class and we don’t talk much but he is super nice and cute and I want to get to know him better but my friends want to keep asking him out for me and I want to feel that I am confident enough to show my courage to my crush by asking him out but he always says no or I don’t know and then I ya e him my number and he threw it away
20 days ago
Um kay so there's this guy who's in my class, and I like him and he knows for a fact that I do. He's been teasing me about it since before I ever told him that I liked him, and so has my entire class. He always fake flirts with me and all his friends call me his girlfriend. One day, I finally asked him if he liked me or not and he sid he didn't know. My friend asked if he liked me or not later and he supposedly said "yeah, I love her." All my friends seem to think he likes me, but what about you guys? I could really use an unbiased perspective on this.
20 days ago
Hey . I have a boy is my bestfriend and my best friend have a crush on me and he like me alot . What should I do ? What should I say back to him ? Am a girl . My name is Mackenzie
20 days ago
@Camryn — I read somewhere that guys don’t usually smile that big — unless they’re really truly happy. He def likes u
20 days ago
Thx guys. So I don’t think he knows that I like him. Unless my friends have told him. Also one of his friends think that I like one of his other friends. Which I definitely DON’T!!! Like we’re trying to become closer over the summer and stuff. But we smile at each other whenever we see each other. But the smiles are never small like he’s trying to hide them. They are always big, and show his teeth. Oh and he did a tbh on me and he said that I always am smiling 😁.
Oh and HELP!!!! I know how to flirt but I can’t! I’m too shy! How do I stop being afraid to go up to him and start a conversation?!?!?!
20 days ago
Hey sorry to bother with me and we got each other for
20 days ago
Confused... - I think he isn't friendzoning you. Unless you two hang out together like regular friends, I think he was complimenting you indirectly, and it's probably a sign he likes you!
Maybe anonymous message him asking him if he likes you? I dunno, I'm clueless.

Bob - I bet he likes you! You could ask him, if you're close enough to him, and do you want to date him?
22 days ago
We have also been asked multiple times if we are dating to witch all he says is "no we aren't" there is no "ewww" or "gross" or "why"