How cool are you?

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Want to know if you are super cool or need to step up your game? This is the quiz for you!

  • 1
    Your typical after school activity is...
  • 2
    About how many friends do you have?
  • 3
    Your usual outfit consists of....
  • 4
    Somebody trips in the hallway and falls, you....
  • 5
    The most popular girl in school starts talking you, you...
  • 6
    Favorite band?
  • 7
    You find a girl crying in the locker room, what do you do?
  • 8
    When you cry, it's usually about...
  • 9
    When your in a with your friends, what do you do?
  • 10
    In an awkward silence, you...

Comments (54)


Anonymous (73814)
3 days ago
Hi Alessa,
This school year I'm moving to a completely different state, and I don't know how I'm going to make new friends. I'm really nervous because I don't know anything about the school, and everyone probably already has friend groups. Can you help me?
Alessa (32735)
5 days ago
Any advice needed? You can ask me! I hope I have enough time ( I’ve got gymnastics level 0 and a play date @ Sat but I am sure I’ll able to answer tho ;)
Junei (89960)
18 days ago
I'm cool I'm so so happy epurple))
Jedi Freak Girl (44293)
19 days ago
Yeah, I already knew I was cool....
Lisa .v (39193)
43 days ago
Just broke up with my boy freind
Emma (25776)
43 days ago
Whàaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast the
Alessa (40718)
48 days ago
I will promise that I won't EVER leave like this again.
Alessa (40718)
48 days ago
If the advice didn't work out, you can tell me.
Alessa (40718)
48 days ago
I feel very sad about leaving tho....
It was just that my phone was gone :(...
I FINALLY found it !
Alessa (40718)
48 days ago
For Claire:
That is very sad :(....
Try talk to him about what you feel and if he ignores you, you could either give up or continue trying ! I know that you can do it and I support you ! YOU CAN DO IT ! Good luck
Alessa (40718)
48 days ago
You should try meet up :D ! Ask her ! If she is too busy, NEVER give up ! I know you can do it !
Alessa (40718)
48 days ago
Hannah (86693)
60 days ago
I'm getting there
Nate (86178)
68 days ago
I'm not a girl tho????
Takara (44557)
102 days ago
I have no friends I’m smart tho
Takara (44557)
102 days ago
I’m so cool! Cooler than anyone her🤬🤟
Sara (61635)
110 days ago
You are super great at advise! My bff just moved to Tennessee and she’s will not talk to me! She’s hangin out with some smoker gurls now. I told her to leave them but she got mad! What should I do? I hafta save my bff but I don’t know how! My mom says to let her go. My friend Jessica says she’s a jerk. She’s just gotten influenced by them! Please Help!!!
Claire (61889)
118 days ago
Hey Alessa!
Recently my boyfriend broke up with me, everyone thought we were the perfect couple and I originally thought he was the sweetest person ever. I was upset about the breakup but I cried it out and had my friends there to support me, and I also recognized that if my boyfriend didn't feel right about the relationship then it was probably for the best. However, I found out that he might have actually broken up with me because I wasn't a good enough girlfriend, for example, I was too shy (I'm kinda shy in public but if I'm alone with someone I open up more), and that I didn't want to kiss him enough. This made me super upset because if its true (and it hasn't been confirmed by him that these were the actual reasons he broke up with me), then he isn't the person I thought he was. He wants to be friends but with the possibility of this being the reason he broke up with me I'm not sure if I want to. I don't really want to ask him about it because that would seem too needy. I just want to get over him but at the same time I really want to know the truth, do you have any advice? Thanks so much
Melissa (80065)
123 days ago
Don’t worry, Alessa, everyone does typings mistakes. Even I made a mistake before. Well, DUH, everyone makes mistakes.
Alessa (80065)
123 days ago
I just enjoy giving advice to people. I made a typings mistake Melissa, it is " you " not yo, I am sorry