Does She Like Me? (ACCURATE)

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Hey, guys, we know most of the "Does my crush like me, too?" quizzes are for girls. (Yes, yes, it's completely sexist!) Well, here's one just for you. If you're a guy who wonders if a certain girl likes you back, try this quiz.

  • 1
    Do you ever catch her staring at you?
    Do you ever catch her staring at you?
  • 2
    Are you friends with her siblings/cousins/friends?
  • 3
    Has she given you a nickname?
  • 4
    Do you know her really well?
  • 5
    Is she single?
  • 6
    Why do you like her?
  • 7
    Does she get shy around you?
  • 8
    Who starts the conversation?
  • 9
    Has anyone ever told you that she likes you?
  • 10
    Do you think she likes you?

Comments (207)


Hugh Mungus (46457)
4 days ago
I know that for a nickname she would call me "Nich" instead of Nick just to annoy me
Chicken (79266)
5 days ago
I catch her staring at me but she turns away and I think she likes me but when I told her she just completely blew me off
Phoenix (24893)
5 days ago
I took this because i'm a lesbian...
Lady (06169)
5 days ago
Am I the only one who uses this as a girl to see if they are making it obvious that they like some one? My crush always does these types of quizzes, lets hope he toke this one 🤞🏻
some dude (77950)
6 days ago
The test said I should give her time to find out how much she likes me. Hopefully she doesn't take to long! For now, I just have to wait.
Single Man (92798)
8 days ago
She always smile at me and flirts me but someone is in love with her, and the "someone" turns out to be one of my best friends(i am quite popular).i think she likes me more than him.but my friend,though not that handsome but he has a phone(which i don't have)to text her, so that is a huge advantage he has (say,he can propose to her without me knowing).but she got to know me first (from kindergarten) so i think i might have a chance.she also show signs of "liking" me (beating me, asking me about my results, laughing at me, telling jokes...etc)
internetkid (00487)
9 days ago
i took this cause im a girl and i like a girl but would it be different answers if it was if she liked a GIRL?
Cori (58431)
10 days ago
Call me baby I love you
Clove (03230)
18 days ago
Bruh... i took this cause im lesbian! -.-
max (34409)
19 days ago
Anonymous, she definitely likes u!
Stfu (09498)
19 days ago
Wow I thought it was only us girls went so crazy 😂
sfYnx (35943)
24 days ago
50%-girls taking the test just to be sure

30%-probably girls pretending to be guys

20%-actually male people
Aeb203 (03117)
33 days ago
Wow I had no idea guys got all crazy over the people that they like, I thought it was just us girls.
Anonomys (99587)
40 days ago
She is so beautiful
Anonomys (99587)
40 days ago
She sometimes gets nervous and I see her staring but she slowly looks away and I’m not sure what that means. Anyway, she “tripped” and ended up hanging on my shoulder in sort of an akward hug. I’m not sure if it was on purpose. We haven’t really been good friends before but this year she’s talking to me more. She always laughs at my jokes and is being much more personal in the way she talks to me and jokes with me. But I’m not entirely sure if she likes me. What do you think?
Zak (93760)
40 days ago
I live across from her and we envite each other over a lot, so I think that she likes me.
Luca (56084)
41 days ago
I really like this girl but I don't know if she likes me back and I'm scared that if I say anything she'll tell everyone so I took the test to be sure
Ro (34445)
43 days ago
Imma girl but I wanted to do this to see if its too obv that i like him
i hope he doesn't see this
Kyrra (45671)
43 days ago
Im actually a female. Im doing this because i like simeone but i dont want rhem to know yet. I took this test as if i were him and it said that i may like him or not..... I need to be a little less...... I dont know. Im just so unsure and confused with myself on what to do....
Juelien (65400)
43 days ago
Okay so she is so close to likeing me but 8 other people like her so it’s a huge competition 😣