Am I Crushing?

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SOME people think this is a dumb question, but it's quite possible to be unsure. Take this quiz if you need some help sorting out those weirrrrd feelings.

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    Do you ever find this person crossing your mind out of the blue?
    Do you ever find this person crossing your mind out of the blue?

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3 days ago
There isn’t supposed to be a heart there just ignore it
3 days ago
Also I need to get this off my chest.

So anyways I told my best friend that I liked her and she was extremely casual and calm about it and we are still best friends. However I said before that she was dating a friggin 💗 annoying douche bag and she thought it would be fine to tell him that I like her and ughhhhhhhhhhhh! I don’t understand how my personal life comes up in their conversations like at all! Yes I am mad at her but I am not so mad that I would let this ruin our friendship...I just feel betrayed and I have lost trust and confidence all over again. Anyways she won’t tell me why she told him or even how it came up in conversation but I really want to know how and sigh why does she have to be so great. (I need to focus) but guys if any of you are of help can you let me know what you would do. I will continue to try to help people out if you just help me out with this one thing.
3 days ago
Okay I am trying to help but also I need to make this kinda fast. Sophie (if both posts are from the same person) then you should wait it out and see how you feel about him in a week or two. If you feel as if you still have a crush on him then I would start to consider how to tell him. As for Anna Ava I am soooo sorry. That sounds extremely sucky but remember that there is always tomorrow and tomorrow is a new day. Maybe one day he will realize how amazing of a person you are and that he made a bad move of choosing the other person. But then again maybe you will learn and develop and be happier from this experience. Keep strong and hope for the best! ❤️
5 days ago
I got 80% and i am crushing sonhard. We got really close and all cuddled and sleept in the same bed later found out he has a girlfriend. There sas drama he thought about breaking up Witherspoon for me but ended up choosing her over me after all and man this 💗 hurts.
6 days ago
So there is this guy that I’ve been in all the same classes with for 6 years. From kindergarten to 5th grade. He is not as cute as the other guy but Idk if I like him as a good friend or crush. I got %50 crushing and %50 indifferent😫 this guy is my patrol partner and since I’m unsure where I stand with him it gets awkward a bit. He has this weird way of being funny which is sorta dumb. He is friends with my other crush (read below) and my friends crush and they are the more popular boys. So I need halpppp! Pls respond to me if u have suggestions
9 days ago
I got %80 crushing 😫 I didnt want it this high! He is really cute but also dumb in a cute way. Idk if that makes sense but yea. Every morning if he is not at school when the morning bell rings I start to search for him😖 I try not to but... also I stare at him but also a bit of a dreamy look. Idk if I want him or not
Pls helppppp
10 days ago
I had 40% I mean I do like her but I feel scared to ask her I like her but she would stare at me alot but for some reason in 3rd grade she hugged me I feel weird I didn't hug her back idk why but I feel scared to go even near her btw her name is elexis I think that's how to spell her name but in 2019 I'm in 5th grade next year I will be in 6th and idk if will be in the same classes as her but I will update to let you know if she ever stares or does anything with me.
11 days ago
oof my friend was right i do like this kid oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooof
15 days ago
hiew I'm aceiaintcrushingon nobody
16 days ago
Oh no... 90% crushing.... My friends make fun of me about liking this guy simply because he does ballet and so do I! I always denied it because I genuinely didn't think I liked him. Now, I guess they were right! What so I do?! He likes being friends with girls and his best friend is a girl so I have no idea if he likes any of the girls he's hangs around with. He went to my old school and told one of my friends he thought of me as a friend. He tries to make me laugh a lot but I don't know if that's friendly or crushing.
18 days ago
guys thank you for the advice (sarcasm) she's already in a relationship with my Friend
27 days ago
I have a crush on her she is already in a relationship. I'm not a 💗 to interfer in their relationship I'm just gonna move on In fact I should be happy because this is her first romantic relationship she is always conservative. We are seatmates in two subjects we are taking. For me being friends with her is enough cause she doesn't talk much to people so it's not easy to get closer and befriend her I think I'm one of the lucky ones and the fact that I'm a guy (she ignores boys) I thought she likes me because I saw a side of her that she doesn't show to everybody she is such a sweetheart she always take care of me and being super sweet thats why It's just a shock to me that she confessed to someone else
27 days ago
The issue with beingBisexual
28 days ago
Results is 52% I have a crush on her and I'm not happy by the results because I don't want to like her :( let me tell you why,,, I first saw her when my school held a play in our city theatre all students are required to come and watch the play so I came (I wish I didn't came, I prefer being marked as absent instead being confuse by my feelings) there is this girl she has a really cute voice and she very cute as well. I don't know why after the play I tried looking for her is like my eyes automatic searching for her but unfortunately I didn't spot her. Weeks past i saw my friend with the girl in the play right after i see them I talked to my friend just an excuse to talk to the girl I'm planning on switching the topic to her but I failed, when I compliment her about her performance in the play she just ignored me I feel embarrassed :/ whenever i see her in the hallway which is rare by the way tried making excuse to talk to her like asking for the direction even though I'm making excuse to talk to her I'm really happy that we are talking because I really wanted to be friends with her. My friend ( the guy I mentioned with her) I notice that they are really close and I think my friend had a crush on her (like holding her hand and hugging her etc) when I saw them really sweet together (they are not dating my friend said it himself but he said he had a crush on her and she doesn't know) my chest feels heavy and my heart aches I know I have a crush on the girl but I don't want to because my friend already likes her and she met him first

Any advice? Should I pursue my feelings for her or just move on?
33 days ago
Yayayyayayayayay good for you guys!!!
34 days ago
Elkkk(the new oof) Thank you so much I told her and she said she feels he same way! We are dating now.
35 days ago
@Thatrandomgirl HOLY COW! You need to at least tell him. Letting it go after it’s gone on for around a year is CRAZY! He’s seems pretty chill and I think if you tell him you will be happier (time heals everything). I really think it could benefit your confidence and conscience. I am still waiting for my crush to break up with her boyfriend and it is killing me to wait so please stop “killing” yourself and let him know.

Once again sorry if this didn’t help and you decided to do something different and ignore my advice.
P.S check to make sure he is single.
35 days ago
So there's this guy that I think I like but I've known him for 3 years but only started to be into him about a year ago. Also his type that I've heard him/his friends say is completely different from me so I don't know if he'd be interested in me and he's never given me overt signs that he's into me. But at the same time, he always gives me hugs and compliments me so idk. My friends used to tease me about liking him and I would always deny it but, looking back on it, I think I subconsciously liked him before I even realized it. And now I dont know if I should tell him and hope or just let it go since it's been a while.
36 days ago
Also I mentioned the wrong name for my story/torture. It is A_friend_of_a_friend. (It doesn’t really matter but now you know, if you were confuzzled or what not) Sorry you probably don’t care.
36 days ago
OMG YESSSS!! Hopefully it goes great! Best of luck!