Am I...crushing?

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SOME people think this is a dumb question, but it's quite possible to be unsure. Take this quiz if you need some help sorting out those weirrrrd feelings.

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    Do you ever find this person crossing your mind out of the blue?

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A GIRL (68185)
17 hours ago
Hi need some help it's URGENT!!!
Okay so I love my crush but I miss him when he doesn't come to class so what can I do to not miss him my heart aches help me plssss!!!
unkown (25261)
I really want him to like me :(((( i dont see him often, heck we dont even go to the same school i think hes a f boy but whatever hes just so cute i cannot
La’al Lass (53646)
7 days ago
She’s so pretty I’m dying
Desperate Jaguar (83481)
9 days ago
OK I REALLY NEVER WANTED TO LIKE HIM!! ohh yes, he's cute, nice, funny, and caring, but my actual crush is at another island and I really can't put this guy over the other guy...the guy at my new school likes me and I used to feel kinda bad for him because I couldn't like him back. But today I saw him my enemy, and they were talking and my enemy and his friendship was almost as high as OUR friendship. I didn't really get why, but I definately was jealous. I tried to avoid him because he did something not-too-nice, but after a couple hours I gave up. I tried to stay mad at him but I just can't Xd.
LiL' DEE (94049)
11 days ago
I really like this person and I really don't know how to talk to him. PLEASE HELP ME!
TSUNDERE (95311)
12 days ago
Ehm.. I totally don't think of how our future could end up or anything.. BAKA!
Benedicta (72738)
15 days ago
There's this guy I sorta know, had a crush on him for 5 years now. I don't think it's normal though, what do you think?
Reinhart (93601)
19 days ago
I like this girl but I feel like she is trying to get away from me/ignore me. I wanta like her but she keeps talking to other guys and "doesn't have time for me." I like her but I wanta know if she's afraid to start a relationship or if she is just hating me..... :( please help me
your average equestrian (89997)
24 days ago
so honestly i sort of like this person but it said 100 %... annnd this test doesnt even say no...
Ashley Z (63503)
39 days ago
What is going on??? I haven’t had a crush in months. I don’t know if these feelings are real or not haha. I wish someone can tell me straight forward, “ yes you like him” “ these are just temporary flutters get over it” ahah...
I need mental help (09662)
43 days ago
I don't knooooww, I really try not to have crushes, but I get the slightest hint and swoon for someone I'm attracted to. And we don't even talk that much, but he's really nice to me and asked me to something for him that he didn't ask anyone else that I know of
Oscar B lanford school (65113)
44 days ago
Oh my gosh i have a crush on a gir and im a boy know friking way shes called cara and im oscar
What do you think of it are we ok
Mina (52506)
46 days ago
I have a crush on a girl at our school ( I'm also a girl ) and I'm really confused, I thought I was stright
Sidney (53675)
62 days ago
Hell, I’m crushing!
Flower power (33758)
64 days ago
I have a crush on this boy at my school but all my friends hate him, how am I gonna tell them who my crush is :( they will hate me and anyway he doesn't even like me.
Pumpkin pie (the name just came to mind) (33758)
64 days ago
60% I have a crush on the person I like ......... It's a you tuber that weird? meh I don't care I'm happy :) lol
Ally (90813)
66 days ago
Well, i got 50% you like her, 50% you don't. Great.
your local lesbian (53308)
71 days ago
Straight girl crush anyone?
random (29236)
79 days ago
well i have a 30% thing of having a lesbian crush on my best friend

i don't know...... i thnk that would be too serious, and she probably doesn't think the same about me.... if she did, it would be a yes

my life sucks even more now..... great.
Josie (12112)
82 days ago
My best friend from school has a girlfriend that I hate
His name is Joe and whenever I'm lonely he always comforts me and always has an eye on me no matter where I am in school
I really love him and before he said I was Wierd but now he is drawing attention to me and he said he likes me now.
His girlfriend has been sick for 2 days now and me and Joe have been getting a lot closer together while she has been gone.