Are You Transgender (FtM)?

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This quiz has been created specifically for biological females. If you are biologically male, stop right here. You might want to try the MtF version.

  • 1
    Do you feel you are male, despite physically being female?
    Do you feel you are male, despite physically being female?
  • 2
    If I were to tell you I think you're a very pretty girl/woman, would that annoy you?
  • 3
    Do you present as male (hair, clothes, bathroom choice, etc.)?
  • 4
    Would you ever consider taking hormone blockers to stop the development of female puberty? (If you've already gone through female puberty, imagine you can go back in time and make this decision.)
  • 5
    Would you ever consider taking testosterone to develop male secondary sex characteristics?
  • 6
    Would you ever consider "top surgery" (the removal of breast tissue through surgery) if you had the money?
  • 7
    Would you ever consider getting "bottom surgery" (the transformation of a vagina into a penis through surgery) if you had the money?
  • 8
    What kind of name would you like to be called by?
  • 9
    Which of these labels do you think best describes you?
  • 10
    Which of these would be the worst for you?

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22 hours ago
this quiz is scary accurate it got me exactly
3 days ago
Me: *reads my results* 100% trans, huh? *looks into camera* what a surprise
5 days ago
i tied with agender and bigender but i think im either bigender or just a tomboy lol
6 days ago
i am proud to be a trans boy
7 days ago
I wanna go by jay but my parents are transphobic
9 days ago
Hi im robin, or mathias which is what i might go by, im 13 and lately ive been really dysphoric about my breasts and bottom partt, it hurts too much to even type lmao. i feel male alot of the time and i try to present male. i feel like💗whenever people call me she. i want male characteristics and i feel as if im going thru the wrong puberty. I was raised christian and still am and i really dont want to go to hell, but the bible says all that stuff about homosexuals and whatnot. it scares me but i deeply want to be a guyyyyy
12 days ago
A’ight, I don’t really have anywhere else to post this, so to all my closeted trans guys here, first of all, what’s up, and secondly, here’s some tips to feel more manly without giving yourself away.
-Put your phone in your front pocket. Even if you have the tiny pockets, as long as it doesn’t fall out, this makes me feel a tiny bit less dysphoric.
-Use men’s/gender neutral soap.
-Use face wash that smells more manly
-Wear layers, and either thicc coats or jackets.
-Work out, it’s good for you and will make you feel better about yourself.
-Lift weights. Again, MEGA GAINS.
-(For guys with long hair) put it up into a ponytail, and tuck it through a baseball hat, so that some of the hair comes out the bill.
-Remember, the center of your rib cage is flat.
-Last one, and it’s kinda weird, but works for me. If you’re home alone, turn on some of your favorite songs by male artists (Mr. Brightside by The Killers is awesome, definitely one of my favorites) and lip sync it in the mirror.

Extra note; if you’re binding with anything other than a binder, please make sure that you can breathe and that it isn’t too tight around your rib cage.

You are loved, and you will make it through this. Just know you’re not alone. If anyone wants to contact me, I saw another person in the comments using their Roblox username, and that’s a safe way to communicate, so I set one up, MarshallTheMan2, if any of you guys need someone to talk to.
12 days ago
I got 80% transgender. I think it's because I picked I didn't want a 💗 but I don't want a 💗 either. I donjt want bottem surgery, but I think that's why I got 80%. I already knew I was trans, but this was fun
14 days ago
I...really don’t know, I came to this quiz coming for answers and got gender fluid. But I don’t feel like it. I don’t really understand what I am. I thought I was lesbian but I feel awkward and weird showing my body and defining certain features of myself. But I wouldn’t want all the male features either.
15 days ago
Are You Transgender (FtM)?
For 100% you are: You are transgender. Now, my opinion obviously isn't professional, so you should probably look into this further on your own, or with a psychiatrist if you are taking this quiz seriously. If you were just taking this quiz for the heck of it, hope you had fun!
58% of 258244 quiz participants had this profile!

But being a trannyboi is such a pain T.T
16 days ago
@Jackson you should definitely come out but only if you think its safe to come out. I came out to my friends as genderfluid because I knew they would support, and they've been amazing and with me through it all, but I haven't come out to my parents because I'm not sure how they'll take it, but I know at the very least, they won't understand how it feels, cuz they're not part of the lgbt community at all. If you feel like you can only come out to your best friend, thats ok, but if you feel like your family would support and you want to come out to them, thats ok too. You come out when you're ok with it. But if you're in an unsafe environment to come out, its completely fine to stay in the closet. Don't forget that there are other boys like you who are struggling with the same thing; you're not alone. If you need to talk, my number is (262) 385-4637 (just make sure to include your name and mention that you're from All the Tests lol) and that goes out to anyone and everyone who needs someone to talk to. I will listen to you and try to help you (if that's what you want. I can just listen too, thats cool) and while I may not agree with something, I'll try to keep my mind open :)
18 days ago
hi im mark a 16 year old boy and i just wanted to say that whatever you are feeling or going through is normal and dont let people get into your head. Most of my friends are girls , i hate everything 'manly' like sports , video games ... i prefer wearing girl clothes , i prefer having long hair , i relate more to girls and feel more comfortable around them , i like wearing makeup sometimes , and prefer watching feminine stuff and im attracted to boys. And yes sometimes it is really scary but i remember that im not alone although A LOT of people dont support me at all (like my parents) but you also are not alone. Stay strong. I may be feminine but im strong and tough.
19 days ago
Hi, I’m Jackson. I was born in a girl’s body, but it doesn’t feel right to me. I hate being called pretty and my name makes me want to cry every time i hear it (it’s really feminine). Should I come out? I want to, but I feel like I’m too young and I might regret this.
20 days ago
Hi, to everyone who is struggling with this, you're not alone, you don't have to be scared, it DOES get better, and it's going to be okay :)
Even if it doesn't seem like it right now. There are plenty of opportunities for you to talk to other people about this who can help you. Whether you're scared, confused, or just need someone to listen, you don't ever have to go through it alone. I've found that reaching out to family and friends can be very helpful. But sometimes we can't. That's where Wisdo comes in. Wisdo is a free app anyone at any age can use for any kind of problem or concern. If you want someone to talk to about your gender, or family trouble, or depression, or anything, check out Wisdo? If you want someone to talk to but don't know where else to go, you can message me in insta @ xx_darknesser_xx You are not alone in this and it's okay to be scared, but please know you can always find someone to talk to. Good luck, everyone! :)
20 days ago
So, an old """'man'"" like me is androgynous, aka third gender which doesn't biologically exits for most people? Man I-
24 days ago
Uh.. hi so I’m Parker. I’m almost 14 and for a while I’ve only been comfortable in men’s clothes and baggy things.. etc. I’ve been questioning for a long time and have been trying to get my hair cut but I’ve just been too nervous to ask. I’m into girls, which also makes me wonder if maybe I’m just a butch lesbian. I’ve been taking tests to try and figure myself out but I feel like I’ll just never know. I’m so much more comfortable as a male but this journey just seems so overwhelming and I’m really scared. I need to figure myself out..
24 days ago
Hello, my name is Emily but Emilio is preferred. I am right now a questioning female, 15 years old, that thinks they are trans but does actually know. My old therapist I went to said that she'd try to reference me to someone who specializes in this field, and I haven't heard back. I get discouraged when I get called daughter by my mom and girl, and it makes me feel happy when people refer to me as a boy. There is no one else I can really go to, and I can't really portray myself as male either due to not owning a binder and constantly being told, even after I got my hair cut in basically a boys style, that I can't buy or get boys clothes. It really refreshing getting even a sweater from my brother as it seems to boost my masculinity. I'm sorry, I'm ranting now, sorry for wasting someone's time...
24 days ago
Uh, Hi Andrew, I have no idea if you'll see this, but I can relate to what you're saying. I almost know for certain I'm trans, so I'd be willing to talk to you and maybe help. The only way I can really talk to people is Roblox, so if you have that, friend me, my username is MagicMinerCat. Don't be shy, please! I'll try my best to help if you have it. ^^
24 days ago
So I'm going through a tough time, I don't know what I am anymore. I get so scared trying to speak to someone about this, I'm so insecure, and I feel like my elder brothers and most of my family will hate me. I need help but I feel soo trapped. I don't feel female and I know I feel better when pe call me he/him and call me Drew, Andy, or Andrew. I did get a 90% though.. I am not one for dresses or anything girly, I like sports, video games, guys, four-wheelers, and most guy stuff.. Some one help.
25 days ago
If y’all need help figuring out your identity you can @me on insta @w.hat__2