Does your crush hate you

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Do you have doubts on if your crush likes you or hates you? Well take this quiz to find out!

  • 1
    Did you used to have a great friendship with but now he is ignoring you?
  • 2
    Does he ever tease you in a mean way?
  • 3
    Do you think he hates you?
  • 4
    Does he say he doesn't care about whatever you say?
  • 5
    Does he poke you harshly?
  • 6
    Does he never text you back?
  • 7
    Does he ever call you?
  • 8
    Does he glare at you in mean ways?
  • 9
    Does he say he hates you?
  • 10
    Did this quiz help you?

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6 days ago
results were not clear... /; ok sense this quiz didn't work ill ask him * runs to up to crush* me: hi so i need to ask u something? crush: what? me: do u like me? crush: no... do u like me... again this year me: n-no *blushes* crush: i see u blushing u do me: fine i do ): * hours later try to send a message of why i do like him crush blocks me* me: he hates me forever alone so if u like somebody make sure there not a butt wait... i like a butt dang it WHY DO LOVE AND CRUSHES MAKE LIFE CONFUSING FOR US ALL!? crush: because we do whahaha me: WHY DO I LIKE HIM SOOOO MUCH!!! ok bye this is likely to be the strangest commet here tata... :/
48 days ago
Well my crush hates me, or dislikes me for no reason yet i got the result that he likes me?
we barely even talk (well we used to- like 2 years ago uhh) yet he blocks me on instagram after i liked his picture. as far as i know i havent done anything offensive to him so i dont get why he did that..
I know I really shouldn't like him since he's kind of an 💗 too, but I can't stop :/
75 days ago
so guys..i am pretty much in love with a perverted boy that looks and acts like a playboy..he liked many girls.. one day he told me that he likes me and i said the same thing but we haven't talked for two years until now....he messages me saying that i shouldnt kill myself and cares about me but i can see him flirting with other girls other than me...he likes watching p*** and says bad words....but whenever we talk he becomes a whole different person (a funny type) but when he's talking to others... There goes his pervertedness...please tell me whether i should continue liking this guy or not..this is my first ba-dump (love thingy when u see someone u like) so please help me :c
79 days ago
We have a good communication before like I can feel that he also admired me but time comes he never texted me back, nor he cant glance at me and whenever im around hes going away. I dont kno why
80 days ago
i dont get this ugh
81 days ago
Well, he looks at me whenever we pass each other in the hallway. And the butterflies start to appear in my stomach. But I really don’t know. Does he actually like me or is he looking at me for no reason?
82 days ago
He is a two year senior. But anyway i love him. the first day i just saw a sight of him i din't felt anything but something was pulling me and after a week I found him on Instagram, it didn't bother me much but somthing forced me to follow him and so I did. 2 weeks passed very quick and I thought about it, learned about him and slowly a feeling developed for him. I realized and noticed his dark deep brown eyes, blood red lips and white as snow colour. I understood that it is something. Then something attracted me to message him and I talked to him but as I forgot to mention that my best friend like him, i told him that too. after that he asked me for her number but I didn't had it. He thinks that I am a stalker and he doesn't ever reply to my message. I am not a stalker you, it was a truth I told him. today i am crying here but i care for him more then myself and i have seen it experienced it......
90 days ago
So yeatarday I was coming back with the volleyball team and we first pranked called him then my friend started to “joke” around and tell him that I get nervous around him and then we hang up then my other friend started to call him on my phone and he answered so yea then they started talk and he said he dated all of them hoes and I am like u didn’t date 3 girls in our group so go somewhere but after we left I decided to text him saying: so let me get this straight u like _____ and -________ and not anyone in the volleyball team and he said that Amit none biz and then I say so u don’t like nobody and then he says that my concern so I am about to talk to him at school and say look I like u and that’s why I was asking who u liked and why _____ was asking u all of the questions but I like another guy and we are buddy’s we talk every day and laugh and work together everyday and now he fixes his hair everyday now ever Senec we made a deal about his hair so I really don’t know so I need y’all help plz
97 days ago
H obviously hates me xd
113 days ago
I got this result - : You didn't need to take this quiz and you know it, he likes you for sure! Keep doing what you're doing but not annoying him, that could make him not like you anymore. Wish you luck with this handsome fella ;)
125 days ago
sunny u are the biggest 💗hole in history and obviously u hate me like i didn't even need this bs quiz but im still madly in love with u, and i have been for five stupid god💗 years. u wont see this i guess but if u do i just want to let u know i love you
129 days ago
this is sad i dont understand why he hates me i loooovvvveeeee him and thats why ugh this is sad anyways i just want to let pablo know that i loveee him
132 days ago
Chung.... i have never loved a person as much as i have loved u.....its sad to know that u hate me......but....i will forever love u with all my heart...(waiting for the day he sees this message😶)
132 days ago
Can you guys please pray for me? thanks!
165 days ago
Hey ja
I like you
I'm in your class
Who do you like?
What am I doing with my life you probably won't see this
But the test said u liked me but I doubt it
186 days ago
Also, my BFF has a crush on him, too, but he talks to me but NEVER to her. So, does he like me or my BFF?
186 days ago
For 70 % you are: He kind of likes you but he definitely doesn't hate you. Try hanging out with him but not annoying him. After you do that take this quiz again and see what you get, you might be surprised:)

So my crush and I have lots in common, and when he's talking to me (which is pretty often), he looks me right in the eyes. I think he tries to make me laugh because he always tells me hilarious things, and he always compliments me after we finish our runs (we are the two fastest on the track and cross country teams). I also catch him looking at me pretty often. Does he like me for sure? Someone, please tell me!
191 days ago
I think my crush likes me, everytime when I stare at him, we make an eye contact. But some people said he likes my best friend, I know she won't do anything but that will make me not like him anymore, but he's everything I want :'( :'( Okay, I'm gonna say out, please pray for me;-)
216 days ago
Hey! This to “thecoolgirl” btw. 1. You shouldn’t be jealous of him! If he doesn’t like you, you give him some sass or just do nothing and be yourself! (You might even make him jealous!) 2. Why are they your BFF’s if they all like your crush and admit it so then you have no chance? 3. If you really wanna step up your game, just go talk to him, be nice to him, and be there when he really needs the help and comfort! 4. NEVER SAY THE WORDS, “life sucks!” Life might be a bit stubborn on ya at 1st, but it all comes back around in the end! Just believe in yourself and stay strong no matter happens!
218 days ago
I just want to tell you for the last time.

Khalif F.

I like you. More than a friend.

I hope you understand why i avoided you.

That is because my feelings for you are geeting more worse.

By that, i avoided you so that i can move on and less think about.

But im wrong..

The many more time ws avoide each other.

The feelings kept craving inside in me.

I like you..😢