Do I Have A Chance With Him?

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Like someone, but not sure where you stand with him? Does your heart pound so hard and your palms sweat so much when you see him that you can't think objectively? This quiz will help you determine whether he likes you, too, and if you have a chance with him or not. Good luck!

  • 1
    Do you ever notice him staring at you?
    Do you ever notice him staring at you?
  • 2
    How often do you two talk?
  • 3
    When you do talk to him, what do you talk about?

  • 4
    When you do group activities, what does he do?
  • 5
    If you have ever dropped your stuff while he was around, did he (help you) pick it up?
  • 6
    Does he ever stumble over his words when he speaks to you?

  • 7
    Do his friends act weird, as if they are teasing him, when you are with them?
  • 8
    Does he have a girlfriend?
  • 9
    Does he text you?
  • 10
    Are you sure you like him?

  • 11
    What makes you like him?
  • 12
    Does he somehow know a lot about you?
  • 13
    Does he ever seem nervous around you?
  • 14
    If he asked you out, what would you say?

Comments (23)


85 days ago
I've liked this boy for almost 7 months. He 3 years older than me. He called me cute, but later realized i was 3 years younger than him. He is very shy so when he found this out his friends told him to block me. He did. His friends call me weird and other things. He doesn't really have an opinion on me. He unblocked me for my birthday, and then added me. I don't know what to do because i'm not sure if i should try or not. Do you think i have a chance or not?
195 days ago
I think he might like me. But for some reason I think he might not. Ok, heres an example. We are really good friends and talk a lot during class because he sits in front of me. HE used to trust me a lot and tell me who he likes, but all of a sudden he stopped. We still talk but for some reason he doesnt trust me anymore. Also, he used to date one of my best friends but they broke up. I told her that i have feelings for him and she doesn't care. Hes really sweet and probably the only gentlemen in the grade. That's why I know I don't stand a chance. He talks with a lot of girls, which confuses things for me. Im pretty confident he doesnt like me but whenever I think he doesnt, He does something to change my mind. Please help
-totally confused girl
199 days ago
He likes me.
342 days ago
I think i have a crush on this guy but like... i'm not certain. Im pretty short (5'3") and he is like... kinda tall i guess? (5'11" maybe?) He's pretty popular, while i'm not very popular. he's in my group in homeroom and i find him constantly looking up at me and when i look up at him he smiles and goes back to whatever he's doing and occasionally i'll catch him acting like he's turning his head to look at something, but hell lock eyes with me. now its gotten to the point where any time were in the same room, well look at each other and smile then go back to what we're doing. We never talk, just smile.
349 days ago
I’m in my second year of High school, and I can’t stop liking this guy. I am on a sports team, and it is highly underrated, however he doesn’t make fun of it and actually sees it as a really hard sport. He is pretty tall, 2 months older than me, and he plays football in school and wrestles in a club. He is the sweetest guy ever. He has beautiful grey eyes and has volunteered to work with me on multiple occasions in class. We’ve even waved and smiled to each other, and we create a lot of eye contact in the classes we share. The problem is that we’re not actually friends. We know each other’s names, and we’re polite to each other, but we’re from different friend groups. He’s a popular kid, and I can’t get the balls to try to get closer and be friends with him because, honestly, I don’t know how. But he such a kind person and I want to have a chance.

361 days ago
Halfway there.Ok what is that supposed to mean? 😂
It could either be im not good enough or I can almost make him fall for me 😂
373 days ago
I’m in 6th grade currently or at least gonna be in 6th grade and I’m head over heels for this dude. It’s not because of his looks, and this may sound crazy, but he’s probably gonna be the next Einstein. There’s so much I wanna say and but I’m here to just vent. This might sound fake and weird but he is so brilliant. To the point where he could have literally skipped 6th grade, if his parents had allowed him too. He used to tutor our class in 5th grade with me and he also tutored 6th grade! He was smarter than our teacher and 6th grade. That should give you some example of how smart he was. I admired him because he was (no offense) one of the only smart kid in our class and is the smartest. We, being the nerds we are, would geek out together. Now, he isn’t the typical “nerd” kid. He was a savage and gets in fights and fights with the teacher a lot. Unlike other bad students in my class, he actually has good reasons and logic in those fights. I changed so much for him even if I knew he always says he never wants a girlfriend or get married. I just wanted a chance. Now. In 6th grade, I’m still obsessed over him (I try not to show it) I learned that you can’t change yourself for someone. If they like the fake you, it’s not worth it! Don’t change yourself! I’m so happy I stopped trying to be someone else. I came back here because I remembered being at this site last year being self doubted of myself. And all of y’all who think you aren’t good enough. Trust me, you are and if he or she doesn’t like you for you, move on. You will eventually find the one no matter how long it takes, i know i’m being so cheesy I could cause obesity, but take it from me, a fetus. Do. Not. Change. Yourself.
594 days ago
Don’t worry about making him like you... I learned this a few weeks ago, you shouldn’t make people like you or change yourself for other because if someone changed hemselves for you then you find out that’s not who they are you ain’t gonna wanna stay with a fake. And besides you have to find someone who likes you for you so you can be yourself whenever you want. Don’t be afraid to not wear makeup or put on sweatpants and a hoodie. If you look messy and someone likes you, they will still like you. Because it’s YOU!
792 days ago
By the way that unknown girl is awesome right
797 days ago
O really like him and he acts like he likes me he s my best friend and it said so close try to become better friends
842 days ago
One of the comments said that the girl wants to put his head onto her chest . Like how old is she if under 18 wooooow
845 days ago
Don’t spend all your time thinking about someone who doesn’t care about you. It’s okay to wait around for a while, but if you’ve tried to get them to notice you and they act like you don’t exist, they’re not worth your time. Whatever is meant to happen will happen
861 days ago
I answered everything correctly and I’m assuming it’ll say “He likes you!”.. but that last question.. it’s a no. He used to like me, we used to talk every single time we see each other and we stare at each other smiling, since I was 6 until 14. Why, you may ask, we stopped? Because me and his mom, and some family problems, occurred. We started not seeing each other because our family didn’t see each other anymore. The problem is, I don’t have his socials or anything. Does he still like me even after all that time? I’m 16 now. I met him and his older brother ( who also liked my older sister and she liked him) in the cinema. I don’t know if they noticed us but I noticed them. I even saw his mom and sisters at the same mall and we said hi and stuff. I really miss him. Does he still like me?
866 days ago
Anyone have tips for me to get him to like me??? I NEED TIPS.
868 days ago
Halfway there! Try to focus on the things you two have in common when you talk to him. Maybe you could try to be flirty and just make it appear like you aren't interested for a while. Boys like girls who are hard to get so be the challenge he wants. Good luck!
886 days ago
It said to try to become better friends but we’re already best friends
888 days ago
"try to become better friends"
he's already my best guy friend
896 days ago
I've liked him for a while now but he's older than me and I feel like he wouldn't even look twice at me. He's leaving school this year and I have him on social media but he doesn't really message me and I wish he did. He's absolutely amazing and I get butterflies everytime I see him. I try to find him in school because it makes me happy to see him. I really want to be with him. I love him, he's not just like a little stupid crush you have in school, I feel so much love for him and I wish he felt the same, it would be amazing if he did❤️❤️❤️❤️
919 days ago
I really like this guy. I've liked him since year 8 and now i'm year 12. He left my school last year. I still really care about him and we talk on social media but i'm starting to talk to this other guy who I see quite a lot. i’m so confused as to what to do.
930 days ago
I want to be with him. And I think he wants to be with me too. But.. I knew him from family friends.... and there's huge problems going on through the family. And me and him were close since we were little. The problems is too much to the point that I'm afraid. I'm afraid that if I do something he might betray me. His older brother liked my older sister when they were little too, and he exposed her to the whole family. She couldn't even sleep. I'm afraid that that'll happen to me too although I 💗 love him. I'm trying too hard..