Do you know five nights at Freddy's?

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Test how much you know about the game and story!

  • 1
    What animatronic moves most?
  • 2
    How do you summon Golden Freddy?
  • 3
    What animatronic has two mouths?
  • 4
    Who caused the Bite of 87?
  • 5
    What animatronic killed the Phone Guy?
  • 6
    How do you play the game?
  • 7
    Is the pizzeria haunted?
  • 8
    What does phone guy say the reason the anamatronics attack you is?
  • 9
    What is in the kitchen?
  • 10
    How are you killed?
  • 11
    What's the REAL reason the anamatronics move and attack you?
  • 12
    In the second game, who says "hi, hello" and laughs?
  • 13
    Last question, when does the second game take place?

Comments (78)


Nightwolf (58910)
9 days ago
Balloon boy says hi and hello and steals your battieryes
me (00196)
13 days ago
it wasn't foxy who started the bite of 87 it was fredbear
kevin (09302)
13 days ago
like it! i am a BIG fan of fnaf!
mangle (33886)
13 days ago
I don't like balloon boy because he only says hi and laughs. He also doesn't scare you
hi (20308)
31 days ago
kok (18145)
42 days ago
i hate jumpscares
because it will give me frights
keith benton (02921)
50 days ago
5 is wrong by so much. On the fourth night if you listen to the call you can hear Freddys jumpscare and its not unknown. It says im not the biggest fan. HA. Yeah right
Carl9s (12881)
82 days ago
hi my nanas is ######
Freddy (48237)
89 days ago
Casey, 11 is false but 8 is true, and the reason why is with the kids inside them, they act crazy and they think people are an endoskeleton without it's costume on for some strange reason.
Freddy (48237)
104 days ago
You know what, everything I said about the history of fnaf is a myth so I'm out.
Freddy (48237)
109 days ago
Fnaf 4 actually takes place first. Then SL, then 1 and 2, then 3.
Freddy (48237)
114 days ago
Hey guys did you know that the anamatronices that are withered in fnaf 2 are actually the same anomatronics from fnaf 1.
Freddy (48237)
116 days ago
The last 4 comments were from me, Freddy Fazbear!
Freddy (48237)
116 days ago
I got 13/13 as well!
Freddy (48237)
116 days ago
Oh! And fnaf 6 took place in 2017
Freddy (48237)
116 days ago
Why do people think fnaf 2 takes place before fnaf 1? Here's the story. Fredbear`s Family diner took place in 1972, Fredbear and Friends took place in 1978, Freddy Fazbear's pizza took place in 1983, Fnaf 2 (the reopening) took place in 1987, fnaf 3 took place in 1993, so did fnaf 4 and 5 took place in 1997.
Freddy (48237)
117 days ago
I haven't started the quiz yet.
FNAF dragon (37839)
117 days ago
13 out of 13 (no joke)
Readdy (79378)
120 days ago
casey (01046)
130 days ago
nice but question 11 and 8 are not right you die because they think your an exoskeleton without your costume on