Does she really like you?(10-16 yrs old)

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This is a fool proof quiz for guys only. Answer honestly to get an honest answer.

10 through 16 year olds only.

But this will work better if you’re at least 12 or 13.

Good luck!

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    Most important, do you really like her?

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Y### (01496)
11 days ago
Nirvana here I come
VelaBird (19144)
17 days ago
The more tests I take, the worse my sadness gets.
Annonymus (21761)
17 days ago
They always say they like me I'm a wetman
Gay weirdo (25415)
20 days ago
I've taken a lot of tests and it says that she likes me but I thing that she only thinks of us as really close friends. I have known her for 7 Years now.
Floof (09498)
20 days ago
This is really accurate - I'm a girl
Alex (00492)
29 days ago
I have done ten tests
Alex (00492)
29 days ago
Ive done like ten they are starting to make me feel depressed. Any tips:/
Teenager (62949)
36 days ago
Btw the heart in my name is just a censor
Teenager (62949)
36 days ago
Today she put her arm around me and gave me a sort of hug.
DregMan (25287)
42 days ago
I 've known this girl, a year older, for quite some time now. I'm friends with her as we all are in our 'club', it's actually just a youth group. Recently I've caught her staring at me a bit, she asked me when we were campings if I wanted to go stargazing with her at midnight...she said that one of my friends was coming. I would go when my friend went, which never happened, unfortunately. I've started a couple conversations with her and some of our friends, in which she immediately would turn to face me and look really happy. I started staring at her after realizing I really liked her! She also once walked over to me and leaned on the doors leading out of the building as she called for her big brother to come and go home. I took my chance and made myself noticed. She agreed with my statement and slowly walked away. Later, I...uh I may have stared into her eyes while talking. She stared back, even after I was done for a bit. The same day I purposefully brushed her arm with mine for a good amount of time - I know she felt it! She didn't do anything, and let it happen. Afterwards, when it was her, another friend (who happened to be a girl - important in this situation!), and me who were still playing the 💗, marry, kill game from our previous group of friends whom had already left to go home. My name was brought up as one of the three and asked to my crush! She immediately said to me, "now you don't want to be here, do you!?" as I had said myself after a brutal 2 hours of nothing.

Aside from these, I also got her on snapchat! After a good week of streaks she sent an 11:11 snap to me with a heart. I immediately replied, "Is that for me!!???" She took a day to respond, in which was the following: "😄no that was just a streak with a heart". She knew exactly what I was hinting at, and a reasonable answer would have been something of I won't tell you, right? But no - she covered it up. I saw her again two days later when we were doing community service as waiters. I never got a good chance to talk to her, which sucks! However, she did acknowledge me as she walked by me with a slight bow and cute smile as she held a jug of water.
Now I wait to see her again next week, and I feel like I need to tell her I like her incase she is hiding her feelings for fear that I don't like her.

If you had the time to read this, thanks!
If you think you know who I am, the girl's initials I like are A.P.!
Some lonely boi (99105)
42 days ago
This test helped a lot. TY😄. BTW this also encourage me to ask her out next week. Wish me luck🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀
Ronald McDonald (75894)
47 days ago
I’m best friends with this girl and people have actually come up to us to ask if we are dating. We always say no and laugh about it, but now I think that she likes me but is too afraid to tell me because she’s my friend and isn’t supposed to (in her mind, she always acts like it’s bad to like someone she thinks wouldn’t love her, according to my friend which she confides in). I also lied and told my other friend that I liked a girl so he would stop bothering me about it because I wouldn’t want to tell him I like her. I think she found out now because she’s been asking me who I like and being less close to me than she has. I’m took this and it said that she loves me, but I don’t know.
A guy (36903)
50 days ago
I like a girl and she has been talking to me more and like playing around with me more. Is this a sign?
BigBalls (46457)
60 days ago
Does My friends going ******** and ******* sitting in a tree kissing..... count
pervert (19668)
85 days ago
Waiting for d-day to tell her...I like her
Hugh (18348)
92 days ago
There’s this girl at my school I really like, I know she likes me my friends push my toward her but I never speak to her.
A girlll (23409)
100 days ago
To RAh:
dont think of others think about your love. And I have a feeling that she likes you man. A girl would like to I love from you , it should not like that your friends are going and telling her RAh loves you. Want to ask any thing more can mail me on
RAh (99844)
113 days ago
basically I've had a crush on a girl at school for a year but everyone thinks I'm quiet so I haven't asked her out because everyone would talk and make fun. However she likes talking to me for example when get put into a seating plan on the table she always talks slot to me. She has smiled at me a couple of times. I really really love her and I think we are really similar. I dream about her loads but can't have the courage to ask her out. I can't stop looking at her. I'm in year 10. What should I do and does she like me?
I Am becoming restless now.
Fact no Experience (93808)
127 days ago
H.JYE.V, here's some advice, if you are seeing this!
Do you like Summer more, Chloe, or Abigail? I'm here to provide you insight on who to choose by weighing the pros and cons.
Abigail: Does she like you? If not, then she won't care if you date someone else.
Do you know Summer as a friend? If not, then getting to know her may be hard. But you have a crush on her, right? If not, then move on to the next girl.
And why did I ask if you like Chloe? Because dating a friend is easier than dating someone you don't know much. You already know each other and have the same interests, so why don't you give it a try?
eddy (44768)
133 days ago
I have a crush on a girl in sixth grade and her name is McKenzie. She was in my class last year. My homeroom is math/science while hers is ela/ss.We are both seperated in lunch tables because of what class you are in. So I never get a chance to talk to her. Only in field trips if the seat is close enough to mine. I get shy when I'm around her.