Do My Family Hate Me?

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It's often said that you can choose your friends, but unfortunately, not your family! That's true, of course, and living and/or interacting closely with the same people day in and day out has both strengths and drawbacks. If you're questioning whether your family "hate" you, take this test and get my opinion and advice. Most likely you're all just under stress, but if there's a real problem such as abuse, you deserve get it sorted and to live a better life. Good luck!

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    Do any/all of your family members treat you less well than they do your other siblings?
    Do any/all of your family members treat you less well than they do your other siblings?

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22 hours ago
I got 42% but i feel like a million percent instead. I always wanted to die, but doing suicide sounds scary to me. And I ALWAYS FEEL LIKE CRYING AND HURTING MYSELF. I dont know what to do I mean, its not like we are a poor family. we are average, so i dont see why my mom has to hit me. I guess its because I'm the oldest and I have to take responsibility and cant goof around and blah blah blah.....I mean I never saw my dad smile at me..never. Even though I have a high IQ and do well in school, I never get congratulated for winning something..and its obvious they dont want to take me to a cycologist, (sorry for the spelling mistakes its just that i dont want my mom to see this so I am typing super fast.) What do I do???
#helplessgirl#wishmyparentswerenice r
4 days ago
Well they hate me I know this bc they are putting me up for adoption......tomorrow I'm abused so much 😔😭 I need someone to love me and i am only 12
9 days ago
Yeah,they hate me. they treat my older sis and little bro better than me. way better. once, I got a B+ instead of an A at school,and they just started screaming at me. my younger bro and older sis are treated like royalty.
14 days ago
They love me yay I have a loving family yàaaaaaayyyyyyy
16 days ago
My mother hates me and I am not sure I will be able to commit suicide but I feel like it. Cause today only she beaten me up with a steel rod 13 times and its only 5pm I'm really lonely and useless
16 days ago
They love me to death
63 days ago
They hate me
66 days ago
my mom and dad treat my brother like some kind of god then treat my different
112 days ago
My family always crashes my dreams they shout at me for everything
113 days ago
My parents and my sister call me names and stuff. She (Twin) doesn't have to do the work i do. If she stops sth i have to stop it to( a hobby). She doesn't get in trouble for hurting me but when i hurt her its like :,, Don't do that! Stop it! Don't hurt her!" even though she is bigger and heavier than me. She also says i lie but when she has done sth and i say that to my dad she always says that it isn't true. I just feel hated
131 days ago
I stay up all night crying iv'e tried to tell my friends but...I just wanna die now...
133 days ago
i excpected my 99% they hate me and i hate them im just gonna kill myself its not like anyone would care if i did anyway
134 days ago
ahaha i got 50% but seriously it should be higher i swear they hate me sm
135 days ago
My grandparents yell at me because I'm bi. They're the reason I haven't come out to anyone else since I came out to them. I just wished they loved me, but no. They hate me
137 days ago
Lol my parents literally abuse me and hit me for the smallest things that I will get bruises & bleeding & of course the cuss at me n stuff but they treat my siblings like royalty
138 days ago
Yeah they hate me 58% :/ imma also just commit
146 days ago
I just get yelled at every single day, I really think they do
146 days ago
imma commit suicide someday...look at my name tag...they hate me...
149 days ago
I really don't know why they really hate me, I think they just want me to go away.
151 days ago
Omg I was 76 persent hated 😭😭😭😥😥😥