Does your family hate you

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    Does your family treat you differently from your other siblings?

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44 days ago
yeah lol my family literally couldn't care less about me they can't be bothered to
73 days ago
I got a 50%, but my dad yells at me all the time, so im pretty sure i was supposed to get and 80% - 90%...
78 days ago
ive made my whole family hate me for three reasons
im a vegan
i like punk rock
i stand for communism

bet they cant wait until im 18
104 days ago
I.... got 67% that they hate me and I know its true because they all went for a " fun day " without me.
138 days ago
I know my family hates me and I hate them too but my hate towards me is worse compared to them. I hate them to the point I wish they were all murdered or killed by accident
177 days ago
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
249 days ago
Yeah, they are weird. They just kinda nudge me out, don't visit, even if they drive a block within my apartment. It's been going on forever. Yeah, I go to their family stuff. I don't rate. BUT wrote a great book! Now I live across the planet, and I feel better. At least they can't snub me so easily.
249 days ago
Yes it said 50% they do and I am really sure they do 100%
318 days ago
345 days ago
My life isn't worth 💗...everyone I cared for is either gone or just an💗towards me so guess what if someone acts tough to you socker punch em in the face and kick their stomach while they're down.
370 days ago
But I tested your quiz and its true solution.
370 days ago
I really payed my full attention on this interesting quiz.