Gay Test For Guys

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Confused about your orientation? Take the test it might work!

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    Are you a Guy?

Comments (25)


Nathan (75322)
36 days ago
Test after test. I'm bi every time.
But I knew this already.
Love is love
Some guy (71943)
49 days ago
Ok... See for every test I've taken... Why, why on earth is Brad Pitt always poppings up to determine sexuality in a quiz?
I know for a fact I'm bisexual at least, whether or not I'm gay is a whole other story for myself... But I can say for certain... I don't think Brad Pitt is that attractive. Like, he is... But he's not my type kind of deal. And I feel like for a lot of guys he wouldn't be either.

The idea that all gay or bi guys are into these muscular, stereotypical good looking guys is annoying. I prefer boyish and cute... Maybe more on the feminine side... Or Tom Holland. Ugh! What a dream boat Tom is. He's got a great body, he's funny, cuter than anything and so talented. I'm pretending this quiz asked about Tom Holland.
Lukis (34919)
49 days ago
I love girls((enavy))
ITriedThisTest (45874)
50 days ago
‘Bert verde’
I feel same and i think that’s gay (tho i’m bi)
Disco (55842)
56 days ago
Bi, but really would prefer gay
jesus (95086)
74 days ago
Bi. Ok I already knew that I guess...
Uhhhhh.. (73263)
82 days ago
OK! I have no ides why I took this gay test when I'm a girl! Okay.. Maybe I do know why cause I wanted to read the comments! I mean most of it is not weird but the questions were so weird I started laughing! I don't get why that is .... Just ew. Could have been worse!
Wesley (32817)
83 days ago
Gay, result I was hopings for!! Couldn't be happier
just me. (12181)
91 days ago
i feel needs for men. and people make fun. so i pretend to like a girl. but if i doo then its only due to her make-up thats on fleek. i like guys alot but im unsure because i hve thought of women but then i aleays turn to men. need help!
lisa (62851)
98 days ago
I'm a girl but I pretended that I was a boy, It came out straight am I a lesbian now? XD
Bert verde (90293)
108 days ago
I think I'm gay. I love to wear sexy underwear, have lots of shoes, shave my body, love to see men's packages, act feminine when I'm alone, want some men to see me as gay. Am l gay?
Matthew (82356)
109 days ago
I am still unsure about it 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
David (20546)
114 days ago
I got bisexual but I know that I'm gay
Frankie (22023)
121 days ago
I am pretty sure I am gay and tending to be exclusively gay
Lalmason (13302)
172 days ago
These are the craziest q/a’s ever! But this guy is really wierd😂🤬🤯🤮🤣😆
Cas (13246)
187 days ago
These questions were crazy and the answers were too hilarious lmao
Rose (49155)
189 days ago
i’m A girl and I took this test 😂 I love men
emmanueljohnson (11321)
195 days ago
I love it
Cole (62103)
234 days ago
I new i was straight.question 15 I could live without underwear till I got home.underware don't turn me on what's in them does.
Austin (72589)
241 days ago
Shame on you and this disgusting test, you are a pervert. I take alot of these, but the ones that are overly sexual are being reported.