Do You Really Love Him/Her Or Is He/She Just A Crush?

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You are interested in that specific person for quite a while. Do I love him/her? You've been wondering. Well, you can find out with this quiz!

  • 1
    For how long have you liked him/her?
  • 2
    Do you think about him/her before you fall asleep?
  • 3
    What do you feel when you talk to them?
  • 4
    Whenever you are reading something that he/she wrote that refers to you (even as friend) or an activity that you two had, how do you feel?
  • 5
    Whenever he/she touches you, how does your body react?
  • 6
    Have you ever had a fantasy about you and him/her kissing, hugging or even having sex? If you did, did you feel comfortable with it?
  • 7
    Imagine him/her get hurt. How do you feel?
  • 8
    If he/she suddenly changed something on his/her outward appearance (die his/her hair blue, have piercings or something that changes the appearance a lot) Would you still like him/her?
  • 9
    You are checking your Facebook wall. As you scroll down you see a status of him/her saying that they are on a relationship. How do you feel?
  • 10
    Could you get over him/her?

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Comments (140)


9 hours ago
She has a boyfriend...
80% though! Idk if that’s a good thing considering she’s been dating him for a WHILE
3 days ago
Hah 90%

but i can't...she's straight and taken...




23 days ago
I love her....... But she gives ALOT of signs she likes me. She even made a ship name of us.
29 days ago
I’m so in love with him and I told him but he said he used to have a crush on me and just decided to move on and didn’t bother telling me. That sucks
32 days ago
Well there’s that one boy , that sat next to me in from the first day of the year (now im in grade 11) i knew him from before but we never talked and he didn’t mean anything to me . There was times when i really hated him even in the beginning of the year too. I just dkw why . At first he was a little mean to me , then he started to treat me in a good way , he started to care a little without showing it a lot (like there’s one time when a boy was shouting on me for some reasons and he came and got in a fight with him . I didn’t exept such a thing) , even there’s one time when he got really sick so i found myself taking care of him (he wouldn’t let anyone touch his forehead except me) plus he’s really handsome so the girls hated me so much so i wanted to stay away from him but I couldn’t. I started to catch feelings . Than its been around a week , he started to get cold with me . He would like give me hints (i asked him why he didn’t come to the party of our class , he said there’s this girl that i can’t stand talking to for some reasons and i get really mad when i see her ) so i just wanna know was he playing with me or does he really like me? (I didn’t confessed my feelings and I doubt that he know) ps . Now he even flirting with w girl he’s really friend with for anlong time and look at me with a dead face
Im pretty sure I didn’t do wrong to him
32 days ago
Im 80% in love. Lesbo -
42 days ago
I'm in love with someone I've known since second grade
dis gonna be interesting. (I unfortunately already knew this, but she doesn't)
45 days ago
this isnt about me but there are two people in my form who just got together today they had liked each other for about .. maybe just over or under a year?? and im just wondering.. are they in love or is it less than that.. as in.. still in the feelings of a crush.. that makes no sense, but most 'relationships' in my form usually last two days xD anyway i probably sound really creepy talking about other people who i dont really know

anyway, i took the quiz on a girl i like (we both know we like each other and its just djksllf) and it says i'm falling in love.. aha.. help me
46 days ago
90% love pity he's in rehab for 12 weeks 😭
50 days ago
Oh crud I'm in love.
;-; welp. Screw it! I'ma confess to him. WISH ME LUCK
71 days ago
I got 80%.. but i am still not convinced that i am in love.. i liked him, i really liked him even though he doesnt know that i totally exist. After the test, i feel my heart beats faster because it says that i am most likely in love.. just sharing.. i started to like a boy when im in 8th grade high school, and its just a crush.. i saw him in a music video when i am still in 7th grade high school, but i dont feel something weird but when i saw him again in a music video when im in 8th grade, i started to like him and it started to grow and grow.. and now, im 9th grade high school, i still like him.. 1 year, i like him over 1 year.. i have 2 crush in our classroom but none of then took my feelings for 4 months, but the boy in that music video still running on my mind. My parents and my sisters dont like him, i think they dont like him because i am so very obsessed with that boy, i even have a pictures of him on my wall. Every time i imagined him everynight, i feel a goosebumps all over my body.. yes i do that so that it will help me to sleep but it didn't happen, he is the reason why i have this big circles under my eyes.. i love being with him even if its only a dream💕
71 days ago
Hello people I need help can you help??!
73 days ago
so callie, what happened to your bff now ? any updates?
77 days ago
I got 60%. I’ve known him since 1st grade but we only talk once a year (he goes out of his way to talk to me though???) I’ve liked him since 5th grade and I’m in 10th grade. It’s kindof like I’m falling in love with the idea of him. But at the same time all the things he’s done in real life make me feel so warm inside i don’t know what to do. I feel like if his best friend and I didn’t hate each other, things would be easier. I want him so much but there’s already so many reasons why it could never even begin. I tried for two years to stop liking him. And I could get myself to stop. No matter who else I like, I stop liking them but I still like him. When I like other people and think about what’d it’d be like to be with them, it always ends on ending up with him. It’s like I’m lovesick. Note: even though we don’t technically talk. We do talk at the same time. One time I got in trouble, he gave me this look of pure disappointment. Another time I was stuttering during a performance for class and I looked to him and he nodded. Slightly. Someone please help. thx for reading
77 days ago
I got 50 i love him I hope he doesn’t see this comment
78 days ago
I had got 100 percent and I love him so much. Right now we r just bestfreind but I have a feeling we r going to be something more
78 days ago
Ughhhh my bff also loves him so idk
81 days ago
I've just done another test and I'm 60% in love.squee!
85 days ago
I've liked this guy since 1st grade and im in high school now. I can't figure out if he likes me or what. Once in 7th grade during our dance he kept running up to me to ask me to dance and now he will glance at me every now and then in class. He usually sits with his feet pointed towards me and his face always seems a little bit redder around me than when he's around his friends. Lastly when Im looking at him and telling him a story he always has a super wide smile, usually he has a light smirk, but sadly one of his better friends has a very open crush on me(I only think of him as a friend)and he's way to nice to date the girl his friend likes and his parents have strict dating rules when it comes to age and most likely religion as well.
87 days ago
I was in fourth grade and my friend told me that this guy named Sebastian likes me i said what eww he is dumb and ugly.Now i'am i 6th grade and i think i'am in love with him i don't know what i was thinking in 4th grade he is so cute and amazing .I 100% sure that he still likes me because he always blushes and always wants to know everything when i'am talking to a boy.He always stares at me and when i see he rapidly stares away.I LOVE U SEBASTIAN!! )