Do I Need To Lose Weight? Quiz

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This test will help you find out if you are underweight, healthy, overweight or obese. Since this is not a customized quiz, it might not be 100 percent accurate. It should still give you a good idea, though. Just remember that you are beautiful, no matter what shape and size you might be.

  • 1
    Stand up and look down. What do you see?
    Stand up and look down. What do you see?
  • 2
    How much do you exercise per week? (Not including P.E.)
  • 3
    How many hours do you spend sitting or lying down? (Not including at school.)

  • 4
    Do you have an eating disorder?
  • 5
    How much water do you drink in a day? (Based on 20 oz./60 centiliter plastic water bottles from stores.)
  • 6
    Do you drink soda?

  • 7
    What do you think about your weight?
  • 8
    Can you see some of your bones?
  • 9
    Do people comment on your weight? Choose the option closest to what you're hearing.
  • 10
    How long can you run before you start to get short of breath?

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116 days ago
So tell me if I am fat I don’t really think so but we are doing the fitness gram at school right and so we have to get weighed, get our height measured, stomach measurements, fat rolls, and wear really tight pants to see if you have a muffin top and lift up your shirt, but the only thing is they do all of this in the front of the gym NO PRIVACY and you first get your height done

The screen for me: 5’4
Me: ok not bad

Then they ask you to bend over so they can pinch your fat and see how many inches
The screen: 9 inches fat
Me: umm ok

“First go to the bathroom and put these size 2 pants on” me: umm ok
I put them on and they are so tight that I ripped the pants k walk out there and they go lift up your shirt I do and the lady goes oh wow so much fat I am marking u down
The screen says: about 6 fat rolls and a huge muffin top must be seen by the nurse
The lady then goes all right I want u to run I do and she goes hmm can I feel ur 💑 and I am like 💑 did u just 💑 say 💑 and she like I need to see if that’s where ur gaining weight and so she does ewww
The screen: 💑 have a lot of fat on them

I am screaming bc everyone in gym is watching

Ok I know the number is going to be huge for you ma’am and then she walks over to the scales and there is 3 and there labeled
Normal- 0-150. Overweight 150-250 Obese- 250-350
And then she goes u know which one to step on I head for the normal one and she screams at me and asks for a bigger scale and I step on that one and it says error and I am crying and the nurse comes in and massages my stomach and is like send her to the hospital and I get weighed there and some how I gained 1795 pounds!!! I was 💑 crying I weigh 1899 pounds any help on how to gain more?
117 days ago
I am 5'5 male thats 205 lbs. I have a decent amount of muscle from working out in the gym but im still pretty obese i guess. I was in a depressed state so i starved myself from being 200 to 160 but then i gave up on myself again and went back up to 200 with an already super low metabolism. i need help on what i should do
145 days ago
When I look down I only see my breasts
215 days ago
Hi its mehfugo;wrbq1
215 days ago
Am I overweight
Im 11 I am 5'7 And I weight 150
217 days ago
Hi i am 11 nearly 12 5’2 and weight 101 Pounds please be honest with me and tell me what you think
288 days ago
Hey im 13 5'5 and im 105...
309 days ago
I am 12 years old, i got average. I am 5,1.5 and 98 pounds, and 12. I am female. Do I need to lose weight. Tell me please! Thank you.
389 days ago
Hi, can anyone tell me if I'm overweight or underweight or fine?

Im 11, I weigh 77 pounds and Im 4'10 ALMOST 4'11 ooof- also Im Afab if that makes any difference

395 days ago
So what is the situation with your weight? Sorry to say this. You need to get a trainer and get on a diet fast. You risk getting diabetes and other health problems if you don't have any already. You can do this! Get in shape and you won't regret it. It's not so much about society's opinion as it is your own good health. Good luck!
399 days ago
5'7 and 126.4lbs. apparently i'm on the lower ish end of healthy but i still feel fat. what do i do
414 days ago
i got
So what is the situation with your weight? Hey, I know it's hard, but you need to eat to live. You can afford to gain a few pounds. You're NOT fat. Don't look in that mirror and think so. Start off nibbling a bit of an apple, then gradually eat more of it until you can eat a whole meal. Sounds impossible now, maybe - but you CAN do it. Good luck!
but im 90 pounds as a 10 year old, im 5'2. im not skinny lmao
434 days ago
So, I got overweight but I don't think I am. I'm 5' 5 15 years old and 103.2 pounds. It say im 17.2 and im also level 6 gymnastics. People tell me im fat but, my waist is 23 inches. Am I fat?
457 days ago
same everything bro!
502 days ago
Hey I'm I a 12 year old girl. I'm 5'3 and 130 pounds. Idk if I need to lose weight I have a chubby belly but my bmi says I'm fine. I really don't know. Please tell me if I need to lose weight( BTW idk if this helps but I play travel soccer)
507 days ago
@LT thats not chubby that's healthy weight :) I'm 628-643lbs heavier than u
656 days ago
I keep getting chubby on these quizzes because of my belly fat.🥺
663 days ago
@Krittika Chatterjee same except the diabetes part, but I am morbidly obese and gaining, currently 15, 5'4 and 627 Pounds and love it
664 days ago
My BMI is obese but I am gaining weight and have dibeatis
697 days ago
So my BMI is in the underweight range but people say I need to lose weight and I’m currently on a diet to lose weight even though I started in an underweight range…