Do I Need To Lose Weight? Quiz

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This test will help you find out if you are underweight, healthy, overweight or obese. Since this is not a customized quiz, it might not be 100 percent accurate. It should still give you a good idea, though. Just remember that you are beautiful, no matter what shape and size you might be.

  • 1
    Stand up and look down. What do you see?
    Stand up and look down. What do you see?
  • 2
    How much do you exercise per week? (Not including P.E.)
  • 3
    How many hours do you spend sitting or lying down? (Not including at school.)

  • 4
    Do you have an eating disorder?
  • 5
    How much water do you drink in a day? (Based on 20 oz./60 centiliter plastic water bottles from stores.)
  • 6
    Do you drink soda?

  • 7
    What do you think about your weight?
  • 8
    Can you see some of your bones?
  • 9
    Do people comment on your weight? Choose the option closest to what you're hearing.
  • 10
    How long can you run before you start to get short of breath?

Comments (111)


1421 days ago
They told me to gain weight? I'm so confused!
1426 days ago
umm i think i’m quite overweight for my age and i think i should lose weight, it’s telling me to gain it, i’m nowhere near skinny
1432 days ago
It said that I was normal? Not gonna lie , I'm not fat but what does normal even mean. There is no definition of normal! People come in all different shapes and sizes and that's OK:)
When did people come up with the word normal. I HATE That word because it means nothing, people come on this quiz to see if they need to lose weight . There is nothing wrong with being over weight, so stop body shaming yourself and just love yourself! Of course you can lose weight if you want to but just be you and don't change for other people just change for yourself !

Everyone is Amazing no matter the look of there body, remember normal is not a word you can be naturally beautiful with acne or scars ,cellulite or curves. -Lili reinheart
1434 days ago
@Cassidy @Cassy umm try being 5'4, 13, and 225 pounds! I will say though, I love my fat! I would love to get bigger! 300 is my goal right now. I love to see buttons pop on my clothes. I want to be able to pop 4-5 buttons someday and want my belly to go down to my knees when I sit. Here are my results.

You have some chub here and there and you should maybe start eating better and exercise to have a healthier lifestyle!

I'm not going to exercise! Imma gain more and more! My goal will grow with my chubby belly. (Right now, my belly looks like a big beach ball and a half. I want it bigger though!) And, I gained 5 pounds in 2 days!! You have to say, though. Playing with the jiggly fat on your belly it's fun! I love it!! See? You don't have to be ashamed of your weight or belly. As I always say, to my fellow gainers out there, keep on gaining with me!! Make that belly as big and squishy as you want!
1439 days ago
My family say "Everyone wishes to have a body like yours!" I AM 120-140 (13y.o) and everyone stares at me like I need to lose weight!
I must really be fat....I can see my bones especially when I stretch but I guess I have Body Shame and thats why..
1439 days ago
They say"I know it's hard but you have to put some food in your mouth. Gain a few pounds, you're not fat don't look in that mirror and think that."
But I am 120-140 and I am 13,I feel pretty fat because of they way people stare at me and because I think I have body shame...
1450 days ago
it said i was fat? like maybe a bit chubby but im not that fat its normal to have a few rolls
1458 days ago
I'm love fat I want to be 3000 I'm 133 and I'm 11
1467 days ago
Yeah this thing said I need to loose weight..... Are you stupid or are you stupid! I weigh 127 pounds so what are you talking about. P.S I'm 11.😢
1479 days ago
It says that i should start the same but I'm super skinny and 64lbs and im 11 and 4"7. I need to eat but im not eating to much and i think i need to lose weight but everyone said i breed to gain weight.
1486 days ago
This is really wrong. It said I need to ear more but that is not what I think.
1488 days ago
I'm 14. I weigh 243 pounds. This test claims that I need to gain weight. Yeah, whatever. Maybe I should try water fasting. IDK.
1492 days ago
It says I need to be eating like hell. But the truth is, I eat a lot and exercise 9.5 hours a week.You can see most of my bones. I have been not eating much since Yesterday, but IDK if I should stop.
1544 days ago
Apparently, I should gain weight... um how about no
1548 days ago
It says I need to gain weight...I'm 12 and 110lbs. I'm a bit chubby. I eat a lot, and I don't exercise as much as I'd like (maybe 2-3hrs a week right now but I exercise more in the summer). I don't need to gain weight.
1639 days ago
yea guys im underweight i should start with an apple
1642 days ago
I am 163 lbs and im 14
I really need to loose weight
1661 days ago
I'm underweight :'(
i'm eleven
weigh 62 pounds
plz help
1667 days ago
feel that can lose some weight but am not bad.
1668 days ago
I am 11 year old who ways 131IB but it says I need to gain pounds.I tbink I need to lose some.