Do you need to lose weight?

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This test will help you know if you are underweight, healthy, overweight or obese. This is not a definite quiz so it may be wrong. Just remember that you are all beautiful, no matter what shape and size.

  • 1
    Stand up and look down, what do you see?
  • 2
    How much do you exercise? (Not including P.E.)
  • 3
    How many hours do you spend sitting, laying down? (Not including school)
  • 4
    Do you have an eating disorder? (This is only one question so it may not be right)
  • 5
    How much water do you drink in a day? (Based on plastic water bottles from stores.)
  • 6
    Do you drink soda?
  • 7
    What do you consider yourself?
  • 8
    Can you see some of your bones?
  • 9
    Comments on weight?
  • 10
    How much can you run? How long?

Comments (22)


Rose (19194)
13 hours ago
I'm 20 and a female , my height is 5'4 and I weigh 100lbs.. should I lose weight?
Zoey (36340)
17 days ago
I am 5ft and weigh 100 I need to lose more weight? I fat? Because I only feel pretty when I’m starving
Maddy (37179)
21 days ago
I’m 5ft and weight 130 is that bad?
Nicole (61035)
25 days ago
I’m 12 and 345 pounds and I’m 5’4 and all my friends say I’m too fat. One time I even broke a chair at school when I sat on it
Abby (23735)
37 days ago
I'm 12 4'11 and 99.8 lb is that ok it said to put some food in my mouth gain some weight I feel fat met weight is normal I'm not anorexic or obese but I still feel fat 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Anonymous (64369)
46 days ago
Sigrid, you are certain”y NOT fat. That 8san absolutely perfect weight for your age!👍💗💗Make sure though; that you eat enough to fuel your body so you can try exercising. You are still so young, you don’t even need to work out yet unless you really want to! If not; you can always play sports, ride your bike if you go for jogs or walks. Good luck!☺️❤️
Anonymous (64369)
46 days ago
Working out is my passion and I am trying a vegan diet, but Ihave such a hard time losing weight: It’s just so hard;
youngin (13534)
55 days ago
I’m 5’9 160 pounds and a female is that okay ?
Ruby (37257)
57 days ago
I'm 101 lbs and I'm 5.5. Im around average I think, but this quiz said I need to eat?? Lol.
Twink (11208)
60 days ago
Guys im 12 too. The normal weight for our age is 42-53 kg. I weigh 56.3 last time i checked. I workout every night, i do 100 crunches, 50 squats, i run up and down the stairs 10 times each. Try that
Kaylyn Cornett (52532)
87 days ago
I'm 11 years old, I weigh 138lbs, and my hight is 4'11". My doctor always criticizes me, and says that I'm obese, it's gotten to the point where I believe, honestly am I obese or just needing to lose some weight because I know my weight is not healthy but is it really unhealthy or just a little, please tell me.
YOLO123456789 (95724)
95 days ago
My god I have a lung condition where when I exert myself, I start breathing really hard and I get lightheaded. And my doctor told me I need to lose weight.
callmefire (53179)
97 days ago
this is saying that m skinny. sure, I've been told that a few times, but i don't believe it.
Potato (31635)
108 days ago
Im 12 and 220 (im 5"6). This is saying i need to gain weight. im overweight, maybe even obese!!! wth
Www (95804)
115 days ago
I weigh 165 the last time I checked I am 12 years old tell me if that is bad
AM I FAT (57445)
116 days ago
I did not know you had to see you cooler bone or get any excercise other than gym?? If I am 13 and way 230 is that good or bad?? Please let me know honestly!!
user123 (75041)
121 days ago
i’m so fat and it is telling me i’m too skinny. this is wrong
thiccc obese sumo (24729)
140 days ago
burgers 4 life if u disagree pls get off the page and never come near me or any of my thiccc Big Macs ok thnx bye
A Girl (09246)
149 days ago
Ive had people ask me if im pregnant! Im 13! and it said i needed to put more food in my mouth, sorry honey but i need to loose belly fat, leg fat, and arm fat. This test didnt work at all for me
Kierra (66946)
158 days ago
I'm 11 very tall and of a week ago 210an fell fat