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The Mystery of the magical website Chapter 1

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15 Chapter - 617 Words - Developed by: - Developed on: - 721 taken- The story is completed

2 children, Alison and Jackie, find a magical website on the web and write a note to the website. The next morning They're sleeping on the floor outside!

    Once Jackie woke up and said to him self, "Let's make a short film!" He woke up Alison to help him. "Now, Let's look for a website!" Alison said.

    They soon found a website that got them interested. The clicked on the link and suddenly, their eye balls went in circles! "That was weird" Jackie said sticking his tongue at Alison. "WHAT? How'd that happen?" asked Jackie

    The kids soon found out that both of their tongues were lizard tongues! That night as they fell asleep they had the same dream: It was night time and rain was falling. Thunder was booming and the house was struck. The computer Jumped out of the

    Outlets and ate Jackie's brain Jackie became a lizard. Jackie woke up noticing that it wasn't a dream at all- it was a nightmare... Alison, not knowing it was a dream kept sleeping and suddenly a bright light shone on her face...

    "Honey were moving now get in the car" said Alison's dad. "In the middle in the night?" She asked as she looked at her clock. "Yes" her dad replied. But as the family drove something wasn't right. She and Jackie were shrunken and were

    The size of a newborn baby. "WHAT?" they yelled at the same time which startled and scared the parents so instead of driving to Alaska, they drove to the desert.

    No family members realized where they were for they were to busy screaming and laughing with tears. And when they got there...

    They suddenly stopped they thought they were at Alaska already but no, They were wrong.

    They wandered around the desert still thinking it was Alaska and looked for a house. They looked in caves, Under cliffs, On cliffs, near cacti, and even inside animals.

    They couldn't find a house so after a while they were STARVING only left with bugs and insects to eat. The family was so thirsty they found some mirages and quickly dived but just got sand.

    The family now discovered they were in the desert.
    Jackie leaped up and noticed Alison's size. She was the size and shape of a lizard!

    Alison saw Jackie's long tongue. When they both saw their new parts they flapped on their laptop and read more of the website it said: If you are a girl and you are reading this,

    You will turn into a lizard and for those boys will be frogs. Jackie leaped a incredible high leap and Alison hid from Jackie as her

    Green pale orange skin matched to the ground. The parents soon grew worried of their children and drove away to look for them.

    But Jackie and Alison soon noticed they were both reptiles

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41 days ago
Did you mean to break it all up into chapters super small that didn’t make sense? Also the ending was... not an ending????