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What type of shopper are you?

31.32 % of users had this result: Uhm. You need to get out and shop some more! Just because you don't feel the need to shop, doesn't mean you don't need new clothes! Look around and see what you like! Don't end up looking like this guy!

49.57 % of users had this result: You're a smart shopper! You buy what you need, when you need it. You never run out of money, but you aren't made out of money either. You have cute outfits, but not so much that you drown in them! Keep doing what you're doing!

19.11 % of users had this result: Woah... Chill with the spending! You spend way too much, buying things you don't really need. Try cutting back a little, unless you're super rich and made of money. In that case... give me some money.