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Are you obese, fat, normal, skinny or anorexic? (For girls ages 11 to 16)

4.03 % of users had this result: Not to alarm you, but it sounds like you're too thin and need help getting to a normal weight. Seriously, people die from anorexia. We care about you! Please, please see your doctor ASAP!

19.95 % of users had this result: You're definitely skinny. While you're probably OK, make sure you don't lose any weight and end up in a dangerous health situation. Ideally, you'll gain a few pounds and get yourself up to a normal weight.

43.61 % of users had this result: NORMAL! PERFECT! AWESOME! Keep up the good weight! You're exercising regularly and sometimes get a little chubbier after dinner. That's totally fine! You'll be back to your normal weight in the morning.

27.96 % of users had this result: I probably don't have to tell you that you are carrying more extra weight than you'd like to and is healthy for you. Exercise more and eat a healthier diet. Small but consistent changes can add up to big losses over time. That sensible approach keeps you from getting overwhelmed by how much you need to lose.

4.46 % of users had this result: We don't mean to hurt your feelings, but it sounds like you're definitely obese. Please ask your doctor for advice NOW on how to get back to a healthy weight. Obesity strains all your vital organs, and you're likely in grave danger. Please, we want you to be OK -- but you won't be if you don't address your obesity now.