The quiz statistic

What color should you paint your nails?

28.39 % of users had this result: Pink. You are a very happy person. You don't get sad a lot and always have a smile on your face. You love wearing shorts and tank tops. Your smile would look beautiful with pink nails!

37.45 % of users had this result: Blue. You are a very sad person. You don't smile much. Things haven't always been on your side. You like to wear sweats and just lay there not really doing anything. Blue would make your nails match your personality.

17.5 % of users had this result: Black. You are a very angry person. Everything makes you makes you mad. People get on your nerves and you don't like to be bothered. You are dark and don't smile at all. Black would show not to mess with you.

16.66 % of users had this result: Rainbow. You are a very exited person. You can't just have one color! You are always smiling and looking forward to future things. You always have a smile on your face and cheer people up when they feel sad. Your attitude would look amazing with rainbow nails.