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Find out which F.R.I.E.N.D.S character are you

28.16 % of users had this result: Wow! You are Monica Geller! You want everything as it is! People find you different! You rock babe!

11.04 % of users had this result: Congrats..! You are Phoebe Buffay! People like you are completely rare! Never change yourself! You are the center of everybody's attention

9.85 % of users had this result: Woohoo! Heey heey... HOW YOU DOOIN? Joey Trribianni! You are cute but stupid! Anybody would be lucky to have you as their friend! And not to forget you are handsome!

8.84 % of users had this result: Congrats! You are Dr.Ross Geller! You are the nicest person around..though a bit geeky people love you for being such a sweetheart!

42.11 % of users had this result: CHANDLER BING! you are the most sarcastic and the most funny person around! Seriously could BE anymore special! You make a best friend and a best partner!