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What kind of person are you?

26.7 % of users had this result: You're one of those smart, Creative and passionate people. You like to learn new things and philosophy is just magic to you. You might be one of those cool nerdy people and you love it! Your definitely not that sociable but, there is a leader inside of you:) Believe in yourself more and you will do great and achieve your dream as soon as possible!: D

41.18 % of users had this result: You are definitely the cool, sociable person. You have a lovable personality and sometimes you can be very caring and loyal, just don't care too much! You might be very sensitive but your good in hiding it! Enjoy every single moment in your life and remember you need to learn more and hang out with your friends less.

6.94 % of users had this result: You're the Moody person, artistic and bohemian. You don't have a lot of friends but the few you have are very special people. You might be one of those forgotten people, you need to show up more and be yourself! Your personality is one of a kind so embrace it and learn from your mistakes don't hide from them!

15.47 % of users had this result: You're the Family guy! You love your family and friends and can't get away from them. All you need is to focus on your studies and career and also try to be independent on other people! Don't give your happiness for people's approval, Rebel, it's really okay every now and then!

9.72 % of users had this result: You are one of those arrogant people, defiantly the No person but guess what that's not bad! The No person is probably more likely to succeed in life and maybe try to have your own business. You were born to be the BOSS ;)