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Serious Avatar Quiz: What bender are you?

33.39 % of users had this result: Earthbender- Personality: You are strong, persistent, and enduring in the face of conflict or controversy; You don’t seek out conflict but you face it when you must. You have a very long fuse, and get annoyed very infrequently. Earthbenders are very tied to the land, they love their home and situation and do not adapt to change easily. The greatest of these qualities is your determination, and your unrelenting will. Fighting Techniques: In conflict you stand firm. You prefer to wait for the right moment to strike, keeping up a mix of attack and defense before this point. You rely on your lower body strength to keep you grounded and rooted. Because of your nature you are unable to easily initiate conflict making barriers and defenses harder to break for you. Manipulating the earth to your advantage is your shield and sword. Your main colour and animals are: Green, and Badger moles

26.18 % of users had this result: Waterbender- Personality- You are very connected to your emotions, and rely on them to guide you. Waterbenders do not like conflict and therefore prefer to go with the flow to work around them. You are very social because of these two things and make friends easily. You are more of a night owl. It’s easier for you to adapt to new environments and welcome change, but you do not crave it. You prefer to be kind and supportive than right. Fighting style: When attacked or threatened, waterbenders rely on re-directing their opponent’s momentum. They are willing to both retreat and push forward depending on the circumstances. Their movements are more graceful and dancelike giving them more upper body strength. They are not as effective against opponents who do not use frequent attacks. Waterbenders have the edge with self-healing techniques. Your main colour and animals: Blue, and you are more connected with the moon and ocean spirits

19.1 % of users had this result: Airbender- Personality- You are very calm. You have a lot of hope in life, and value it as precious. You have a large imagination and enjoy coming up with new techniques and ideas. This helps you resolve conflict and prevent it from arising. You avoid drama, and prefer to be in more peaceful and calm environments. You are not tied down by anything, and enjoy your freedom. Although you do not bend to others’ will when faced with conflict, you do everything you can to avoid it. Fighting Style- When in battle, prefer to use evasive maneuvers. For an airbender, speed is key. The secret to victory is non-stop movement, and finding a different path when confronted. Airbenders rely on core strength. Strikes will only be used in an attempt to prolong evasion. Your element is always surrounding you, and you draw strength wherever you are. Your faith in something greater gives you peace and hope, despite the hardships you face. Main colour and animals: white, and sky bison

21.33 % of users had this result: Firebender- Personality- Typical type A personality. You give your best for everything you do and take on many responsibilities. You are passionate and ambitious which affects your personal life. People will tend to respect you but also can be intimidated by you. You get things done during the day. Time is valuable to you, making it so that you barely relax, preferring to keep busy and moving. You compete with those around you, in order to push yourself to do better. You are a natural leader. Fighting Style- When fighting you attack head on. Defense is the last thing on your mind, preferring to relentlessly strike at your opponent. You always strike first and aim to strike last. You rely on hand and feet dexterity to deliver punishing blows. Your emotions dictate your actions, rather than logic. You strike with fiery determination. By focusing on enhancing your attacks you can produce fire from every punch and kick. When you lose control the results can be devastating for yourself and others. Main colour and animals: Red, and dragons