The quiz statistic

What type of girl are you?

12.25 % of users had this result: Popular! You're the it girl. You get all the boys and soooo many friends. You're OK at most things but who needs brains when you're this popular? Nice going! Tip: Make sure you think about other people too, that'll make you a whole new kind of popular.

8.8 % of users had this result: You're really busy! You do so many extracurricular activities and stuff that you can't stop. You're amazing at everything but you get worked up and stressed easily. Your are really committed to getting what you want in life. Tip: Take some time to relax every once in a while.

11.8 % of users had this result: You're super smart! A classic nerd! Well done! You have the power to change the world and are amazing, but not very confident. Tip: Don't care what other people think about you. They're dumb, remember? People love a girl with a brain.

10.84 % of users had this result: Rebel! You aren't afraid to be yourself and think outside the box. You're going to change the world with your fresh sense of style and new ways of thinking. You're a risk taker and a thrill seeker. Nicely done! Tip: Know how to draw the line between fun and real risk.

56.31 % of users had this result: You are a kind, average girl. You are just what you should be and you will pass most things. Don't worry that you don't stand out, you're holding yourself back! You are awesome, flaunt it! Tip: Don't be afraid to speak up once in a while.