Do I Like Him As A Best Friend, Or More?

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Are you confused about whether you like "him" as a best friend, or only as a crush? You know the one we mean! ;-) If you want clarity on this situation, take this quiz!

  • 1
    First, why are you taking this quiz?
    First, why are you taking this quiz?
  • 2
    How do you feel when you talk to him? Choose the closest.
  • 3
    Have either of you talked about liking each other in the past?
  • 4
    How often do you talk in person?
  • 5
    How often do you text/call/email?
  • 6
    Who starts most of your conversations?
  • 7
    What do your friends say about you two?
  • 8
    What do you like best about him (as either a friend or a crush)?
  • 9
    Do you compliment each other?
  • 10
    Would you kiss him if you could?

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24 hours ago
I like my best friend, but we have way too much in common for me to screw it up with a simple crush. We both intern together for a hospital, do cross and track, debate team, and have half our schedule the same. We can to go to the same university and both want to go into medicine, and since I spend so much time with him I couldn’t help but develop feelings. But we were going to go to New York over summer to intern at a large hospital and live together, but if we were dating our parents would never let us. I have such a hard time picking between my love of him and my love of my career. It’s just so confusing to my brain, and I can’t even escape him long enough to think, I’m never going to be able to get over the crush if I can’t get a break, but I don’t want to, because he makes me so happy.
7 days ago
So my "friend" and I would always walk with each other after school because our mom works together and each day, I gotten more closer to him. We always go to the store first, go to their work, then chill in the office on the couch, watching netflix, eating snacks, playing games together, and help our mom whenever they're in need. Our walks together takes about 15 minutes and our conversations are mostly about getting to know more about each other or how our day went. Everytime I get to know more about him, I realize that we have many things that are similar, such as favoritism, likes, dislikes, how we live life, etc. Imma admit that I always used to like good looking boys and always like them before getting to know them, but he's different. I got to know him first and right now, I don't really care about looks. I just like how he is, his personality, the way we vibe, and I love his company. He's the first guy that I have ever been close with. I always hang out with girls and since my parents are strict with boys, I have this mindset that doesnt wanna make me become too close with them. But my parents are alright with him since our mom is close with each other. Idk but our friendship feels like it could be a relationship for some reason....or maybe I've just been watching too much kdrama lmao but yeah idk if i like him as a friend or more soooo yeh
160 days ago
So..... I have a boy bestfriend and we're so frickin close he's like the most amazing person in the world!!! Every time we see each other, we've GOT to hug. It's mandatory. Just last Monday, we had Field Day, and we would literally hug every, like, 5 minutes. I waswatching a game and he comes up to me and put his arm over my shoulder, then I held his hand and hugged him. Then we stopped. After a couple minutes, we sat down on the bench. He leaned on me and i wrapped my arms around his chest. Then, he got up, played a game, and came back. He sat down on the right of me, and this time, i put my head on his lap, and was just watching the kids play 4 square. Every single time I would talk to him, I would look up, into his eyes and he would look down, into my eyes, and then we would start laughing. When the game was over and we had to get up, this kid in our grade came up to us and made a heart with his hands, as if we like each other. We both ignored him, and he put his arm on my shoulder and we walked to our next location. On the last day of school, when the final bell rang, I went to his classroom, ran up to him, and gave him a long ass, tight💗hug. Then, he started crying and i was tearing up, knowing that i wasn't going to see him for 8 whole weeks!!!! ALSO, ONCE, i got up to go to my next class, and when the final bell rang, i got my stuff. Then, he sneaked up behind me and gave me a tight💗hug from behind!!!
203 days ago
I'm a bisexual guy, who REALLY likes by ex-best friend (he doesn't talk to me any more😢), and I can't get over the fact that I just want to hug him and kiss him and have💗with him, but he's straight. If anyone else is like this, just know it SUCKS. but there is nothing you can do. Let him know that if he ever did turn gay, that you would be interested. Other then that, just try to get over him as quick as possible. It's not easy, but ut can be done. YOU WILL CRY AND THATS OK. Just know other people go through this too, even if it doesn't feel like it. Your not alone
258 days ago
So my best guy friend since 8th grade is really great. We talk a lot. He moved to another town be we keep I contact. We flirt and joke so much during text. He's had girlfriends and talked to me about them, but he treats me like I'm someone special. I love it. I wish i could tell him how I feel, but Im scared our friendship could be ruined.
290 days ago
so umm i met this guy on Xbox he's the same age as me and we always hang out we are best friends but i want it to be more i mean all my friends think we like eachother but im not sure its just hes so funny and cute and.........💗 i like him
320 days ago
He was my friend for 3 years and actually there is not a day that I forgot him. He is always in my mind. Sometimes when I call him, he smiles and then ran as if he is nervous about me. I can't really talk to him parents will kill me. And that is true. I don't really know if he likes me but I have a feeling he has. Wish I could talk to him as my best friend. He makes me laugh though by the way.... :)
342 days ago
Im a guy but im bisexual. I have a friend who i think is kind of cute but im not sure if i have a crush on him or if i just want a relationship
413 days ago
So there's this guy that i've been friends with for a while. He's a grade younger than me and i met him when he was in 6th grade. I knew him because he played the same instrument as me. All my friends thought he was annoying and creepy so they were all mean to him. I was nice to him just because i didn't want to be rude. Well this year he got into the advanced band which is what I'm in so now we have a class together. And at the beginning of the year i was put in his lunch as well. I realized he was super funny and we talked all the time. At the time i just liked him as a best friend however everyone kept saying he liked me. But my girl bestfriend still hated him and when i was around her i acted like i hayed him too. Then at a football game i went to with her, we ran into him and he kept following us around so we ran away. Then the following week he started hanging out with another girl and didn't even talk to me. The two of them keep hanging out and im starting to get jealous. Recently we had a band event that she wasn't at and he talked to me for once and i had so much fun. I remembered how nice and funny he is and now i think i might like him even though he told me that night that he has a crush on her... What do i do????
441 days ago
i dont know yet but im ready to take on what i need to to ask him out
658 days ago
i don't know if I like him yet. Like , I wanna do all the romantic stuff but also just be friends like we are right now. I love spending time with him.
663 days ago
This is great, really helped me make up my mind.
681 days ago
This was relieving thank you. I was concerned I gained feelings for one of my best friends and the questions on this quiz (and the result) made me realize I just want to maintain our close friendship. Sadly, we’ve been becoming more and more distant which explains the sudden increase of thoughts about him that I seem to be getting. This means I do NOT have a crush! :)
725 days ago
It says my friend and I aren't even friends. We've known each other for 5-6 frickin years!