Do I Like Him As A Best Friend, Or More?

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Are you confused about whether you like "him" as a best friend, or only as a crush? You know the one we mean! ;-) It's SO easy to lose the ability to use your brain when your heart is getting in the way! If you want clarity on this situation, try this quiz. Good luck!

  • 1
    First, why are you taking this quiz?
    First, why are you taking this quiz?
  • 2
    How do you feel when you talk to him? Choose the closest.
  • 3
    Have either of you talked about liking each other in the past?

  • 4
    How often do you talk in person?
  • 5
    How often do you text/call/email?
  • 6
    Who starts most of your conversations?

  • 7
    What do your friends say about you two?
  • 8
    What do you like best about him (as either a friend or a crush)?
  • 9
    Do you compliment each other?
  • 10
    Would you kiss him if you could?

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14 days ago
i i i i i think im in love.....…😍😚😙😘😻💑💏👶im so in love i feel
like im gonna burst like a bollon
36 days ago
So... Update after another 6 months. I love him and I can never go back and get over it, not as fast as I thought. I fell in love with him again and again, every day and every second, knowing that he'll never love me like I do. But actually, it is okay. I accepted it because I can't change anything. I told him that I'm still in love with him and he was just so sweet... But nope, he doesn't love me. Well, that's pretty much it, I hope you all will find love!
57 days ago
pls read and give me some tips

I really have no experience with this I'm much too young, but here's what I'd do if I were you:

I think I'd tell him. Apologize, and if he likes someone else, rell him that you really was just stupid at the time, tell him that whatever he chooses you'll still love him and support him when he needs it, but that's it's hus choice and not yours. You were an 💗. Try to mean those words, not just tell him with no emotions. Tell him (if you agree) that you understand if he doesn't want to be your girlfriend, but that you woukd love being friends with him again.

That's what I would do, but I know nothing about you and your boy so...
66 days ago
so bascially me and jay (let’s call him jay) were the bestest of friends. we hung out all the time. then in january 2020 he asked me out and i said no because i just thought of him as a friend. through corona and stuff we would call every single day, go to the beach to swim and do a lot of stuff together. his best friend recently told me that jay thought i liked him even though i didn’t. so i thought i should tell jay again that i didn’t like him so he understood how i felt. so i did tell him and then he then sent me a message saying that he was bascially in love with me and canceled our plans for the weekend which was a bit sad. we didn’t talk for the whole weekend and then i called him on sunday and we kind of made up. i said we should just move on from this and just be best friends again and he agreed. but then on the tuesday after the sunday we had this conversation about how it was too much for him to hang out with me and be so close to me without having a relationship. so now we occasionally speak now and then around school but i MISS HIM SO MUCH. and now i don’t know if i should tell him that i want to be his girlfriend now because i have messed him around a lot by being a little flirty and leading him on but i can’t deal with not talking to him everyday and telling him everything and doing things with him and i really want him back and i fee like the only way i can do that is to be his girlfriend and i think i want that but idk if it’s too late and i’ve hurt him too much. thanks for reading guys lots of love
75 days ago
Lol wrong, he isn’t my acquaintance, he is my best friend in the world, today he literally said, that I am pretty much the perfect friend, and I said the same to him, we also agreed that neither of us, when we look at eachother, see a person we could potentially go out with, we see eachother as something like cousins. And we are really close, but I don’t like him like that.
87 days ago
I have a friend,we hug and we're neighbors so we go home together and we're almost like the same person and our friends tease us a I think I like him
132 days ago
Hey so I like this guy and he’s super cute, sweet and sporty. We both have a lot in common and I told him ages ago I liked him but every time I’m about to tell him another girl comes and asks him out first and they are my friends too. Also we are talking a lot and he’s always congratulating me for my good jobs in a sporting game. Then we are always flirting I think I’m not sure.
144 days ago
P.S nadine says I should try kissing him tomorrow and now I’m actually considering it loll idk I’m scared oof I dunno what to do I’m making such a big deal out of nothing. If you’re confused read the long💗thing I just wrote below this lol.
144 days ago
Hi, everyone if you take the time to read this I really appreciate it. This guy, we’ll call him taco lol since that’s our inside joke. We used to be really close a year ago. I remember thinking he was cute but there were always girls all over him. One of the girls that flirted with him though liked me as well, she was bi. So she wanted to get with me. Taco was friends with her and we ended up becoming close and he asked for my snap. Later on I remember getting a little jealous and thinking he was cute though. Anyway fast forward a year we kinda fell off before. I don’t have a first hour in school because I’m a junior in high school and he’s a senior. One of the days I got there early and he skipped his first period that same day and we ended up sitting down together. That day I also realized I missed him. Since that day we’ve been FaceTimeing every night and became super close and we’re best friends now. (It’s been like a month or two but we spend a lotttttrtt of time together so it feels like longer lol) More recently though we’ve been flirty. Between me sitting on his lap and us cuddling. As well as a lot of compliments lol. I thought he liked me. Honestly, a lot of guys have wanted to get with me. But every SINGLE one of them only wanted to use me. I don’t let things bother me and I’m not an emotional person. But I’m a mess. I feel so broken and lost and have no trust because of it. Anyway I recognized some feelings for taco a few weeks ago. I chose to ignore it honestly and push my feelings away. But today it came back like a slap in the face. I was on FaceTime with him and my other best friend, I’ll call her uhhh yeah I can’t think of anything if anyone I know sees this fml. So her name is nadine. Anyway the more nadine and taco talked the more I felt like I was kinda left out a bit. I quickly got jealous and kinda mad honestly. Neither if them did anything wrong. I know nadine really likes this other guy too and they’re both such good friends I don’t ever think they’d intentionally hurt me. However me and taco both love drake and nadine said she didn’t like drake. So I ended the call and called taco and was gonna text her this joke cuz she didn’t like drake and this was the “no hate on drake club” lol I’m stupid. Okay anyway, taco ended up ending the call on me to keep talking to her which honestly stung a little. Making me realize completely that I definitely have feelings for him. They’re both asleep rn. I can’t sleep because my 💗 decided to text him something that made it obvious I was jealous lol I hate myself I’m soooo dumb I can’t believe I did that. So when he called me back he basically stated the fact that I have feelings for him ha. Haha yeah fml. But he didn’t say anything about feeling the same way... there’s a lot of mixed signals honestly. He did call me adorable tho... lol. Sooo I confessed to nadine why I hung up and how I felt but she didn’t read it yet. And now I’m supposed to hang out with both of them tomorrow at my house😭😭😭 let me tell you I’m not prepared lol. This has been story time with Carly. I’m exposing myself cuz idgaf anymore. If you actually read this thank you so much and I hope you have an amazing day. I wish you the best luck with your own experience. xx❤️
193 days ago
This didn't give me a straight answer
200 days ago
Okay, I know everyone is telling their story but I want to do that too. Excuse me for my English, I'm not a native speaker. So... I was deeply in love with my best guy friend, I'm probably still in love. It all began when we started texting a year ago... We became friends and I have him advice about his girlfriend. He really loved her and was just so cute and perfect as a boyfriend. But then she broke up with him, not telling him why. He was just so heartbroken, it made me hurt so much. I tried to help him but I knew he couldn't really get over the whole thing. He struggles so much with himself, he doesn't notice how perfect he is... So, a few months later we went to the swimming pool with all our friends. We had so much fun and I enjoyed the time with him. But in the evening I realized that I had a huge crush on him. He's just - perfect! A week later we made a class trip and my friend, he and I played truth or dare on WhatsApp. I was just Soo excited because it was very obviously that I had a crush on him. But while playing, he said that there where two other girls, one of them another friend of mine. I knew that they also had a crush on him but I was shocked when he told us in truth or dare that he didn't know wether he loves one of them. That was the first time I lost all my hope. I knew that I was his best friend, nothing more. Later, he texted my friend and asked wether I had a crush on him and she told him to ask me. So he asked me and I told him the truth. I was his best friend, nothing more. That broke my heart and for the first time in my whole life I cried so hard because of a boy. But he was still so cute, so perfect. He told me he would always be there for me and that I can talk to him about everything. In the following months, I started hoping often and my heart got broken again often. But one day, I just knew I loved him. I knew it. And it broke my heart again because I knew he would never love me back. But there were still the other girls, more than two. His heart got broken too and that hurt even more for me because I didn't want him to be sad. We always had just such a deep connection... Then, immediately he started to ignore me. I didn't know what happened and I asked him why. He just said he wanted the best for me and that's not that I would be hopeless in love. He said it was too much. And that was when I truly broke, when my heart got crushed. I fought for him, I would have died for him, but it made me feel like I lost him. And then, I gave up. I stopped putting my whole soul in this love because nothing would have ever happened. I stopped crushing on him, I decided to be his friend again. That's where I am now, after half a year of pain and love. And I still know that I love him, as my best friend and maybe a bit more. I gave up on him but I know I'll never really give up...
Why I did this test? Because I'm not sure about my feelings, just like all of you.
Thanks if you read everything and I wish you to get all the love you deserve. ❤️
205 days ago
I mean, this just made me more confused if anything. I was trying to find clarity but it didn't really work.
223 days ago
Heh... Only if he wasn't gay-
224 days ago
alright so here's me and my best friend moon's story. (disclaimer rq: HIS REAL NAME IS NOT MOON!!!!!! i just dont want to say his real name:) okay anywayss. so a couple of days after the last day of school last year (so, july 2019), moon texted me at like 4 in the morning telling me that he liked me. before he told me, i was having some mixed emotions about him after our field day, when we were more clingy to each other than usual and we were doing couply things. for example, i would put my head in his lap and he would play with my hair, or he would put his head in my lap and i would just slap him gently and we would start laughing. mind you, we already have a touchy feely type of relationship. he is ALWAYS coming up to me and putting his arm around my shoulder. or he would come up to me when i didnt notice and hug me from behind. its just something we're both comfortable with. EVERYBODY shipped us SUPER DUPER hard. like when im telling you, every single day someone would come up to me and ask if we're dating yet or we should date. anyways, yeah back to the story. he told me he liked me, but i was still confused with my feelings. i guess i wanted to feel the thrill of having my first boyfriend (yup, he was my first) and got so caught up with it, i blindly said yes without thinking whether or not i actually like him. fast forward to 2 days later. i was just laying down thinking to myself, huh, do i rly like him or do i just want to finally say that i've had a boyfriend and have kissed someone before? thats when i realized: i dont like him. in my head i was like omggg how am i gonna tell him he rly likes me. i mean, he was rushing things anyways, calling me mamas, princess, getting freaky with me, telling me he loved me. so i just came up with an excuse saying that my family found out we were dating and told me to break up with him. he believed it, and a couple of weeks after, he texted me saying "since we both like each other but ur parents wont let us date, do u wanna be friends with benefits. thats when i told him that, in the nicest way possible, i genuinely didnt like him and i only liked him as a friend. he understood and dropped it. now, fast forward to last month (november). i posted this yolo thing on my story and somebody swiped up saying "yk ____ likes u right?" and i said "i wont believe it until i hear it come from him and mind ur business". he slid up on that and said "ummm maybe i do but it's not my fault i just cant stop liking u" then i dragged the conversation saying stuff like since when" and things like that. i texted my other best friend, his name is vinny (yes that is his real name idgaf anymore💀). anyways, i asked him for advice because i didnt like moon but i didnt want to hurt his feelings. vinny told me to ask him how much he liked me and why. when i asked him this, he said he loved me to the moon and back and that i always lifted his spirits and he was a happier person whenever i was around. i told him i needed to think about it, and a week later i called it off and told him i didnt like him in that way. now, after like a month, he got a girlfriend who just so happens to be my girl bestfriend. im sorta kinda jealous and idk what todo... but yea u deserve the world if u took the time out of ur day to read this, thank youuu❤︎
226 days ago
I love my best friend Jacob so much. Our friendship means everything to me and I would give anything to have him in my life forever. He just understands me in a way no one else does. He’s so considerate and supportive and helpful and forgiving and just had the best personality ever basically. Personally, I don’t think I deserve him but he always try’s to make me believe otherwise. What we have is so precious to me and I don’t want to risk ruining it by telling him that my feelings may be changing for him. I don’t think it’s worth risking changing the way he thinks about me. I know what we have is great and special to both of us and although it feels like it couldn’t be any better, I feel like it could if we gave it the chance but until then I want to him to know I love him but in the way of him as my BFF.
248 days ago
I like my best friend, but we have way too much in common for me to screw it up with a simple crush. We both intern together for a hospital, do cross and track, debate team, and have half our schedule the same. We can to go to the same university and both want to go into medicine, and since I spend so much time with him I couldn’t help but develop feelings. But we were going to go to New York over summer to intern at a large hospital and live together, but if we were dating our parents would never let us. I have such a hard time picking between my love of him and my love of my career. It’s just so confusing to my brain, and I can’t even escape him long enough to think, I’m never going to be able to get over the crush if I can’t get a break, but I don’t want to, because he makes me so happy.
254 days ago
So my "friend" and I would always walk with each other after school because our mom works together and each day, I gotten more closer to him. We always go to the store first, go to their work, then chill in the office on the couch, watching netflix, eating snacks, playing games together, and help our mom whenever they're in need. Our walks together takes about 15 minutes and our conversations are mostly about getting to know more about each other or how our day went. Everytime I get to know more about him, I realize that we have many things that are similar, such as favoritism, likes, dislikes, how we live life, etc. Imma admit that I always used to like good looking boys and always like them before getting to know them, but he's different. I got to know him first and right now, I don't really care about looks. I just like how he is, his personality, the way we vibe, and I love his company. He's the first guy that I have ever been close with. I always hang out with girls and since my parents are strict with boys, I have this mindset that doesnt wanna make me become too close with them. But my parents are alright with him since our mom is close with each other. Idk but our friendship feels like it could be a relationship for some reason....or maybe I've just been watching too much kdrama lmao but yeah idk if i like him as a friend or more soooo yeh
406 days ago
So..... I have a boy bestfriend and we're so frickin close he's like the most amazing person in the world!!! Every time we see each other, we've GOT to hug. It's mandatory. Just last Monday, we had Field Day, and we would literally hug every, like, 5 minutes. I waswatching a game and he comes up to me and put his arm over my shoulder, then I held his hand and hugged him. Then we stopped. After a couple minutes, we sat down on the bench. He leaned on me and i wrapped my arms around his chest. Then, he got up, played a game, and came back. He sat down on the right of me, and this time, i put my head on his lap, and was just watching the kids play 4 square. Every single time I would talk to him, I would look up, into his eyes and he would look down, into my eyes, and then we would start laughing. When the game was over and we had to get up, this kid in our grade came up to us and made a heart with his hands, as if we like each other. We both ignored him, and he put his arm on my shoulder and we walked to our next location. On the last day of school, when the final bell rang, I went to his classroom, ran up to him, and gave him a long ass, tight💗hug. Then, he started crying and i was tearing up, knowing that i wasn't going to see him for 8 whole weeks!!!! ALSO, ONCE, i got up to go to my next class, and when the final bell rang, i got my stuff. Then, he sneaked up behind me and gave me a tight💗hug from behind!!!
450 days ago
I'm a bisexual guy, who REALLY likes by ex-best friend (he doesn't talk to me any more😢), and I can't get over the fact that I just want to hug him and kiss him and have💗with him, but he's straight. If anyone else is like this, just know it SUCKS. but there is nothing you can do. Let him know that if he ever did turn gay, that you would be interested. Other then that, just try to get over him as quick as possible. It's not easy, but ut can be done. YOU WILL CRY AND THATS OK. Just know other people go through this too, even if it doesn't feel like it. Your not alone
505 days ago
So my best guy friend since 8th grade is really great. We talk a lot. He moved to another town be we keep I contact. We flirt and joke so much during text. He's had girlfriends and talked to me about them, but he treats me like I'm someone special. I love it. I wish i could tell him how I feel, but Im scared our friendship could be ruined.