Am I A Lesbian? (Scenario Quiz)

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GIRLS ONLY! If you want to confirm whether you're a lesbian; or you want to confirm you're NOT a lesbian; OR you're just unsure whether you're a lesbian, take my quiz and find out for sure! Let me ease your mind or make you really happy (depending on your result and what you wanted it to be).

  • 1
    You're at Victoria's Secret buying lingerie. Suddenly, a very, very, sexy employee rubs her hand across your boobs and says, "Hey baby, I'm kinda horny!" You:
    You're at Victoria's Secret buying lingerie. Suddenly, a very, very, sexy employee rubs her hand across your boobs and says, "Hey baby,
  • 2
    You're in the car with Victoria's Secret girl. She says, "Let's go get some...well, some pleasure-makers....I mean, baby, if you know what I mean, then you know what to say." She then gropes your boob and reaches down between your legs with her other hand. You reply:
  • 3
    You're at Adult Superstore, and she finds strap-ons, dildos, vibrators, costumes, a hardcover dirty lesbian book with 400 pages of position pictures, cum-sucker, and a 200-page catalog of pictures and information of and about women seeking lesbians. All these things cost exactly $367.54. Your new girlfriend wants them so bad, she even says, "Baby I want hardcore tonight - buy me these things!" She gives you the horny look (which really turned you on 180 - maybe 180000000). So you:

  • 4
    In the car, she says, "Baby, I love you, but let's not rush our relationship. But we can still do each other all day, every day." You:
  • 5
    You're exactly 7 minutes from your place, when you both spot a very, very sexy woman in a very short but comfortable dress, a white leather jacket, white high heels, waist-length hair, nice jewelry, red lipstick and leather purse arguing on the phone with her boyfriend. She finally says, "You know what? I am done. We are through!" She then asks if you could give her a ride. Which of these happens next?
  • 6
    You're pulling into the driveway of your luxurious mansion. You park and get out, grabbing your Victoria's Secret bag, while Celesta (the VS employee} and the woman you just picked up grab the Adult Superstore bags. You enter the passcode to your home. Then all three of you ladies walk in. Which of these happens next?

  • 7
    You, Celesta and Sabrina (sidewalk girl) finish the tour. Which of these happens then?
  • 8
    After you tell them, they agree to have a threesome with you. You all go upstairs. Celesta slaps your butt and Sabrina kisses you both. You are all in your master bedroom. Which of these happens next?
  • 9
    You're all naked now. What order will you ladies go in for fingering?
  • 10
    You stop fingering and go hardcore. Celesta uses the strap-on on you, and bangs you fast, hard and deep. But you can't cry out, because Sabrina has another strap-on in your mouth. Then Celesta starts to bang you harder than ever, faster than ever, and deeper than ever. You motion for Sabrina to get the strap-on she has out of your mouth so you can scream while still getting banged. Celesta then stops because she wants to bang you like she did in your behind. You do it. Sabrina:

  • 11
    What Celesta did to you, you do to Celesta, and what Sabrina did to you, Sabrina does to Celesta, and what you did to Sabrina, Sabrina does to Celesta, and what Celesta did to Sabrina, you do to Celesta. You finish doing all that, then turn the TV on to lesbian porn. But you don't watch it. You all then use dildos and vibrators on each other while playing with each other's parts. All of them. And:

  • 12
    Which of these turns you on most?
  • 13
    How would you rate this quiz on a scale of 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest)?
  • 14
    Which of these body parts catches your eye most?
  • 15
    What do you think your result is?

Comments (76)


3 days ago
I'm 100% lesbian! I like girls and don't care if I am in a treo or not when I'm older as long as I have someone who loves me
5 days ago
K I like girls but I don’t want too I just want da first oneeee I was imagining her looking ljke my crush the sidewalk girl ruined it also the 💗 was not it lmaooo just no and too aggressive for meeeee
25 days ago
I'm gay but if a random girl came at me and told me she was 💗, I'd freak out. Like, don't grab my breasts without permission..
27 days ago
This all sounds like it was written by a 💗' dude. "Pleasure makers." My guy, nobody calls them that. Besides, after reading the very first question.. We lesbians move fast, but girl, if someone JUST saw you and is already running her hands over your 💗, that's harassment, not sexy.
32 days ago
I am not apposed to the video of lesbians and the lgbtq community but I am straight and I don't like how the "not doing it" options are all homophobic while they should just be " nah I'm straight but lesbians are cool" idea (•‿•)
33 days ago
omg this turned me on SO MUCH
37 days ago
Alisha ;)
Hii lol that is funny I’m taking this at 23:48 and my legs are shaking thinking of this lol
Pls don’t judge me xx
37 days ago
A girl just because your catholic doesn’t mean you can’t like girls btw anybody else listen to girl in red. I am about 20% bi and 80% lesbian lol
38 days ago
I wish I could be lesbian but I’m catholic !!
38 days ago
I wish I could have a girlfriend but I’m Catholic !!😓😥😭
40 days ago
Over here 12 I know I’m gay but seriously ain’t this a bit... scarring
44 days ago
boi why XD
50 days ago
But we just met,....what just happened?

Lesbian by the way,I'll see how I will survive this.
53 days ago
I think i might be abro, I switch between lesbian and ace
61 days ago
Just because I'm lesbian doesn't mean I will make love with a random girl from a weird shop. What if I'm asexual and lesbian
67 days ago
oof it got cencored wth*
67 days ago
💗 are these questions what if ur under 18 taking this quiz o.O
72 days ago
what if i’m a lesbian but want a relationship first...?
78 days ago
I wanted my sister to leave the room so much XD I was getting so wet lmao that was AMAZING!!! imma do another one now XD
82 days ago