Warrior cat quiz, would you be able to be a medicine cat?

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Let's test your medicine cat skills

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    What is used to cure toothache?

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7 days ago
Yes, I actually did write pretty much everything a medicine cat needs to know. I have my own little notebook for just medicine cat stuff! If I was a warrior cat, I'd be either the Riverclan medicine cat or the Windclan medicine cat :D
7 days ago
So I guess about 4 hours of writing down herbs and what they do and other medicine cat stuff is worth it!
7 days ago
I got 10/10!! I'm a full medicine cat, and also, I used one of my medicine cat oc's for my name, White ` eyes is my little Jayfeather clone but he loves a worm :)
8 days ago
8/10! I’m a med cat app!
13 days ago
I got 9/10! LeafPool would be proud!i mean it's the only thing I'm good at, remembering where to get herbs on the other hand
41 days ago
Mouse%u2019 Sneeze? It’s M O U S E ‘ S N E E Z E
41 days ago
Than I got 8-10 Wonderful
41 days ago
At least I got 6-10 questions right happy imma medicine cat apprentice -^- I like being an medicine cat I know most of the herbs I just got lost oh dis.Im also an medicine cat/ Medicine cat apprentice in warrior cats Lake territory sadly it’s always Thunder clan ;-; But I’m happy I dunno why your still here but.

PoOf~ ^ Yeets death berries in your mouth ^
133 days ago
Yay! Ima medicine cat! I’m actually a medicine cat in the game we play, so... Yay!
136 days ago
Yayy Im smert :3.
159 days ago
Oops, didn't mean to end that comment! Silly me. As I was saying, I think they'll say the prey is running well and that Dawngaze and Feathertail were made warriors! Hooray!
159 days ago
Greetings Dawnclaw! This is Drizzlepath, Medicine Cat of Windclan, and I think that our leader will say that prey is running well, and that
238 days ago
Oops I said I didn’t want a LIVER anyways?!?! XD meant didn’t want ONE anyways! Aaaaaaaaa! I’m such a mouse brain and butter paws! I can’t type today XD
238 days ago
I always knew that I’d love to be a med cat as soon as I read the two words on the allegiances page when I started reading the first book! I kinda got sad when I realised that they couldn’t have mates but then I realised that I don’t want a liver anyways XD. So now I took this quiz and I put alder bark then I thought I was wrong and I can’t remember what I put now but I got that question wrong (And Jayfeather would scream at me aaaaaaa- when ur glad ur in RiverClan not ThunderClan!!) And I got scared in case I was put as a warrior as I hate fighting and is vegetarian! But thankfully I got med cat! So, hey guys wassup? I’m Dawnclaw, medicine cat of RiverClan it’s nice to meet u this fine night. What do u think ur leader will say at the Gathering?
265 days ago
Got 'em all correct. Nice quiz :p
292 days ago
Hooray! I got everything correct!
341 days ago
I got den all right I'm a med cat
387 days ago
I am a medicine cat yayyyyyy.
427 days ago
I am a possibly incorrect, but I believe I was taught that Chervil is used for Greencough, and it isn’t listed on the Greencough question
636 days ago
I spent all of yesterday and a little of today on quizlet trying to memorize what 56 herbs did. I can totally become a medicine cat with 9/10 questions right