How to choose between two guys

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It's a very complicated situation what all girls will have once in their life. Maybe this quiz will help you find the right guy for you.

  • 1
    Who do you think is more handsome?
  • 2
    Who do you see the most in a week?
  • 3
    With who did you already hug?
  • 4
    With whom did you already have a date with?
  • 5
    Who is more gentleman?
    THIS ONE IS IMPORTANT, you DON'T want a prick ;)
  • 6
    Who has the nicest family? That's very important for if you grow up or if you're already older
  • 7
    With whom can you imagine a life with? Like wit children in your own house, with your own job
  • 8
    If you were stranded on a deserted island, who would you rather be with?
  • 9
    Imagine, you have been kidnapped. You send them both a message at the same time that they took you. Who do you think will rescue you first?
  • 10
    Who do you think is the perfect guy for you?

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Holly (62175)
15 days ago
These two guys like me. One I had a crush on for months, and last month I found out he likes me. But, he hasn’t asked me out nor even had a normal conversation with me. And my best friends (who go to a different highschool to me) have this best friend who like me and I think he’s cute and really funny and has the same humour. I also can talk to him casually about anything. I just don’t know anymore. Plus the first guy goes to my school and the second doesn’t. I’m just so confused help ahahahah. Message me on insta if you want to help bahahahah thanks, insta : holly_rose_curnow
Emma (43676)
29 days ago
I'm soooooooo confused if someone can help me plz reply
Emma (43676)
29 days ago
Ok so letssay g1 is let's call him r and g2 is j. So I dated r for 3 months and he broke up wth me. He was really mean wen we broke up and now he's nice to me. I think he's gonna ask me out agian... And he's the hotter out of the two. But j is so sweet. I have never dated j before and he has really pretty eyes. He like me too cuz he txtd me tday and told me and I told him. But r thinks I hate him cuz we broke up.this quiz is no help cuz it's 50% 50% and I like both someone help me pleeeeeezzzz
Helpless (29091)
29 days ago
This was 0 help. It gave me 50% Gorgeous 1 and 50% Gorgeous 2. I guess I really am Helpless. . .
Over or Not? (40358)
40 days ago
I just don't know who to choose. They're both really cute and funny, but I know one better than the other. One of them doesn't even know who I am. The stranded island question? The guy I barely know. The thing is, I've had a thing for the other one for 3 years now. I tried getting over him, but a part of me wants to be his girlfriend.
hinata (46186)
55 days ago
well in my love triangle i was both of them uk one after the other. and then i was neither of their friends until i became best friends with gorgeous 1 but the gorgeous 2 wouldn't talk to me one bit. but they are both sweet AF but i don't have it in me to hurt either of the two. but my results are always with gorgeous 1 not 2 soooooooooo it pains me to have to pick but such is life :( :(
Eye yam stew peed (44297)
71 days ago
Gorgeous 1, sorry gorgeous 2! BUT GORGEOUS ONE IS HOT AF...I'm ready to get out of this love triangle thing but the thing that is hurting me is that I've to hurt one of them and I really like them both alot!
just another person (35633)
113 days ago
I met these two guys at the same time (4 months ago), both way out of my league; one (let's call him A) is my age and very thoughtful and cute, although I think he only sees me as a friend, the other (let's call him B) is 2 years older than me, super hot (including the body, he has a beautiful six pack, don't ask me how I know this) and is very sweet and always flatters me. I had an instant crush on A since the moment I met him, I tried texting more often but he wouldn't get out of his shell. I only thought of B as a hot friendly guy who I liked to tease just because he is very funny when he gets annoyed (childish I know, but everyone does it, its like his thing), but one day he [B] just dropped five million hints and kept on flattering me, to the point where he just said he liked me, upfront. We texted until 4 AM and he asked me on a date a few days later (which we canceled because his cheer competition got moved), he started to text me less and less after a week, to the point where he didn't text me for 2 days and possibly more if I hadn't texted him. He seems more distant and slightly possessive as if he wanted me to just submit to all his opinions. I concluded that having a relationship with him wouldn't be very healthy, but I held on to hope. By this point, I have a completely platonic relationship with A, but I still text him a lot, as we have grown closer, but I haven't told anyone about B yet. Time passes (aka another week) and A and I are even more intimate friends and B is very dry and inconsistently affectionate, like, he says something sweet in the morning, in the afternoon he's dry and at night he's just neutral (yes, he only texts me then and only like 3 text bubbles tops). A might have started to drop hints (or i'm just seeing things), but B is getting warmer again. I took the test and it just said I'm still confused, which I am because I don't want to hurt anyone and I also like both of them a lot, so I have resorted to the internet users to aid me because I'm clueless to whom to chase and how to because A is so sensitive and shy, while B is an inconsistent flame. (just so we are clear I already did a background check and there aren't any other people involved in this love V and I'm both of their first "attempt"s to get a girlfriend).
perla polanco (50277)
169 days ago
I like both of them if they can be my boyfriend all ready. And they said no I steal like them ! What should I do
Ella bella (64708)
174 days ago
It told me to choose the one that I was originally with..... I mean I've liked him for 5 yrs now and he's the only person that can cheer me up or make me laugh properly
Ella bella (64708)
174 days ago
Me and my ex broke up 2 weeks ago and I was asked oh by another boy that I kinda liked and I said yes... I really liked if not even loved the first one tho and still do

Then he asked me if we could still be friends and I said yes.... then I found out he was dared to ditch me and he was gonna ask me back out straight away but my current boyfriend beat his too it- the first one said he still likes me even tho he's going out with my bff- I really still love him but I don't know what to do??😰😂
No one (64189)
178 days ago
I've known this boy for about 2-3 years and we've dated before and he wants me back but there's also this other boy i met a few months ago & he wants to date but see i don't know who to choose i mean they bother are something else...
pheenah (48932)
187 days ago
i need help on who to choose. there is this guy that have dated before since 7yrs back, we got separated 5yrs ago. he has moved on likewise i thou he do called me occasionally the distance btw us was much. October he asked me out back and am lonely then i agreed to him, he is no longer in relationship, since when i said yes to him we have nt see only phone call infact since 5yrs!. November i meet another guy that so much love me and i felt something for him too. we see everyday, play and plan together, now i don't know who to be with
Random girl (51971)
195 days ago
I like one guy for 8years... and the other guy for 3mounts and other guy likes me but that one guy I’m not so sure if he likes me or not
I need to choose rt now or I lose them both
Ishika (55443)
212 days ago
I have a bf since 1and a half year I am her first gf and he really loves me and me too but on the other hand one guy has purpose me he is also caring and loving but I am confused to whom.i should carry on
Myra (19230)
217 days ago
hey i have a bf andrew but i m not interested on him any more but im still on arelation with him. on the other hand there is another guy bryan he once told me that he likes me but i refused him saying that i have a bf ..... whom should i choose... its so complicated
Natalie (38788)
251 days ago
So I like two boys Jack and Tyler!! I've liked Tyler for longer but jack has liked me for a while but I'm not sure If Tyler likes
Me my situation is very confusing
flushiegir123 (46051)
264 days ago
i like this guy name jack segel he is cute,nice,funny,so nice but that was last year i notice now i might not like him anymore but in gym there is this guy name andreas he is very funny and one time in school he made me get 100 on my quiz cause he help me with it and i liked him he was my crush but then last week jack says i bought you a lunch with my money and i was like omg why did he waste his money on me and now i got two guys i like XD but i don't know who to choose
Antoinette (51315)
277 days ago
Help me I liked two boys and one of them were one of my best friends and I told him I liked the other one and him me and my best friend ended up dating recently because he asked me out and then I now find out the other guy I like also likes me.... AGHHHH! the one I'm dating now is real nerdy but nice, The other one is real bad💗and cute and nice
Stuck_in_the_middle (34816)
305 days ago
It said time will tell. Well if I wanted to hear that I could have told myself. I'm stuck between my bf and a really cute new guy. Plus I'm only in 6th grade, so I'm new to relationships. Help me.