Does he like you? (middle school)

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If you are wondering if a guy likes you or not you have come to the right place!

  • 1
    How well does he know you?
  • 2
    If you drop something he-
  • 3
    If you say hi to him he will-
  • 4
    If you need help with something does he help you?
  • 5
    Does he ever touch you?
  • 6
    If he catches you staring at him what does he do?
  • 7
    If you complimented him what would he do?
  • 8
    Do you like him?
  • 9
    If you asked him to hang out what would he do?
  • 10
    How long have you known him?
  • 11
    Does he show signs of liking you back?
  • 12
    If you are sitting alone what does he do?
  • 13
    Does he seem happier around you?
  • 14
    Does he ask you questions?
  • 15
    Are his feet facing you when you talk to him?

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S o M e O n E (71522)
30 days ago
So, there’s this guy one year older than me who publicly said he liked me. He started getting teased a lot by his clasamates. Eventually, we started texting. I did not give him a clear answer, but everyone says he thinks I friendzoned him. Whatsoever, a week later, he posts a story saying he doesn’t like me anymore, but unfortunately, I still do. Should I make a move?
Shada (82029)
63 days ago
I just can't believe it
Boy (50814)
94 days ago
Well, I am boy if you couldn't tell by my name. I took this test to test the accuracy and im happy to admit that t holds true. I have been in love with this girl for 5 years, half a year ago I asked her out and she said no. Of course. Anyway, it said that "HE LOVES YOU". so yes, if your wondering this quiz is pretty true. To the girls out there who are wondering, if a guy talks to you a lot, touches you, tries to be near you, or looks at you a lot. I would say that they probably do. just go for it, don't let anybody or anything stand in the way of your happiness. If you have any questions regarding anything else feel free to ask them. Just type "Boy"and ill try to respond.
Anonymous (04903)
97 days ago
Sooo I really like this guy. He’s so seeet and funny. Anyway, I told him that I liked him and he said “fr” and me not knowing what that meant said “wym” and he said “do you know what fr means” I said “for real right?” He said “yes” I said “yes I like you” then he just said “ok” I left him on read because I figured that was a conversation ender. Then he posted something on his story that said “when she leaves you on read” right after. Then yesterday he stared at me for a good 30 minutes. Then he gave me a hug. What does this mean??! Sorry this is long, but if you can help that would be great
Carly (42465)
100 days ago
I had a crush on this boy in my band, we both liked the same thing and we get along SUPER well. (He's a drummer and I'm a pianist.) Recently after band I told him how I feel but he's probably too shy to reply. We are still friends and I think he's starting to like me back too (:
Potato (00162)
109 days ago
So I have a crush on this boy and I told him I liked him and asked him out.when I asked him out he said he needs more time.i asked him almost every week from about December to February if he liked me.and his awnser was no. But recently he has seem to talk to me more and put an interest in what I am doing.we also go to church together and one day his knee and my knee we're touching and he didn't seem bothered.My friends tell me he likes me and tease him and I when we are close and he smiles and walks away. Also when we are in the same class he passes me and pretends to drop things.And in gym he walks by me and shows off his throwing skills.
sky (09708)
124 days ago
Ok, So look idk if he likes me or not I have taken so many quizes that said they don't or he is confused or he likes you as a friend and one said NO and this one is the first one that said yess so i think this quiz is lying bc if he were to like i would've have gotten more the 2 yes.
130 days ago
sooooooooo........... all of my friends are like... OMG HE LOOOOVVVVEEEESSSSS YOU!
YOU DEFINITELY NEED TO CONFESS TO HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like seriously tho... my friends want me to confess to him but I'm too shy to. So the quiz said that my friend (HE'S ACTUALLY MY BESTIE!!!!!) LOOOVVVEEESSSSS me and if I do confess (which I hope is in the future) he'll definitely say noo or ewwww. We're currently still in the friend zone but I don't think he wants to break the barrier like why would he? He's not anything like a playboy because he only had like three crushes his entire life. Soooooo like I actually asked him last week... "Sooooooo.......
do you actually like me????????" he shrugged and said,"Maybe." and I was squealing in my head like WHOOOAAAAA!!!!!!!!! He actually answered that question. Sooooo yeahhh....... I'll just stop for noww.... :((((((((
Niicha (88353)
136 days ago
Enter your comment here.o really he likes me he never clears he jut look at me and smile 😔😔😣😣😢😢 he blushes when he smiles
menbi (49070)
137 days ago
I think he likes me he stares at me and when I look back he looks away he looks me when I am laughing I tried to ignore him because I am a clever student but I can't when he sees me it starts again
Anonymous (the same person as he other one) (25266)
149 days ago
Soooooooo..... I got 74 for my Math test and he got 80 and I told him that I got 76. I just lied to him and I feel SUPER GUILTY for lying to him. Omg I seriously need some help. Guysssssss....... please help me😭😓😥😢
Anonymous (58893)
154 days ago
OMG!!!!!! It said that he loves me and that I should make a move. I think I can because I usually go to his house and he goes to the same school as I do and we go to the same church and we do a lot of things together!!! This is GREAT!!! And he even said he didn’t like the girl that has a crush on him. And he also said,’You know Ern Qi? When she sees me her eyes would open really big! And if she likes me, I don’t actually like her. And every time during our Korean class that we have together, she’ll always talk to me and I don’t wanna talk to her!!’ So yeah he doesn’t like that girl that has probably been crushing on him ever since the first Korean class. Anyways, PLEASE HELP ME!!! Please tell me if he likes me!!!
Ameena (99864)
177 days ago
OMGGGGGG thank you so much

( I got mostly likes you make your move)
Thxs helped some much :))
Lindaaaaaaaa (77181)
180 days ago
Melissa Jackson (07104)
188 days ago
omg it said HE LOVES ME but im not sure if we should meet up or just chat on the phone O_O
Faith (12485)
204 days ago
I’m scared to make a move
ANEA (46863)
210 days ago
made my move...He is very shy and hasn't given me an answer LIKE VERY SHY
Confused girl (09211)
216 days ago
I got HE LOVES YOU! Yes I am so happy!
GirlPower (81688)
218 days ago
"He most likely likes u" arg I thought I would get something better