Are You Going Through Puberty Yet?

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If you are 8-18, you probably are. Take this test to make sure.

  • 1
    How old are you?
  • 2
    Do you have pubic hair (hair on your privates)?
  • 3
    Do you have underarm hair?
  • 4
    Do you have your period yet?
  • 5
    Have you had an crush yet?
  • 6
    Your breast stage?
  • 7
    Do you wear a bra?
  • 8
    Have you had a growth spurt lately?
  • 9
    Awkward... Do you want to have sex?
  • 10
    Do YOU feel differently these days?

Comments (233)


Delawn (72256)
7 days ago
Beth (79632)
7 days ago
I have started a couple of years ago and gave all the period symptoms I just want my period now ((fuchsia) give me a period I just want it to start then I can get used to it
Unknown (02502)
8 days ago
Oh ok. Thank you for telling me
Unknown (31419)
8 days ago
You didn’t I’m nine going through it .
Unknown (02502)
9 days ago
I started 3 years ago at 9 and so did everyone else I know but these girls up here starting at 11 and 12 and I’m just wondering did I go through it too early
Emily (59213)
10 days ago
I'm starting 11 in in 3 months 😀
Clara (53607)
12 days ago
I'm 10 I'm flat chested. But I get tons of discharge and also i got acne for some reason???????? I clean my face on a regular basis so I don't understand that.
Amelia (32057)
15 days ago
I'm starting.:D I'm already 11
kayla (84579)
15 days ago
how am i supposed to to know in real life not in a quiz
unknown (20028)
20 days ago
this test was right i am just starting puberty!!!
Unknown (02502)
23 days ago
I started puberty at 9 and I’m 12 now. I don’t know why other want to go through it either, it’s not exciting.
Someone (10973)
23 days ago
I am 11 and don't have my puberty I don't know y people want it so bad
Olivia (84954)
24 days ago
It says i am but im not! I want 💗. Everyone has 💗 and when i hit 8th grade ill be flat. I want to have 💗 and have my period because im going to be the odd one out and there will be people taling behind my backs about it. If i dont get 💗 ill be more bullied then i already am.
Unknown (02502)
28 days ago
Is it sad I don’t wanna be thick. My mother’s side is just thick!!! They all have huge butts and 💗 and my fathers side, oh no. The women are even thicker than my mom’s side and that’s just too thick. Their butts are huge and their 💗 are big too. The thing is they all have small waists so I would say slim thick. My mom always tells me, “You’re gonna have a big butt when you’re 14, watch,” and my aunt, on my father’s side says, “ You’re going to be thick.” As of right now I’m skinny , twig legs and all and I just want the Samsung Galaxy S9, not curves and a big butt, is it weird because to be thick is the only thing my friends want. Even now my friends say I’m going to have a big and 💗 because they say they can see it forming for me and I’m just like nooo
I love my boyfriends dick123 (74642)
29 days ago
This is alright. Says I need to talk to a trusted adult.
123 (10802)
29 days ago
What the hell, did i just take a girls puberty test
Alland12 (85260)
30 days ago
Mine says yes.. O my god
HavUSeenMaizBear (40185)
31 days ago
O no. I am. Calm down if ur hips are wide and your butt is getting thicker. It's a blessing. You're gonna be thick!!!
Meeee (07943)
35 days ago
Mine says yes. You are . Talk to a trusted adult for info ;) what does this mean ????
Anonymous (49551)
37 days ago
Wow.....................they said yes