Do I Still Like Him?

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This is a quiz to help you figure out whether or not you still like your crush. It'll be based on my experience, which I think is probably pretty universal and will apply to most other people. I really hope it helps. I know it hurts, and that it can sometimes help to get an objective opinion. Whether you get the answer you want or not, it will be OK. XOXO

  • 1
    Do you still think about him? If so, do you suddenly start to feel happy, or to smile like an idiot?:)
    Do you still think about him? If so, do you suddenly start to feel happy, or to smile like an idiot?:)
  • 2
    When/if he looks at you, do you start to blush, then look away, embarrassed?
  • 3
    Do you think about him a lot?

  • 4
    OK, so this is sorta like question 3, but do you ever dream about him?
  • 5
    In class, do you often catch yourself looking at him? If so, how often?
  • 6
    Do you talk to/text your friends about him a lot?

  • 7
    Do you feel nervous when he sits next to you or talks to you?
  • 8
    Yay! You're halfway finished! If he asked you out, what would you say?
  • 9
    OK, girl, let's be honest here - do YOU think you still like him?
  • 10
    All right, this one's more personal to me, but have you ever wanted to kiss him?

  • 11
    All right, five more questions to go. So, this one's a random question that won't count toward your final result. Here it is: Are you being totally honest answering these questions?
  • 12
    All right, back to answers that count. Question 12 is...well... based on me and my crush. Do you notice when he's gone, and if so, do you miss him?
  • 13
    Almost done - I know it's a lot of questions, but it'll be worth it! Next question: If you could, would you spend every minute with him?
  • 14
    OK, almost done. So, how would you feel if he suddenly moved all the way across the country?
  • 15
    OK, second to last question. What would you do if he suddenly professed his love for you?
  • 16
    Last question! So, after taking this quiz, do you truly think that you like him?

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95 days ago
So do you still like him? You are like my friend Annie - you definitely have a crush on this guy and might be falling in love with him
123 days ago
i've liked this one boy since 2017. i fell in love with him and now i'm trying to get over him because he likes someone else and he doesn't treat me right anyway. he's not worth it. he's a waste of my time. i've wasted these past few years caring about him and thinking about him when i could've just followed my mind because if i followed my mind, i wouldn't have ended up heartbroken. i feel like i still like him, but i can't even look at him because of how much pain he's caused me. i wish he never came into my life and i once even cried while deleting photos of him. i just want to stop liking him. why like a boy that's a heartbreaker, a waste of your time, a waste of your money, and that says a racial slur that doesn't refer to him? i spent one dollar on him for a 💗 halloween gram and wished for his ankle to get better. he would limp around and that hurt my heart so badly, but i kind of feel like he faked it. he even ignores me. you might think that spending one dollar on him isn't much of a waste, but even spending the smallest amount of money on him is a waste to me. no matter how much it is. i can picture him in my mind limping around the school and deep down, that STILL hurts me. i have never liked someone for so long and i have never liked someone that much. i am disappointed in myself and i blame myself for falling for him, but i know that i can't control who i fall for. i fell for him because of the way he'd look at me and he kept me hooked to him and he kept me full of interest for him. he kept me waiting for him and he kept me hoping so badly that he likes me back. my friends said that he probably does like me back and that gave me so much hope and i wish it didn't. it makes me feel so stupid. he'd always give me mixed signals. he'd be mean to me, but he'd look at me like he liked me. i thought that maybe he does like me and he's just mean to me because he's scared of his friends knowing how he feels about me. i hate him so much for what he put me through. yeah, i should've apologized way earlier for that one incident that happened last year, but he's did worse to me than what i did to him. the incident is that i had to sit next to him and my💗touched his thigh on accident and i didn't say sorry. i gave a girl in his class and apology letter earlier this year for her to give to him. she gave it to him and she told me that his friends kept taking it away from him and that he ripped it up. she told me that she asked him what it said and that he said that he doesn't know. she told me that she had read the note (i'm okay with her reading it) and that she told him that it was from me and he said that he doesn't give a 💗 at this point (she said something like that and i remember that she said that he doesn't give a 💗.) one day at school after lunch recess, i was by the restroom and when he came out the restroom, he looked at me, but the look in his eyes scared me because he looked as if he was probably mad or something. i swear i heard one of his friends say "who, (my name)?". he probably said something about me... i've texted him on instagram and told him who i am and he never texted me back. he blocked me the first time and then made his account private. the second time, he didn't block me, but he just didn't reply back. (i used a picture the second time.) he's so horrible to me. i still wish i apologized right after it happened, but i still hate him for being mean to me. he's been mean to me before the incident. he makes fun of me.
139 days ago
I love my boyfriend
141 days ago
Funny how I thought I was over this guy that I liked for over a year. I tried to forget him and it worked but then he texted me and he was the last person that I thought would text me out of the blue. I thought about ignoring him but then I gave up. We started texting and I I’m back to square 1 on trying to get over him. It’s so hard especially when I see us being married in the future. One sentence has me falling for him all over again. He liked me but then this other girl 💗ed him. It was tragic. y’all don’t know how I felt when he said to me “ u do know I have a girlfriend right”. What happened was my friend was shipping us together and I guess he snapped. We’re friends now and I know he liked me before he got his girlfriend. Thank god they broke up 2 months later.
143 days ago
I really like this guy who ive known for almost a year but what he did, just broke my heart. I used to love everything about him and i think i still do but the thing is that idk if i should..if he did smtg that really hurt me idk if its worth. I love him but i hate him sometimes, we talk a lot; he makes me laugh all the time; and he steals my stuff sometimes as a prank. He even saved me one day from failing a test, that day if he hadn't been there i wouldnt have been able to do good on it. I was really happy bcs he helped me but the thing is....I have seen him beat someone up bfr and i just dk. He is really cute but its a very difficult situation. helppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp
157 days ago
So I'm Raquel here and there's anyone who is?????
227 days ago
So this guy (My best friend who actually likes me) really really makes me happy when I'm around with him and its like having butterflies on my stomach but the sad thing is, he moved I can't really recall any memory with him telling me that he will be moving but yes I was a little mad at him but the same time I shouldn't be mad at him because his parents forced him to so I guess he already moved on because it likes 3 years and I haven't seen him and *sigh* I really want to forget him but I can't the memories we shared together is still on my heart ;-; and so this guy I recently have a crush on is kinda reminds me of him- but! He's totally different from the first guy who I truly lov- I mean like and yes here I am finding a way to move on like a worm cravinv for more crumbs but there's no actually crumbs left so yeah thank you for reading my ugly duckling story
246 days ago
4 seconds ago
I’m thirteen years old and there is this guy in my class, we will call him bayden, and I really really like him. We have dated before but I dumped him. He told me he still likes me and he wants us to get back together. I’m not sure though because the holidays are coming up and I dont know if we will be able to meet up, since we only get to see each other at school. I know he likes me and I really like him too, and normally I wouldn’t hesitate to try and get back together but the holiday thing and also, my best friend likes me. We will call him cooper, and I don’t want to hurt him. Cooper and bayden hate each other, and cooper practically begged me not to date bayden, as he thinks bayden wild break my heart. Cooper said he doesn’t blame bayden for liking me and wanting to get back together because if he could date me he would. Also, bayden and cooper got into a fight against each other the other day, that’s how much they hate each other. I really really like bayden but I don’t want to hurt cooper.
Help me! What should I do??
262 days ago
Reason why I took this text...
He no longer likes me, and my friend has been liking him behind my back. So far I have "moved on" at least I thought so but no... i haven't..
366 days ago
Who on earth is Isabella??
367 days ago
school starts tomorrow, hopefully i meet someone new
422 days ago
this was very helpful....whenever i start talking to him or vice versa my friends are always nudging me and i tell them like a gazillion times that i dont like him.
445 days ago
This was actually very helpful...thanks!
452 days ago
Thnq. I got all my answers n now i m feeling relaxed. Thnq so much.
461 days ago
I've liked this guy who's two years older than me for over five years and even told him I like him... My sometimes untrustworthy friend says he said "absolutely not "
So I tried to get over him.
But yesterday my best friend had me over for a sleepover... And my best friend's older brother had my (old) crush over because they're best friends. The four of us all watched a movie and I couldn't stop looking at him! It was so annoying. And during dinner I was talking and I must have had something on my face because suddenly my old crush and his friend started laughing. For some reason I blushed.
498 days ago
all of my friends think he's either ugly or just average
498 days ago
i still die laughing at all of his jokes and how he talks to himself and i still think he's cute, but i don't think i like him *that* much anymore.
500 days ago
519 days ago
lol. his family is actually moving across the country. the only reason id miss them is because his sister is one of my best friends. lol.
550 days ago
Me and this guy I met last year when I was placed in a seating plan during English. We hit off, and talked a lot. We helped each other during class a lot. Then, during Term 2, we talked over Tumblr every second of the day. My parents grounded me, so I was inactive for a while. I snuck back on to Tumblr, and we both got closer. One day, I dropped a hint that I liked someone. He kept guessing and kept insisting I tell him. I sent him the twenty one pilots cover of I can't help Falling in Love with You (I can't listen to it without feeling sad hehe), he confessed he liked me, and we just stayed really close. Now, the last dude that asked me out insensitively asked me out over text, so I didn't like when that stuff happens. The dude saked me out over text, saying that he's get teased and laughed at if he asked me out irl. I said no to him because I wasn't allowed to date. We ignored each other, but we started talking again over Tumblr. I then did something stupid and told someone something I shouldn't have. We haven't talked ever since June 2018. And I still like him.