Do I Still Like Him?

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This is a quiz to help you figure out whether or not you still like your crush. It'll be based on my experience, which I think is probably pretty universal and will apply to most other people.

  • 1
    Do you still think about him? If so, do you suddenly start to feel happy, or to smile like an idiot?:)
    Do you still think about him? If so, do you suddenly start to feel happy, or to smile like an idiot?:)
  • 2
    When/if he looks at you, do you start to blush, then look away, embarrassed?
  • 3
    Do you think about him a lot?
  • 4
    OK, so this is sorta like question 3, but do you ever dream about him?
  • 5
    In class, do you often catch yourself looking at him? If so, how often?
  • 6
    Do you talk to/text your friends about him a lot?
  • 7
    Do you feel nervous when he sits next to you or talks to you?
  • 8
    Yay! You're halfway finished! If he asked you out, what would you say?
  • 9
    OK, girl, let's be honest here - do YOU think you still like him?
  • 10
    All right, this one's more personal to me, but have you ever wanted to kiss him?
  • 11
    All right, five more questions to go. So, this one's a random question that won't count toward your final result. Here it is: Are you being totally honest answering these questions?
  • 12
    All right, back to answers that count. Question 12 is...well... based on me and my crush. Do you notice when he's gone, and if so, do you miss him?
  • 13
    Almost done - I know it's a lot of questions, but it'll be worth it! Next question: If you could, would you spend every minute with him?
  • 14
    OK, almost done. So, how would you feel if he suddenly moved all the way across the country?
  • 15
    OK, second to last question. What would you do if he suddenly professed his love for you?
  • 16
    Last question! So, after taking this quiz, do you truly think that you like him?

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20 days ago
This was actually very helpful...thanks!
27 days ago
Thnq. I got all my answers n now i m feeling relaxed. Thnq so much.
36 days ago
I've liked this guy who's two years older than me for over five years and even told him I like him... My sometimes untrustworthy friend says he said "absolutely not "
So I tried to get over him.
But yesterday my best friend had me over for a sleepover... And my best friend's older brother had my (old) crush over because they're best friends. The four of us all watched a movie and I couldn't stop looking at him! It was so annoying. And during dinner I was talking and I must have had something on my face because suddenly my old crush and his friend started laughing. For some reason I blushed.
73 days ago
all of my friends think he's either ugly or just average
73 days ago
i still die laughing at all of his jokes and how he talks to himself and i still think he's cute, but i don't think i like him *that* much anymore.
74 days ago
93 days ago
lol. his family is actually moving across the country. the only reason id miss them is because his sister is one of my best friends. lol.
124 days ago
Me and this guy I met last year when I was placed in a seating plan during English. We hit off, and talked a lot. We helped each other during class a lot. Then, during Term 2, we talked over Tumblr every second of the day. My parents grounded me, so I was inactive for a while. I snuck back on to Tumblr, and we both got closer. One day, I dropped a hint that I liked someone. He kept guessing and kept insisting I tell him. I sent him the twenty one pilots cover of I can't help Falling in Love with You (I can't listen to it without feeling sad hehe), he confessed he liked me, and we just stayed really close. Now, the last dude that asked me out insensitively asked me out over text, so I didn't like when that stuff happens. The dude saked me out over text, saying that he's get teased and laughed at if he asked me out irl. I said no to him because I wasn't allowed to date. We ignored each other, but we started talking again over Tumblr. I then did something stupid and told someone something I shouldn't have. We haven't talked ever since June 2018. And I still like him.
142 days ago
so.... i used to like this guy. he was nice, and was decently cute. just recently, i saw him at a trampoline park with my friends, and this crazy 💗 happened after. a day later, he “asked me out” and i said no but i confessed i like him. a month later, his friend (also my friend) said that it was actually his friend the entire time and he asked me out while my ex-crush was asleep. and he knew about it the whole time, and never told me. so, now, i currently hate my ex-crush for lying to me. i unfriended him on all social media platforms. now, idk what to do.
212 days ago
Ok so me and my boyfriend use to be obsessed for each other he's still obsessed with me but I don't know if i love him anymore and he's not douche or anything he's sweet looks at me anytime he gets the chance to. So I'm not ending it with him for now at least?!?
230 days ago
I have this crush, and well, I moved different schools, but it's in the same school district. I miss him..
239 days ago
Idk if i have a crush on this guy. We became friends because of my own effort so i can be closer with him. I get a bit jealous when he talks to other girls, i get an adrenaline(but i try to stop it as much as i can) when im talking with him. We're seatmates and we help each other during exams. However, nowadays i myself have been going cold with him. I bully him (he does it to me back), ignore him, rolls eyes at him, which i don't usually do before. Do ya'll think i still like him?
258 days ago
263 days ago
Same here goodbye summer ...but I think I would die ... without him
271 days ago
Goodbye summer you literally just said my whole frickin story!!!
278 days ago
okay so I liked this guy last year for the majority of the school year, and it was a pretty intense crush; it even got to the point where I had some super weird dreams of him and I would cry about him. he didn't like me back, and he was a bit mean to me from time to time, but mostly he tried to be nice. when school got out and summer happened, i cried for several days about him, but then finally decided to let go of him and to be fine on my own, which i did. now this year, things are so awkward between us because we went our own ways and didn't talk. i feel like this year i have made this sort of bad mistake... (1. rehashing the past and 2. avoiding him)... but i now dream him and feel weird when i am around him. i tell everyone and make myself believe that i am over him and he's annoying, but i think i am hiding that i still feel something small for him and idk what to do bc i thought i was done ... please help!!!
289 days ago
I met this guy and he was like the dream guy for me he asked me out but before i said yes my friend told me he cheated on two other girls at his old school and later she took sc of him asking me out and sent it to all of his and her friends so of course I'm not going to be stupid and talk to him I felt horrible well a year passed and I have like 3 classes with him we always bump into each other in the hallway and I dont know because al I can remember is the way he made me feel before but im pretty sure he hates me 😑 and my friend says I should hate him too what he did to those girls was horrible but lately I think that she lied about it and geez luis is this long....
310 days ago
I don't' s a celebrity crush and..few days ago, i've started to feel different about him, it's not the same way as before..I used to like him very much..but now..has changed did this happen all of a sudden?
328 days ago
It is a celebrity crush so I didn’t really know how to answer the questions... But I used to love him so much and my heart was racing every time I saw him but now it happens , but just not like it used to be ya know.
342 days ago
first off im gay

i liked this guy for a while, then people found out and now everyone in school knows, even him. people teased me and even him about it, but nothing bad. the worst part was knowing he knew, and he was avoiding me. our last names are just a few letters away so we had close lockers, sat RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER IN GYM, and it was so awkward. i finally got the courage to tell him myself, and he didnt. say. anything. its been a while now and its summer (thank god) and he hasnt said anything still. i thought i was over him but he appears in my dreams from time to time, and i can never really get him out of my head. i sometimes heard him laughing about it with his friends. i have no idea what i am going to do when school starts again. i wish i could just get over him.

he's probably straight too 😞